How We Work

At we pride ourselves on our dedication to providing the best possible information to our readers. We figure that if we do a good job of informing you once, you’ll come back again the next time you need advice on what service to pick or how to fix a particular problem. As transparency is the better part of credibility, on this page we’ll quickly explain how we work.

We choose all providers we review simply by hearing about them. Though not every single provider always makes it into our editorial calendar — after doing this for a while we’ve developed a good nose for scams — we take a more or less completionist approach in that we want to review as much as we can in each category.

Once we’ve picked which service is up, we create an account — we never let services know we’re reviewing them, of course — and our reviewers get started with a set of criteria established by the editorial team. Once they’re done, editors have their say and we then prepare the piece for publication. After the piece is up on the site — or near enough — we make contact with the service to see if they have an affiliate program and sign up for it.

Like many sites, we make our money off of affiliate links, which redirect you, the reader, to providers and makes them pay us out an agreed-upon sum. The marketeers in charge of these affiliate programs have tried, as you can imagine, using methods ranging from threats to cajoling, but we’ve yet to bend for any of that. We’ve figured we can make enough money to operate by being honest, and we’ve not been wrong yet.