Review is a project management tool that handles well, is highly efficient and also affordable, to boot. Its only downside is that task are tricky to break down, but otherwise there's a good chance this may be the program for you. Read our full review for all the details.

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Starts from $ 2500 per month

Launched in 2014, is a relatively new player in the project management market. In this review we’ll see how it shapes up to the competition.

Made by teams based in New York City and Israel, it boasts users in 141 countries and has 80,000 clients using it, including companies such as Carlsberg, Philips and DHL.

Its design is excellent and its feature set is impressive. It isn’t too pricey, either. We’re going to take a look to see if it has substance to go with the style. For those who can’t wait to read on, we’ll give you a sneak preview and say delivers above and beyond what we expected of it, even after doing a slew of project management software reviews.

We were impressed with its overall quality. It offers an excellent range of features at affordable prices and should be considered by anyone in the market for a new project management tool. It manages to be effective, as well as easy to use, making it a valuable asset to its users.

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Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Excellent UI
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile feature set
  • Cheap


  • No free offering
  • No dependency management


85% - Very Good is a heavily tiered service, with significant features only becoming available on its more expensive plans. Its Basic plan includes its kanban view and activity log, with the timeline, calendar and map views unlocking at the Standard tier.

The kanban view allows you to move items from place to place, similar to the kanban-based software Trello. For more about it, read our Trello beginner’s guide.

At the Pro level, you get its time tracking and chart views, while Enterprise users get VIP support, one-on-one training and several other features. Views can be added as required, letting you customize your work space to suit your needs.

All plans include some storage space, with the Basic service offering 5GB, the Standard plan providing 50GB and Pro and Enterprise giving you as much as you like. At $59 for five users on the Pro plan, the storage alone makes it excellent value.

Have a look at our online storage for teams article to see how specialist providers match up to what gives you.

It integrates with many platforms, too, including Dropbox, Slack, Trello and Zapier. If you’re going to be using Slack with, you may want to use a cloud storage service to go beyond’s 500MB file size limit. Read our best cloud storage for Slack article for more details.

Your projects on are based around boards. A board is an independent screen comprised of grouped items, or “pulses” as describes them. Pulses can be anything from bugs that need fixing to tasks that need solving. You can call them and their groups whatever you like.

You can set groups to include different things on each item. They can include dates, people, tags and other things. Much of the power of the system is that you can assign whichever items you like, as well as use multiple instances of each item.

You can add two dates, for example, if you’d like a start and end date for something. Add a person if you want to assign tasks to someone or add two if you want a manager assigned on top of that.

Colored labels can be used as a status system. The status title, labels and their colors can all be edited so you can use this system to do a lot. makes it easy to do the basics, but they can be used to build more functionality into your boards if that is what you want. It offers a lot of flexibility and allows you to grow your boards into a tool as simple or as complicated as you need.

The only downside is that we can see excited managers filling their boards with things to tick off, but it’s hard to criticize for that. That would be like blaming Lego when people leave bricks on the carpet.

You can duplicate boards, as a whole or just the structure, so if you want to set up a system and roll it out to your organization, you can have one team test it, then send what you created to other teams. Boards can be exported to Excel, too, so you aren’t locked in to the platform.

It lacks dependency management, which is unfortunate because that would make it a strong candidate for best in class in the project management category. suggests workarounds in the support pages, but they are cumbersome.

If you would like a user-friendly tool like that includes dependency management, check out our Asana review.

Subtasks are also missing, but claims that is by design because it considers subtasks to be evil. We’re not convinced, but there’s no doubting its approach is effective and allows you to do plenty. We also approve of developers willing to bring evil babies into the discussion when justifying their design decisions. Evil babies are bad. offers a few customization features, such as adding a custom header to your menu. We’d like to see a few more options, such as picking your color scheme or setting your board backgrounds. Features Overview

Starts from$ 2500per month

Management Features

Dependency management
Custom backgrounds
Other customization options
Team size limit
Storage space
Unlimited GB


Credit Card
Accepts cryptocurrency
Mobile OS support
iOS, Android
Free Trial


Two-factor authentication
SOC certification


Live chat
Email / Contact form
Phone support


98% - Excellent is a user interface master class. Anyone wanting to make a usable tool should take a look at it. Its design is inviting, clear and modern. It has a tablet-friendly clarity without feeling like a Fisher-Price toy when used in a browser.

The layout uses a lot of white space and soft colors for highlighting. The UI is slick, with well thought out icons that make it easy to navigate. Its website describes many use cases and they are matched with templates, meaning there are a lot of ways to use it. The templates allow you to get started quickly.

Signing up for its trial is simple. After verifying your email address, you’re taken through a few questions about your team size and what it does. Your team gets its own subdomain, based on your team name, which makes it easy to access.

When starting up, you get useful animated guidance that tells you what to click and text that explains how to begin. There is no need to worry about getting lost.

It also gives you a choice of suggested templates. Selecting them is quick and snappy, and you can quickly view screenshots and information about each one’s features. That lets you make a more informed selection than platforms that just give you a list of template titles to choose from.

With over 70 of them, there’s an excellent chance of finding one that’s a good fit for your business.

The UI does a good job of squeezing a lot onto the screen without being uncomfortable to navigate. Controls and icons do what you’d expect and useful pop-up text appears to explain anything you’re not sure about when you move your pointer over it.

Seeing controls change color as you move around an interface is standard, but goes further with subtle details and little animations that indicate what will happen if you click something.

For example, mousing over an edit control will put a dashed box around the text to be edited. A control that opens a pop-up dialogue will have a small page-turn animation in the corner. Those touches are everywhere and allow the tool to present a powerful interface to you without becoming overwhelming.

Contrast that with Wrike, which is powerful but often leaves you having to experiment to work out how things work. We like that program a lot, but it could learn from when it comes to UI design. Take a look at our Wrike review if you’re curious to see what it has to offer.

Tools that offer so much scope are rarely easy to use. gets top marks in this category.


90% - Excellent has four paid plans, with with prices that scale up as your team grows. The Basic plan is just $25 per month for a team of five. That almost doubles if you double your team size. The Standard plan at $39 per month gives you many more features and is still cheaper than the $9.99 per user many tools charge.

Take a look at the table below for’s pricing for five users:

There is also a 14-day free trial, allowing you to try it before you commit. You can sign up for it without a credit card, too. It lets you test it as if you’d chosen the Pro plan, but doesn’t include the Enterprise features. We noticed that it doesn’t include all the Pro features, either. For example, Google apps authentication was disabled during our trial. compares well to its rivals in price. If you only have a team of two or three, the tiered pricing might not be advantageous, but with $9.99 per user being the typical price for other services, it is well priced.

If you have a large team and price is a factor, you may also like to take a look at Basecamp, which is great value for bigger groups. Our Basecamp review has more details.

As is common with project management tools, isn’t shy about emailing you. We got an offer from one of its partners a day or two after signing up, offering guides in English and Japanese (your reviewer’s country of residence). That wasn’t too unwelcome, but if you don’t like sales emails, be warned. is a great value. It’s a shame that it doesn’t have a free offering, though. It’s such a good product, it would be nice if everyone had access to it. That said, we don’t think anyone using it for business purposes will be put off by the price.

Security & Privacy

90% - Excellent

For security and privacy, has several strings in its bow. It complies with the General Data Protection Regulation and the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield. It also has two ISO security certifications, along with a SOC2 Type II security certificate, and its security credentials are verified independently.

TLS v1.2 encryption is used to protect data across its network and AES 256-bit for storage. It conducts penetration testing to ensure it can withstand attacks, too.

It backs up data hourly and keeps its backups for 25 days. It is wise to have copies of your important data, so take a look at our article about the best online backup services to find out how to protect your files from data loss.

Admins can customize their security settings from the settings panel. Many of the juicier options are only available on the Enterprise plan, so those who want the highest level of control will need to upgrade.

You can restrict sign-ups to a particular domain and use SAML, as well as Google apps authentication. You can also decide how strict you want your password policy to be. Read our best password manager guide for more on how to store all those awkward login details.

You can get an audit log if you are on the Enterprise plan, too, so you can check if anyone is having issues getting into their account.

Two-factor authentication is offered as standard, giving you a measure of protection if someone gains control of your email account. If you’re not sure what that is, or why it matters, our what is two-factor authentication article will help clear things up. gives you a lot of options for security customization, especially on the more expensive plans. It protects your files with strong encryption and backs them up regularly, so we have no concerns regarding its privacy or security.

Service & Support

90% - Excellent is a great tool from a usability perspective. We were impressed by how easy it is to use and how well the guidance it provides works. If you need to use support, though, you have several options.

The primary contact method is via a form. An email address and phone number are also provided, so you can talk to someone directly if you’re in dire straits.

Support is available 24/7, but you’ll need to be an Enterprise user to get a guaranteed response in less than 30 minutes. It claims a standard response time of seven minutes, though, so regardless of your account type, you should get a quick reply.

We sent an inquiry to support at around 3 a.m. Central Standard Time in the middle of the week and got a reply four minutes later. You can’t ask for more than that. They did ask us for feedback in the response, which is something the instant help feature also does and is distracting.

There are many resources to help you learn about the tool, including a large knowledgebase with answers to a wide selection of questions.’s instant help feature lets you input a query and presents you with a handful of potentially useful articles from the knowledgebase as you type. The hit rate is good, but not perfect. The information provided is clear and thorough.

There are regular webinars, allowing you to join others for learning sessions. They include going through the basics, as well as QA sessions and those targeting specific subjects, such as looking at new features or working with multiple teams. You can watch past webinars on YouTube, too, so there is plenty of guidance to help you learn your way around.

Support is fast and thorough, with plenty of ways to get help if you get stuck and general guidance. We were happy with what we saw and rate highly in this area.

Final Thoughts is a slick, modern product offering many features and giving users a good quality experience. Using it is a pleasure and it manages to stay simple while offering a lot of power. Its ease of use and scope are impressive and it has been a while since we’ve seen a tool provide so much with such a simple user interface.

Not only did we not encounter bugs using it, we never had to look at the support pages for anything other than test purposes. That kind of usability takes dedication to achieve, so hats off to for managing it.

It lacks a couple of features, specifically subtasks and dependency management, that some may consider essential. If you need them, take a look at our list of the best project management software for alternatives.

It impressed us with its quality and ease of use. If you’ve tried it, or similar platforms, let us know what you think of them in the comments below. Thanks for reading. Review

An easy-to-use, efficient tool. is a project management tool that handles well, is highly efficient and also affordable, to boot. Its only downside is that task are tricky to break down, but otherwise there's a good chance this may be the program for you. Read our full review for all the details.
Starts from$ 2500per month
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