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pCloud is a secure and easy-to-use service that lets you store up to 10GB for free, offers lifetime plans for up to 2TB and generally will make storing files easier than most of the competition. Though it's not completely without its flaws, we won't hesitate to recommend it to most people.

By Ben Stockton
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Starts from $ 399 per month for 500 GB
Free plan available Save 20 % (All Plans)
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If you’ve read our best cloud storage article, you’ll know that pCloud is one of our favorite services. This is due to several factors, like how it uses a virtual hard drive to extend your drive space by up to 2TB, or allows you to sync any folder on your computer without needing to mess with your folder structure. It’s also the only one of the many cloud storage services that lets you decide which of your files you want to protect with zero-knowledge encryption. On top of that, it’s easy to use, provides speedy sync and comes at a very affordable price. 

If you’re looking for a cloud storage service that includes zero-knowledge encryption for all of your files without an additional fee, then you should consider a service such as Sync.com

However, if you’d prefer the ability to choose which files are protected with zero-knowledge encryption, then pCloud is an excellent choice. Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer in this pCloud review. We also have a video review if you prefer your information bite-size.

pCloud Video Review

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Great value
  • Zero-knowledge encryption
  • Fast syncing
  • Bitcoin payments available
  • Sync any folder
  • Integrated media player


  • Encryption costs extra
  • No document integration

Alternatives for pCloud

  1. 1
    • Sync Folder
    • File Link Sharing
    • Folder Sharing
    • Versioning
    10-2000 GB
    $ 399
    Save 20 %
  2. 2
    • Sync Folder
    • File Link Sharing
    • Folder Sharing
    • Versioning
    5 GB - 10 TB
    $ 500
  3. 3
    • Sync Folder
    • File Link Sharing
    • Folder Sharing
    • Versioning
    15 GB - 30 TB
    $ 167
    Save 16 %
  4. 4
    • Sync Folder
    • File Link Sharing
    • Folder Sharing
    • Versioning
    5-Unlimited GB
    $ 199
  5. 5
    • Sync Folder
    • File Link Sharing
    • Folder Sharing
    • Versioning
    15 GB - 16 TB
    $ 539


90 % – Excellent

The most essential feature of any cloud storage service is its file syncing, which pCloud does incredibly well, unlike a bare-bones service like MediaFire. However, pCloud comes with a number of additional features that add to your experience, but we’ll be honest — some of these are better than others. 

As a plus, pCloud has some useful media features that helped it beat the competition in our best cloud storage for music shortlist.


First, we’ll talk about the music player — few cloud storage providers do this well enough to make it worth talking about. You can play your music files from within the pCloud web interface or smartphone app, thanks to the pCloud audio player. 

It comes with many of the features you find in dedicated music apps, such as the ability to search by song, artist, album or playlist, as well as the ability to create and edit playlists. You can also shuffle songs and loop albums or playlists. 

All of these playback features appear on the smartphone app, too, and you can also download music to your phone if you want to listen offline. If videos are your thing, you can play videos through the web interface or in the pCloud mobile apps, too. If the video isn’t in an appropriate format, pCloud will convert to a web format before it plays. 

If you’re storing your media collection with pCloud, you might be interested in its integration with Kodi, the popular media player. An unofficial add-on for Kodi allows you to stream directly from your pCloud collection, making it one of the best cloud storage for Kodi streamers.

You can also download your converted files and export them elsewhere using the “download converted” option, which — along with no file-size limits that beat the 10GB Dropbox max file size — helps to make pCloud the best cloud storage for video


pCloud Rewind

The pCloud “rewind” feature allows you to recover files from a previous date if, for some reason, you delete your files or they become corrupted (ransomware, look out). 

This feature isn’t an option with a free pCloud account, but with the Premium and Premium Plus plans, you can rewind your account by up to 30 days. This allows you to see a snapshot of how your files and folders looked at a specific date and time. 

This gives you the option to restore any of your previous files and folders from that date. Rather than simply reverting your account to match how it looked then, pCloud will give you the option to either download the files and folders you want to recover or restore them individually. 

However, restoring them doesn’t mean placing them back nicely in your previous file structure. Instead, everything is dumped into a folder, with no directory structure. If you’re trying to restore a large number of files and folders, this could prove difficult to organize.


You can opt to pay an additional $39 to extend pCloud “rewind” restorations for up to a year. This also applies to file versioning, which is a similar feature for restoring individual files to a previous state. In fact, pCloud makes it onto our list of the best cloud storage for versioning.

pCloud Save

pCloud also extends into your browser with pCloud Save, an extension for Opera, Firefox and Chrome. This extension allows you to save images directly to your pCloud account with a simple right-click on any images you want, with these images being saved in a special “pCloud Save” folder.

One major flaw with these extensions is that, if you have two-factor authentication enabled (something we will look at later), you’re unable to log in to use pCloud Save. Even if you turn 2FA off in order to sign in to the extension, it will kick you out of pCloud Save as soon as you turn 2FA back on again.

If you already use Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, but are thinking about trying out pCloud, you can backup all of your data from these services straight into pCloud. Go to the “backup” section, choose the provider you want to backup from, sign in to link your account, and pCloud will start to copy all of your files and folders into a new folder called “backups.” 

You can also backup your photos from social media, like Instagram and Facebook, in the same way. Currently, this service doesn’t work if you’re trying to back up Dropbox Business or OneDrive Business accounts.


If you’re interested in collaborating with other pCloud account holders, you may want to give pCloud’s “fair share” feature a try. If you share a folder, the recipients can add as much as they want to the shared folder without using up any of their space allocation. The shared folder will take up space only on the account of the person who originally shared it. 

There’s no integration with either Microsoft Office or Google Docs, unfortunately, so pCloud doesn’t make it onto our list of the best cloud storage for collaboration.

pCloud Public Folder

There’s also the option to set up a public folder. This can be used for a number of purposes, such as hosting static HTML web pages, creating direct links to files or for embedding images as an alternative to image hosting sites, such as Imgur. However, you’ll need to pay for the privilege because this isn’t available on a free pCloud account.

One of the best features, though, is pCloud Crypto, which allows you to protect some of your files and folders with end-to-end encryption. We’ll take a look at this in more detail in the security section of this pCloud review.

pCloud Features Overview

  • Sync

    • Sync Folder
    • Block-Level Sync
    • Selective Sync
    • Bandwidth management
    • Sync Any Folder
  • File Sharing

    • File Link Sharing
    • Link Passwords
    • Link Expiry Dates
    • Folder Sharing
    • Folder Permissions
    • Link Download Limits
    • Upload Links
  • Productivity

    • File Previews
    • Edit Files
    • In-App Collaboration
    • Office Online
    • Google Docs
    • Notes App
    • Media Playback
    • Mobile Apps
    • Deleted File Retention
    • Versioning
    • WebDAV
  • Security

    • At-Rest Encryption
    • In-Transit Encryption
    • AES 256-bit Encryption Protocol
    • Zero Knowledge
    • Two-Factor Authentication
    • US Server Location
  • Support

    • 24/7 Support
    • Live Chat Support
    • Telephone Support
    • Email Support
    • User Forum
    • Knowledgebase
  • Misc

    • Free Plan

pCloud Pricing

90 % – Excellent

pCloud is reasonably priced and a good value for money, with only Sync.com beating it in the battle of the best deals for cloud storage. You can learn more about Sync.com in our Sync.com review, but as you’ll see, pCloud competes very well on pricing.

  • Free plan Details
  • 10 GB Storage
  • 500 GB Storage
1-year plan $ 3.99/ month
$47.88 billed every year
Save 20 %
Lifetime plan $ 4.86/ month
$175.00 one time payment,
Monthly price for 3 years of use
Premium Plus
  • 2000 GB Storage
1-year plan $ 7.99/ month
$95.88 billed every year
Save 20 %
Lifetime plan $ 9.72/ month
$350.00 one time payment,
Monthly price for 3 years of use
  • Price per user Details
  • 1000 GB Storage
1-year plan $ 23.97/ month
$287.64 billed every year

If you’re looking to give pCloud a try, then take a look at the free account first. It tops our list of the best free cloud storage and offers up to 10GB of free storage space, although you start with only 2GB — you’ll need to unlock the rest. Sure, that’s less than Degoo with its free 100GB of space (see our Degoo review), but it’s significantly better in almost every way.

You can “easily” earn an additional 5GB with pCloud by verifying your email, uploading a file, downloading both the desktop and smartphone apps, and turning on automatic photo upload on your smartphone. The final 3GB are earned by successfully inviting other people to sign up.

There are two tiers available for paid, personal accounts. The Premium plan offers 500GB of space, and there are three ways to pay for it. You can choose to pay $4.99 each month or pay upfront for a whole year, which drops the price to an average of $3.99 each month. 

There’s also the option to pay for a lifetime subscription for $175; you’d need to use pCloud for at least 44 months for this to make economical sense. With pCloud Premium, you get 500GB of pCloud download traffic each month and 30 days of trash history.

Alternatively, pCloud Premium Plus comes with 2TB of cloud space for $9.99 every month. If you pay annually, this drops to $7.99 per month, putting it on a par with Sync.com, and well ahead of the significantly more expensive 2TB plans from providers like Dropbox. You can learn more about Dropbox pricing in our Dropbox review

pCloud Lifetime

You can also make a one-off payment of $350 for a pCloud lifetime subscription, which — once again — is the cheapest way to pay if you’re planning to keep your pCloud account for 44 months or more. The Premium Plus plan comes with 2TB of download link traffic per month and the same 30 days of trash history.

If you want a cloud storage account to share with your family, then pCloud offers a plan that gives 2TB of storage that’s shareable with up to five people. However, the downside to this is the enormous price; you’ll need to pay $1,400 for a lifetime plan (although large discounts are available from time to time.)

You can manage how much space each member gets, but the lack of monthly or annual payment options makes this a less-than-tempting offer for almost all users.

If you’re a business user, pCloud’s Business plan offers 1TB of storage per user, costing $9.99 per user each month. You can also pay annually, which costs around $7.99 per user per month. One huge benefit of pCloud Business is that it includes Crypto at no additional cost. 

pCloud also includes additional team tools, such as being able to set individual access levels and comment on shared files and folders. However, the features aren’t quite strong enough to see pCloud make it onto our rundown of the best cloud storage for enterprise, where providers like Egnyte and Tresorit dominate.

Ease of Use

85 % – Very Good

With so many cloud storage options out there, providers like pCloud that lack the mass public name recognition need to nail down one thing if they want Joe Public to subscribe: ease of use. Thankfully, pCloud doesn’t disappoint, although there are a few areas for improvement.


Signing up to pCloud requires an email address and password, or you can sign up with your Google, Facebook or Apple account. You’re then encouraged to download pCloud Drive to set up a virtual drive on your system, which is all very straightforward. This turns your documents folder into a sync folder by default, meaning your documents are automatically synced to pCloud. 

Following in the footsteps of Dropbox and others, pCloud uses the tried-and-tested cloud storage model, with a sync folder on your PC and a system tray icon to change your settings. 

Some desktop apps, such as the recent update in Dropbox, allow you to explore your files and folders within the app. However, the pCloud desktop app is purely for making changes to your account and settings; you’ll need to open Windows File Explorer to edit your files.


The menu links across the top of the desktop app allow you to switch between account information, your sync folders, shared files and folders, pCloud Crypto, settings, support and information on the app itself. 

The desktop app is easy to navigate, but it doesn’t have the most appealing interface we’ve ever seen. The app is available for macOS, Windows and Linux, making it on our best cloud storage for Linux shortlist.

pCloud Web 

If you want to access your files when you’re away from your computer, you can use the web interface. Like the pCloud app, there are menu links for browsing your files, accessing your public folder, pCloud Rewind, your backups from other cloud services and your trash folder. Beneath this are links for accessing your Crypto folder, shared folders, your download links and your audio files.


You can add files and folders directly into pCloud by dragging and dropping them into the web interface, but this is a little clunky. 

Instead of allowing you to drop the files into specific folders by hovering over them, as you would in Explorer, pCloud opens an upload screen that shows your file uploading to the currently open folder. If you want to upload to a different folder, you’ll have to open that folder first before you start the drag-and-drop process. 

There’s also no way to drag a file out of pCloud and drop it on your desktop; you have to select it and choose the download option. Other online storage services, such as OneDrive, allow you to drop files into individual folders, which is quicker and more efficient. Take a look at our OneDrive review to learn more.


pCloud Mobile App

The mobile app is available for Android and iOS, and it has a similar menu system as the web interface, with links to your files, pCloud Crypto and more. Adding files is simple: simply hit the plus sign at the top of the screen and select the files you want to upload. Unfortunately, moving files in the app is a little harder, with no option to drag and drop.


Otherwise, the experience of using the app is pretty smooth, which is why it’s one of our best cloud storage for Android picks. If you’ve uploaded photos and videos, pCloud will prompt you to delete them from your phone to free up some space. 

You can also make files available offline with a couple of taps, which is particularly useful if you want to listen to music or watch videos on the go. 

File Syncing & Sharing

95 % – Excellent

Ease of use is incredibly important, but even more essential is file sharing and syncing. After all, that’s the whole raison d’être of storage services like pCloud, OneDrive and Sync.com.

Thankfully, it’s also one of pCloud’s strong points, making it one of the best file sync software. Its use of a virtual drive model and the ability to sync any folder on your computer are features that put it ahead of most of the competition. Sharing files and folders is also simple to do and can be accessed in a variety of ways.

We’ll start with the virtual drive. One problem with the traditional sync folder model for online storage is redundancy. It keeps files on your drive, then copies them to cloud servers, making sure that files are mirrored equally between the two. However, this isn’t great if your local storage space is limited.

pCloud Drive

In many cases, if you choose not to sync everything to your PC, then you generally can’t interact with it. pCloud gets around this by creating a virtual drive that takes up none of your disk drive space at all — this is pCloud Drive.


Using pCloud Drive, you can navigate through all of your cloud files and folders in File Explorer as if they were on your drive itself. This adds up to 2TB of storage space to your computer. 

Files will open as if they were stored on your hard drive, and once you close them, they return to the cloud. One downside of this system is that you can’t access the files if you’re offline, but it’s simple enough to remedy this by setting up a new sync folder.

Sync folders are additional folders from your hard drive that you can choose to sync to pCloud. Unlike with some other cloud providers, you can choose any folder to be a sync folder and can have as many as you like. It means you don’t have to mess with your folder structure if you want to add files to your storage, as you can leave everything exactly where it is. 


Adding a new sync folder is as simple as right-clicking on the folder in Explorer and choosing the “sync to pCloud” option, but you can also set up new sync folders within the desktop app. It’s important to remember that your sync folder will mirror what is stored in the cloud, so if you delete any files on your desktop, they will disappear from your account, too.

If you’d rather be able to decide on a file-by-file basis which ones remain in the cloud and which ones stay on your hard drive, then take a look at Dropbox Smart Sync.

Sharing Files

Sharing files is also simple and helps pCloud to make it onto our best cloud storage for sharing shortlist, alongside Google Drive and Dropbox. You can share files from within File Explorer or through the desktop app, web interface or mobile app. Like Google Drive, pCloud allows you to share links directly to your shared files or you can invite pCloud users using email.


You have the option to grant read-only or read-and-write access using the shared link, as well as password-protect it and set an expiration date. You can also choose to generate a shorter link, although pCloud will remind you that these links are less secure. However, you can’t share files stored in pCloud Crypto unless you have a Business account.

A useful part of the sharing window is the “stats” page. This allows you to see when the link was created, how many downloads you’ve had and the total download traffic. Because download link traffic has a maximum limit per month, it’s useful to be able to track this metric if you plan on using this a lot. There’s also a nice graph to show your weekly traffic stats.


Sharing via the smartphone app is also simple. A quick tap on the sharing icon beneath each folder allows you to send invitations to the folder or to generate upload or download links. You can set permissions to view or edit, although you can’t set passwords or expiration dates from within the app. 


90 % – Excellent

As a top-tier provider, we’d expect file speeds from pCloud to be good, and that’s exactly what we found. To make sure, we tested pCloud transfer speeds ourselves, using a 1GB file to test upload and download times.

We tested this from a location in the UK, with an average of 80 Mbps download speeds and 6 Mbps upload speeds. Both the upload and download speeds were pretty much exactly what you would expect, based on the connection speed.

 First attemptSecond attemptAverage
Upload time:23:5223:1022:51
Download time:1:321:311:29

If you want to send large files or if you’re moving a lot of files around, you may want to limit your download or upload speeds. pCloud allows you to do this in its settings area, but it’s set to unlimited by default.

pCloud also makes use of block-level sync to speed up the process of syncing files that have been edited. In essence, your files are broken up into small pieces, and only the pieces that have changed are synced. It means if you edit a large file, it will sync in a matter of seconds, rather than several minutes. If you edit a lot of large files, this can make a real difference.

Not all providers offer this, so if you’re looking for alternatives, you’ll need to consider providers like Dropbox or OneDrive, instead (check out our pCloud vs Dropbox comparison review for more).


90 % – Excellent

Security is important, especially in an era when data breaches are a daily — rather than rare — occurrence. pCloud has some excellent security features that help it find its way onto our list of the most secure cloud storage, so we’re pretty confident in recommending it for those who are worried about their data security.

Some of these features require you to pay extra, though, which is a shame. Providers like Sync.com offer similar features at no extra cost, so it’s something to bear in mind.

When we consider data security from cloud providers, we’re looking for the holy grail: zero-knowledge encryption. This type of encryption gives you control over your encryption keys, which the provider doesn’t hold. This means that only you can decrypt your files — not pCloud, not the law and not a rogue hacker with access to its servers.

This layer of security is important because it means your files remain completely secure from outside snooping (as long as your encryption keys are kept secure, too.)


pCloud Crypto 

The downside is that, while pCloud does offer this, it isn’t included as standard. It costs $4.99 a month extra for pCloud Crypto (the pCloud brand name for zero-knowledge encryption) or around $3.99 a month if you pay upfront. However, Business pCloud users will get it for free. 

As we’ve already mentioned, some providers already offer this for free, but others don’t offer it at all. pCloud Crypto is a middle-ground option, allowing you to choose which files you want to protect with zero-knowledge encryption. Anything in your Crypto folder is impossible for the server to read, so you can’t see any previews, or play music or videos from within pCloud.

This allows you to have less-secure access to your media files, but it would allow you to keep sensitive documents secure from others.


Files that aren’t kept in pCloud Crypto are still protected by industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption, and pCloud uses the TLS protocol to reduce the risk of man-in-the-middle attacks. You can also use two-factor authentication to help protect your account. 

Two-factor authentication requires you to provide a second form of verification in order to sign in to your account (usually an SMS message or a code generated using an authentication app). If someone gets hold of your password, they shouldn’t be able to log in to your account unless they also have access to your phone, which adds another layer of security.


80 % – Good

If you’re concerned about the privacy of your data, then pCloud is a particularly good choice, although there are some small areas for concern. If you’re using pCloud Crypto, your files will be secure with zero-knowledge encryption, but everything else could be at risk unless you add other defenses, like two-factor authentication.

pCloud is based in Switzerland, which has some of the best cloud privacy laws in the world. It’s one of the reasons why companies such as ProtonMail, which tops our list of the most secure email providers, choose Switzerland as their home.

Until recently, pCloud only had a server in the U.S., making some people wary of how private your data is with the service, but since June 2020 new users have the option of storing their files in Europe, as well, with existing users being extended the opportunity to switch in July.

pCloud Tracking?

The pCloud privacy policy does state that the company will collect data from you, such as your IP address, device information, operating system and browser type. It will also use tracking services to collect information such as how long you visit, the pages you view and the patterns of your usage, although this information is anonymous and cannot be linked directly to you.

Your personal data may also be shared with third parties in order to comply with the law, or if pCloud is compelled to do so by law enforcement or other government officials. If your data is stored in the U.S., it means that pCloud may be required to grant authorities access to your data under legislation such as the Patriot Act

Any data stored in pCloud Crypto would remain encrypted, though, so the authorities would not be able to access its contents. It’s important to note that pCloud states that it has never sold data to third parties and has no plans to ever do this in the future. As a Swiss company that offers zero-knowledge encryption, there isn’t much to worry about here that we can see.

Customer Service

70 % – Decent

We’ve praised pCloud a lot in this review, but one area where the company lets down its customers is with customer service. Unlike many of its rivals, pCloud offers no live chat support and, in our experience, response times to queries were hit or miss. 

There is quite an extensive help page that covers many of the features the service offers, but if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, then things get trickier.


If you want to contact the company directly to chat with a support agent, then your only option is to ring the company. However, the number is a Swiss number, and it operates on Swiss business hours, making this tricky for U.S. customers. Switzerland is nine hours ahead of California, so if you’re based in San Francisco, you’re going to need to call before 8 a.m. Not ideal.

This is one area that could be fixed with a live chat option but, as we’ve stated, this isn’t something pCloud offers. Other top-tier providers like Dropbox and Google Drive offer this, as you’ll see in our Google Drive review

Without easily available chat or phone support, your next best option is to get in touch via email or by using the contact form. The first time we tried this, the response took more than 24 hours to arrive. The second time, we heard back within two hours. 

The responses were useful and showed good knowledge of the product, but the response times were a little inconsistent.

The Verdict

As this pCloud review has explained, pCloud dominates with an easy-to-use service for an affordable price that makes it a go-to option for online storage in almost every situation.

The virtual drive system is a great way to access all of your files and folders without filling up your precious hard drive space, while pCloud Crypto allows you to decide which files and folders you want to protect with zero-knowledge encryption. Although this is a paid add-on, it does give you the security you’d need for your files.

If you’ve spent years building up a finely curated collection of music files, then pCloud’s built-in media player makes streaming your music easy, whether that’s on desktop or on your smartphone. There are also some other nice multimedia features, allowing you to resize your photos and compress your videos.

Data is stored on U.S. servers (for the time being, at least), but with the option to move your files to the EU coming soon and zero-knowledge encryption available, this isn’t as big of a problem as it could be. If you can’t wait, then consider the Canadian-based Sync.com instead.

Pricing is good, too, with plans that offer similar or better storage for lower prices than many of its competitors. The pCloud lifetime deal is expensive, but if you’ve got a thousand dollars to drop on long-term storage, it isn’t a bad option.

Overall, there’s a lot to love about pCloud; that’s why it continues to be one of our top recommendations for cloud storage across multiple categories. If you’re a pCloud user yourself, let us know your thoughts and comments on the service below, and don’t forget to check out our other cloud storage articles for alternatives. As always, thanks for reading.


  • Is pCloud Safe to Use?

    Yes, absolutely, pCloud is safe to use. It has high-grade encryption and can be zero-knowledge if you sign up for the Crypto add-on.

  • Can pCloud See My Files?

    Yes, pCloud can see what files you have, but if you sign up for the zero-knowledge Crypto add-on, nobody at the company will be able to do more than peek at file names.

  • How Long Has pCloud Been in Business?

    pCloud was founded in 2013, so has been in business for seven years at time of writing.

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    1. Best ever Cloud storage. Really thinking of upgrading to 4TB from 2TB. Never any issues of streaming my movies from PCloud to any device when I’m in Thailand or the UK. The streaming speed seems to be on a par with Netflix, never any issues. If your really worried about encryption with certain files, I just double encrypt with something like 7zip before I upload which is 256 encryption. Great service and the best Cloud service out there. You always seem to get streaming issues with any NAS system and WD MyCloud seems to be the pits. That’s why I’ve gone with a cloud service like PCloud.

      1. In all fairness, though, they do send you several emails to let you know to log in…

  1. I have spent the last few days going through all the cloud providers that I could find online. I mean all the big players like Mega, Dropbox, OneDrive etc.
    As of this moment, there is no provider that can match pCloud by far!
    I will try to list some of my concerns here:

    – none of the big name clients for Mac would allow me to create my library on an external drive. I have a Transcend 120Gb flash drive in my SD card port permanently which doubles my internal storage. I want to put my music, pictures, photos there as there is no need to access them all the time and want to keep my main drive free. Only pCloud and Mega will allow this.

    – I want to be able to sync individual folders from the cloud to my laptop. Most of them allow this but for example Amazon, which has a very good offer in terms of price/storage, doesn’t allow this.

    – There is no other service that includes an online player which can play my music directly from the site (videos as well). This thing is huge!

    – Their price atm is $4 per month if you get a year plan for 500GB. Most of the other providers don’t even have a 500GB plan, they jump to the 1TB plan for $10 per month. I personally will not fill 500GB in the near future so 1TB is totally overkill.

    – I wrote a feedback message today about something which I thought is a problem and discovered a few minutes later that it was my own error. None the less I got a mail from the support within 30min. Good luck with getting this from Amazon or anyone else! They are too big to care about you (even though I love shopping on Amazon)!

    – I have a vdsl connection at the moment with something like 30Mbit bandwidth and I am using it wireless. For few hours during the last night, I was able to upload 40GB of data. I would call this ‘sufficient’! At some time the upload was 10k/s, while at other it got up to 3Mb/s. Now, I am professional enough to know that this has nothing to do with their servers and everything to do with my network.

    All in all, I think that these guys are amazing and provide an incredible service for an incredible price.


    1. Dropbox lets you put the local storage where-ever you want, I’m not sure why you didn’t include it in you list. But I’m leaving DB for a host of reasons 🙂

    2. For the record, DropBox has web players for both music and videos, I use them all the time. But overall I agree that pCloud is better and I am also moving from DB to pCloud.

  2. For me pCloud is the best! I have tried OneDrive, Dropbox and GoogleDrive, but I like the most pCloud. Its platform is really user friendly, they have good support and pCloud Crypto helps me feel safe about my files.

  3. A few years ago, I was on UbuntuOne, which was good. When they discontinued their service, I discovered Wuala, which I found excellent. However, Wuala (for which I paid) was closed by its new owners – SHAME on them. As a farewell-note they recommended Tresorit. For that service, I paid almost 100 USD for a year upfront. In the beginning, it worked just fine, although for that price you could only connect five machines: too little for a computer at home, one at work, and a laptop for travel, all running dual boot, plus a smartphone and a tablet. Anyway, since it did it’s job nicely I accepted that limitation. After 5 or 6 months, after a Linux-update, Tresorit stopped working on Ubuntu, and it uploaded only random files on Linux Mint. Like that, it’s useless! Re-installing the Tresorit client on all machines didn’t help, and customer support didn’t even reply. Instead, since I stopped using it, I keep getting Tresorit-ads from them. If they would have done their job, they wouldn’t have to waste money to win me back. They won’t, anyway.

    Other users had rated Tresorit’s Linux-client as vaporware. They are so right.

    Glad to have found pCloud – for a month, it has worked flawlessly on Linux, Win, and Android, and I hope they will stay around!

  4. I am in China. pCloud works very well here. It is excellent. I strongly recommend it.

    1. I am also in China and I tried everything already. First I was a dropbox user, then it was inaccessible from China. I switched to Copy, but it was discontinued. Then to Cubby, but that will be eliminated soon as well, what luck! OneDrive works and is reasonably fast for large files but has some issues for me when saving Office documents directly to OneDrive, then it is super slow and freezes the app (Excel/Word) for a minute. So much for my background.

      Then I switched to pCloud after doing some research on what works well in China. I would not say it is fast, despite their own speed comparison to dropbox. Such official speed comparisons are meaningless as far as users in China are concerned. So, while not fast, it does do the job.

      The only issue I have so far is I have no idea how to completely disable the screenshot upload popup. I have no interest in uploading my screenshots to pCloud, yet the popup asks me to do so every couple days. A side search brings up nothing on this topic.

      The Windows client is otherwise well designed. I have not tested any mobile clients because I am a Windows 10 mobile user, and virtually no cloud storage providers create an app for that, apart from OneDrive of course.

      I would recommend to anyone in China. I am thinking of switching to their paid plans soon, 500GB for 4 bucks is reasonable. I just wish they had some servers in HK, TW or Japan to enhance speeds for users in China.

  5. The best cloud software. Easy to set and use, so much better than Dropbox. Reasonably fast in Sydney, Australia.

  6. I like it, because pcloud drive can install on my old pc with window xp sp2 installed. Many file manager can’t install on it, except pcloud. It is very good and easy sync, just copy file and paste it on pcloud drive.

  7. Very very good cloud.
    I could upload my files at 10Mo/s (80Mbits) !
    You can select any folders of your choice to sync, very cool.
    The web interface and android app is good as well.

    The only problem is maybe the security, there’s no 2FA (double factor authentification) and data is not encrypted on their server by default.


  8. I have been using PCloud for almost a year, have not had any issues uploading or downloading, looks like folder upload does not work with IE but works with Chrome. no big issue there.
    I like the free 10gb and the invite friends to get additional 10gb, thinking about purchasing plan for 1 year hopefully with discount. and with Crypto included.
    I would sign up for more capacity but a bit more expensive

  9. I am a ‘Cubby’ refugee so was looking for something that offered many of the features of Cubby, in particular the ability to sync any folder. I looked at many different offerings and in the end found pCloud.

    After using my free account for a short while, I was that impressed that I signed up to a 500Gb paid account to handle both my private and work needs. The features I really like
    – sync any folder (a real deal winner for me)
    – option to allow desktop app to stay signed in or to log out when closed
    – version history (already been a life saver for me)
    – share is so easy
    – shared folders do not take up space in the recipients pCloud account (unlike some other cloud providers)
    – virtual ‘P:’ drive
    – the desktop app itself has a really nice UI
    – mobile app and ability to stream music, pictures and videos is great
    – I find the web layout UI is neater than many other cloud providers
    – auto screen shot saver (didn’t like this at first but have started to find it really useful in my work)

    There are some features that I would like to see added such as
    – ability to see what is in the upload and download queues while syncing
    – a history of what has been sync’d
    – ability to selectively delete version history (e.g. only keep files for X days, or X copies)
    – build crypto into the price of paid accounts (with a nudge and a wink)

    At the minute I don’t use crypto but instead use axcrypt to encrypt important files before uploading – OK the file structure is still visible but hopefully the data is well encrypted.

    Great product, and good value for money.

    1. Thanks Ken for the comment. pCloud’s staff is reading this page frequently so I’m sure they’ll take note of your feature requests.

    2. I team up with all of Ken’s feature requests. Plus:
      What is really annoying, is that after every successful upload, the Windows Explorer gets refreshed, leading to a short flare of all symbols of the desktop. Since I permanently upload files, this is rather annoying.

      1. Same with me. But guys from pCloud support team informed me how to turn it off:

        disable the files status icons from Settings -> General -> Show file status icons

        and annoying effect is gone…

  10. This looks great, especially the Linux support, but the lack of two factor authentication is a deal-breaker for me. Please add it, and you will have me as a paying customer.

  11. why is my download speed so low at only 1.1 MB/s? I have a fiber optic 500 Mbps/s connection and dropbox can download about 10 times faster. I trusted your youtube commercial regarding your “unbelievable” speed compared to dropbox and now I’m paying for a premium account which is worse than my dropbox free one?

  12. I’m wondering if it’s just me, given some fairly glowing reviews above, but I’m finding pCloud a nightmare. It takes forever to open sometimes (I think it’s usually after I’ve added a bunch of new files on another one of my devices), seems to stall a bunch or not respond to my pause/resume, gives misleading amounts of data remaining down download/upload, the android app crashed a few times while trying to do the initial sync, forcing me to clear app data.

    All in all I just haven’t reached a point where I trust that any of my devices have the most recent version, or that it will manage my deletions properly, even though I haven’t specifically had any disasters around this. Part of this is probably just the user feedback around what is going on, but I feel like under the hood there might be way too much going on in terms of how it checks recency.

    I’m hoping after I finally get all my devices in sync that things will be better, but even trying to get 2 devices in sync with my ~130Gb of photos and documents is an ongoing task that has taken about 3 months.

    1. how did you get on… I have just started uploading pictures and it is stalling and hanging up a macbook… are there any settings to tweak to make work better?

    2. Please note that we are working tirelessly towards improving our product and our advise is to test the sync with the most recent version of pCloud Drive now.

  13. On the paid plans, are all the files stored encrypted without paying extra for Crypto Folder feature? Thanks.

    1. Hi Will,

      Yes, we do have server-side encryption for the pCloud accounts, no matter of the subscription – the same is valid for the free accounts as well. The Crypto gives client-side encryption.

      1. Hello: I thought only the crypto folder contents were stored encrypted on your servers? Also ALL traffic is transported encrypted correct?
        Thanks Love pcloud so far.

  14. Hello all,

    I read your comments with interest. I am currently working through an evaluation of cloud providers and pCloud seems to offer what I want which is essentially a virtual drive with a good starting point of 500GB. What I haven’t been able to ascertain despite going through their support is if they allow storage of adult content (purely for archival and retrieval for ones one use). I cannot get a direct answer. I used to use Keepit which was excellent but they only offer a backup service. Anyone care to expand ?

    1. Hello Sean,

      The answer to your question cloud be found within our Terms and Conditions, available on our official website.

  15. After testing the pCloud Crypto service for a few days I noticed that I can not download files more than 200mb from the Crypto folder. I contacted support and they said that feature will be supported soon, but currently the only way to download files >200mb is to install the desktop client.

    Also, I did not see where the permissions were listed. Does anyone know where I can see who has read/write access to the folder?

    1. Hello Danny,

      Unfortunately, the same is not supported yet. You can always use the desktop app to upload more files at once as well.
      The permissions are found under the “Shares” section, from where you can check the permissions of the shared folders to your recipients.

  16. I looked into pCloud after I decided I no longer want to have my data with Dropbox. I love their service: European company, I like the implementation of a network drive where you only download what you need…

    BUT their servers are in Dallas, not in Switzerland. So it’s NOT a viable alternative if you’re a European and looking to store your data outside of the US.

    Here’s the reply I got from their helpdesk: “pCloud users’ data is collocated in data center with SSAE 16 SOC 1, Type II certification that ensures the highest level of assurance.When using the pCloud service user’s data is transferred to our outsourced servers via TLS/SSL protocol and is copied on at least three server locations in a highly secure certified data center in Dallas, Texas, USA.”


    1. At the moment only Degoo have data outside the US. Unfortunately in comparison to pCloud their API and feature look like a 5 year old built it!

    2. Hi lijn,

      We have the main data center located in the USA, indeed, however, we do own all of our servers, which is something rarely seen these days.

      The good news is that by the end of this year 2019 we would be opening a new main data center in Europe!

  17. Hi I have a friend that wants to email me a Few things though this pcloud will
    It cost me to download the things he is sending me through pcloud to my email ?

  18. I’d LOVE to use pCloud on an XP Pro 32-bit machine and 7 Pro 64-bit machine and sync some folders as I used to do with SugarSync and Cubby.
    But the pCloud installation causes my XP machine to freeze, with the bad effects seen first in explorer.exe.
    Maybe I’m the only one unlucky here, but has anyone else had a similar problem?

  19. Absolutely loving pCloud. Definitely better than Dropbox – havent encountered any bandwidth limit issues as you do on Dropbox. Also faster!
    If anything changes, will revise this post. Until then, for now, go for pCloud!

  20. I love it so far, but It would be perfect if they added the following:

    1. Store our data in Switzerland, not in the US.

    2. Every folder should be encrypted or something, so not even the company, or any institution, could read our private stuff. Specially because they are outsourcing in the US (privacy laws are different there than in Switzerland). I’m a software engineer, and I don’t want my very valuable code to be seen by random people.

    3. Upload speed (sometimes download, too) should be faster. It took me many hours to upload a few folders.

    Besides that, I love the service.
    Very similar to SugarSync, but with no synchronization problems at all.

    pCloud, please follow our recommendations and you will experience a huge increment in costumers.

    I’m paying for the service, but will not pay extra for the crypto folder. I need every folder to be encrypted on the server. Even if that means making the process a few milliseconds slower..

    If we use the service (specially the ones who pay, like me) is because we need a fast, secure and trusted service.

    I’m swiss. I want my stuff in Switzerland.

    Regards and congratulations, the service is great.

    1. I agree 100%. If you are going to store our data in the US zero knowledge encryption must be included for free, not as a paid service. My upload speeds during the initial sync are terrible, +/- 1 – 1.5mbs. My ISP speed is 50/50.

      I had to abandon their Windows app because it ignored the cache limit. Using NetDrive and WebDav instead along with FreeSync.

    2. Hello Gregor,

      1. We do own all of our servers in the USA and we are to open a new European data center by the end of this year.

      2. As stated on our website, the account comes with server-side encryption, so there is actually encryption of your files and no one can see your files, of course.

      3. It depends on a lot of things when it comes to speed. You would have to contact our support, so they can assist you in finding a solution.

  21. I’ve been using pCloud for over a year now on Mac and Linux Mint, am impressed in just about every respect that is relevant for my private use, and so I recently became a paying user. I don’t understand the complaints about speed: I’m in Germany, and pCloud is one of the fastest services I’ve tried. Great is the combination of really offline cloud storage (I mean: what you store there does NOT occupy on your computer’s hard disk any more) and selective synchronization (your files are on pCloud AND on your computer(s), if you want). I was skeptical about the not-gratis encryption option (‘Crypto’), but the free trial showed me it works beautifully and ridiculously easily (on Mac, Linux, and also in the web browser interface). For me, this is the one.

  22. Pcloud is the best so far.
    For those who have speed issue its best to uoload only using chrome browser, its way faster than there desktop application.
    I love it so far i have the 500gb plan and soon ill expand to the 2tb plan, i dont regret any penny spent on this awesone cloud. Way better than googledrive dropbox and onedrive as i tried all these and pcloud is way better.
    Thank you pcloud

  23. pCoud is offering lifetime storage of 2TB for $250. Seemed to be a good deal. Any thought?

    1. I think it is a pretty good deal. It’s like paying for a lifetime 2TB NAS. I just abandoned my Amazon 1TB account for lifetime 2TB. The bad news is it will take a little over 4-years to break even. The good news is you have cloud storage until you die or they go out of business.

      Backup speed is similar to both Amazon and Google using the desktop app.

  24. It’s a fantastic deal, for this lifetime plan you can replace external HDD backups!
    Also online cloud is more secure, offers a lot of other features and so on and so on…

  25. To be honest, I wish the WebDAV functionality actually works so I can sync properly directly from my Synology NAS. I contacted support but they simply fingerpointef to Synology.

    1. It works pretty fast using NetDrive2. Their app that mounts PCloud works fine too.


      It did not work on my Seagate Personal Cloud. Gives an unknown error. Couldn’t get it to work with Amazon either.

      I’ve been forced to sync using FreeSync.

    2. Hello, just read your post. Not sure if this issue you have had been resolved.

      The pCloud team provided me with the solution when I was trying to use WebDAV from my Synology NAS and the solution works.

      You may want to try this with your Synology NAS:

      Here are the settings to access your pCloud account via WebDAV protocol:
      link: https://webdav.pcloud.com
      port: 443
      Username: {Your user name}
      Password: {Your password}

      Hope this helps.

      1. Beware though that pCloud support now says that they are not officially supporting webDAV. They say they can turn it off any time and they don’t invest resources in fixing bugs or performance issues in the webDAV interface.

        1. Hello Chris,

          We do officially support WebDAV actually. It is more limited than our apps, indeed, as we are focused on adding more features to the platform itself currently.

          1. I received the same email last month saying that pcloud does NOT support webdav on synology. The synology will loose authentication to pcloud webdav servers every day.

          2. Well, it is great to hear that you officially support WebDAV. But please don’t forget to inform your support agents about this, because when I complained about problems with WebDAV, they told me that this is not officially supported.

    3. Hi Fernando,
      Please note that we do not officially support NAS, so this might not work. Our WebDAV works fine and if there is a technical issue, we do suggest you contact our Tech Support directly at [email protected],

  26. +1 requesting 2FA support. This is currently the biggest gripe with the service. Also, what’s with the “screenshot” folder continually reappearing even when screenshots are disabled? Oh, and I’d also really like to see Safari support, cuz it’s a pain to switch over to Chrome.

    1. Hi Craig,

      Please test our platform again. We do offer 2FA and Google Authenticator now, the Screenshots’ issue has been resolved a long time ago and we do support all browsers, including Safari.

  27. I too tried it for a while and ended up buying the life time plan, did it because I don’t want to be bothered with payments so hopefully they’ll be here for as long time, which I honestly think they will
    Note of advice though, if you’re uploading loads of data, don’t sync many folders at once, do it slowly, I added all my folders to sync and the desktop app gradually slowed until it wasn’t syncing anymore.
    After resetting everything and starting over one folder at a time (I have lots of folder with 100gb plus of data) it synced perfectly and it’s working flawlessly and even got some days with almost 2mb upload speed.
    Happy customer here and I do recommend this service

  28. It would be an option if crypto folder was included in the price. No reason to pay extra when other cloud providers offer zero knowledge encryption for free.

  29. I do not recommend this provider. Not very mature service, I was stupid and bought the lifetime plan without testing the service for no more than 2 or 3 days. After 3 days of support requesting me to login, update, reset, clear cache, etc. I found that the Mac client doesn’t support folders with chars like á é í ó ú because pCloud will show the folders as empty, I can only use Web interface and hope the fix will come eventually

    1. Hi, yes – we do not support special symbols used with the MacOSX client of ours, unfortunately. Sorry that helping you to know the reason for your issue took some time as well.

  30. @César:
    Seems to be the same issue as with German Umlauts as ä,ö,ü – i was wondering why some folders were inaccessible on my MacBook while they were accassible via web interface and on Windows. At least this issue seems to be finally gone by now… Haven’t tried folders with á, é etc..so far. Interestingly, the support was not able to give me that information.

    Apart from that, pCloud is still my favorite cloud storage service. I like the features, the user interface, security and the fact that it really extends disk space of devices.

    1. It is even worse now, not only folders are empty, files can not be opened either. Yes, support is clueless about this, is a concern because this is suppose to be their business.

      1. Hi guys, sorry for the belated reply.

        The issue with macOS and special symbols is due to some incompatibilitis in the way macOS is encoding/decoding them.
        The problem is, if file/folder names are created in Windows or Web interface, macOS is unable to recognize them.

        We currently have not worked out a seamles way to solve the problem on our side, but we have not given up.

        As a workaround, which may work for some of your cases, you can create/rename files and folders through our application on macOS. In this way macOS will encode all characters in its “correct” way and all files and folders will be accessible on all operating systems. There will be no problems with special characters for those names.

  31. Testing out now, but extremely slow upload speeds from Dubai. Averaging 300kb/s. This is going to take a long time to switch over from my Dropbox 2Tb account!

  32. I’m very much loving pCloud right now.

    They’re very responsive and helpful when it comes to technical support. Responses usually takes half a day or a day at max. I love how I can customize my folders and subfolders on my pCloud drive as if it’s part of my computer. The download and upload speed varies from computer, time and ISP. Overall, I can’t complain.

    I’m planning to shift into their 2 TB lifetime package, but since I don’t see the need for a bigger storage space as of now, I’ll stick with my 20GB free account until they can roll out more impressive updates in the future that will make me switch. I only mainly back up my photos and videos and important files. The only gripe I have about pCloud is that you have to pay $120 for a lifetime zero-knowledge storage. This is the only bad thing in their otherwise perfect system.

    Which is the reason why I use both Sync and pCloud for my cloud storage needs.

    I keep my sensitive files on my Sync account and non-sensitive files on my pCloud account. If I could afford to waste disposable income to purchase their lifetime crypto package, I would, but for now, I don’t see it as a necessity as there are other viable options such as Sync. If anything, I would rather purchase their 2TB lifetime premium, although I hope they offer to increase the storage space someday to something more like 5TB or 10TB as nowadays, people download and create more files than they can store.

    I horde music and movies on the daily. It’d be nice to have a place where I can store and access these anywhere.

    pCloud is an excellent service and they definitely have plenty of room for improvement and revisions. I’m looking forward for what they have planned in the future. I highly recommend this service along with Sync.

  33. Another problem – this time pCloud with Android: “Automatic Upload” doesn’t work for images saved from the browser. Another example why other services are better, you pay extra for something that actually works and has support.

    1. Hi Cesar, note that the AU option works only with the Gallery and the files taken with the device itself uploaded there. Did you try our pCloud Save extension for browsers? We do have that option for the screenshots possible with the desktop app, not the mobile one at present.

  34. pCloud has problems when syncing from ANY folder (as of Nov 2017). It sometimes looses sync and does not update the cloud.

    Also pcloud does not provide LOG files, so you never know what it does. Sometimes your surprised that there’s activity at all and files get overwritten and you wonder what is going on?

    Also pcloud does not have management view. You don’t know how many devices are syncing and how many are up-to-date.

    Also the crypto feature is awkward to use with different issues. Although the security is probably good, the handling and user friendliness is abysmal.

    pcloud customer service is only capable of helping on the most basic level. Any advanced topic and any discussions of bugs in pcloud will be shortcircuited by sending you boiler plate answers.

    pcloud has one very nice feature. It allows sync from ANY folder and can even handle 100 of thousands of files with little memory consumption and good speed. But again, that sync does not always work reliably.

    1. Hi Daniel,
      Thank you for taking the time to test and review our service. Please note that log files will take up from the local device’s space and we have decided that in case there is a technical issue, our Tech support will provide a debug version from which such a log could be generated only. Note that we have been working tirelessly towards improving our apps and features, so we advise you to test them out now – we are sure that you would be left surprised pleasantly!

  35. I have had Pcloud for about 2 years now, their service is astoundingly solid, which is why I opted to sign up for their lifetime service, it has been well worth it.

  36. I actually have to disagree here, I have Pcloud running across several distros (mostly Debian based), and they are all completely reliable; albeit the key difference is that they are all 64-bit distros (don’t see the point in running a 32-bit distro these days).

  37. I have been using pCloud for quite a while now and I am pleased to share, that so far non of the oder cloud providers which I use (such as Googe Drive, OneDrive not iCloud), offers me the perfect combination between price and amount of storage. In addition to the above, the UL/DL speed is amazing … Highly recommending those guys!

  38. pCloud is actually expensive compared to other providers if you consider:

    1. pCloud is the lees reliable compared to Dropbox, Drive and onedrive. If you need a file with urgency, there is a good chance you won’t be able to access it.
    2. pCloud only give you storage, no extra features for what you pay, even the apps looks like they use the default templates from providers.
    3. There is no tech support at all, just emails with useless replies.
    4. Doesn’t work on Mac with special chars, on Android you can’t expect pCloud to always upload your files. I took photos on Christmas that were never uploaded until I manually opened pClould one week later to try to find out what was happening.
    5. iPad client says No Connection Available randomly.
    6. Reported Issues are ignored, I think that they only have one junior developer, and probably they have this person doing everything.

    pClid is actually very expensive because you can not always use it, it doesn’t work, blocker issues, no support.

    1. It’s worse. I lost GBs worth of data while I was on their paid subscription. Due to some bug, Pcloud application can delete your data while it is getting uploaded. And their customer support is so rude, they blame it on the customer saying that it is the responsibility of the customer to maintain additional copy of the files somewhere so that it can be retrieved if their application goofs up. Completely unreliable.

      1. Hi Tuhin,
        In case a file is uploaded in pCloud successfully, it is impossible to have that deleted without doing that by yourself intentionally. We are sorry that you’ve felt with a bad opinion for our service and support, know that we would be more than happy to have you as a customer again now – just test the platform again with a free account!

    2. Hi again Cesar, we advise you to test our platform now and advise us back. We were working really hard to improve ourselves and we are sure that you would be able to see that as well!

  39. I used pCloud for about a week and started to see issues having pCloud Drive mount on my Mac. Restarts didn’t solve it.

    To be fair, customer support helped solved it but it came back again. I can’t mount my pDrive again on Mac. It seemed like their stability and reliability for Macs is less than their Windows versions. I’m probably going to switch out of my monthly plan and stop with pCloud.

    I tried downloading my folders using the Web interface, but the archive doesn’t seem to be able to be “unzipped” – Windows or Mac. A bit disappointed with the applications to be honest.

    1. Hi there EC, please test the MacOSX client with its current most recent version 3.8.0 and in case any issue occurs – you can always contact our Tech Support on the matter!

  40. I’ve been using pcloud for about 6 months and find it to be a very good service overall (using Windows and iOS). I think it is definitely better than Dropbox given all the additional features.

    However, private encryption should be included as standard. Thats where they need to improve. All systems can be hacked so the best defence is private encryption. This must be standard practice in the Cloud- not an extra.

  41. I paid for a lifetime contract for 2 TB about 1 month ago. I am a Mac user. I need convenient cloud access to all my files, which is why I decided to pay for it. Now the program doesn’t start on my Mac any longer and my local folder shows empty. Some kind of bug, but I really hope the developers see this and fix it!

    1. If your folder shows as empty probably you are using special characters in folder names. The developer forgot to code support for special characters. They are aware of this bug but they don’t have any plans to fix it. I made the same mistake of buying a lifetime subscription for something that doesn’t work. I asked for a refund for that and many other issues but they responded saying that I can only do that 10 DAYS after buying their service.

      The best solution is to think that your money was stolen and switch to Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive, these review is a joke, they give high scores for such mediocre product.

    2. Hi Simon, as we have stated to Cesar – we have improved A LOT since last year, so our advice is to keep your apps to the most recent version and contact our Tech Support directly in case you have any issues.

      1. lol, you know that is not true, or you don’t know your own product or that was just a generic response. Mac client cannot show data if folders or files have characters like áéìòúñ, and you can’t trust pCloud for android, sometimes I want to see pictures I took a week ago and were never uploaded. There are also scary stories from users that their data was deleted without any response from pCloud, that’s why I try to manually download my data every month until completely phase out pCloud but of course that is something else where they want to create challenges for users.

  42. Cesar must really hate pCloud.

    I have been using pCloud since 2015 and the only problem I encountered was sometime in June 2016. But it was on the android platform where the PDF file wouldn’t open.

    I find pCloud to be very good. This review is not a joke as I have the exact opposite experience than Cesar.

    Also, I would like to add, something that has not been mentioned here, is that you can host files using the Public Folder feature. This is what sets pCloud apart from all the rest of cloud providers. pCloud is now like Amazon S3, but without the convoluted process of uploading files.

    You just drop the file in one of the Public Folder folders you created and then you go to the pCloud browser, then copy and paste the link.

    Public Folder can even host a static website. Yes. You can host a website using pCloud. All you need to do is learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

    Please note though that Public Folder is only available to paid subscription and that the monthly traffic is only limited to the size of your subscription. For example, your subscription is 500 GB, your monthly total request traffic limit is also 500 GB. Since you will mostly be hosting pictures for your friends or in some blogs or forums, 500 GB is more than enough.

    I also use file hosting feature for email attachments. In case I needed to remove the attachment, I can just delete the file. If you send a file as an attachment in emails, the email service will host the file. And once it reaches the recipient, and you mistakenly sent a confidential file, you won’t be able to remove the attachment.

    It will also prevent other people from sharing the attachment because you can delete the original file. Imagine you accidentally sent a nude picture of yourself. You are done as soon as you click send. But with file hosting, when they click on the link, all they see is an error.

  43. I just used their “Rewind” feature to restore my account. It dumped all 150GB of my data into the root folder with NO directory structure.

    1500+ folders dumped. And pCloud support will not help me restore the structure. Even a basic web hosting package includes backups, as does Dropbox.

    There’s a good reason pCloud is 1/2 the price of Dropbox: Service and features.

    Very, very disappointed.

    1. Hi Hugh,
      As a cloud storage provider, we can be used as a backup solution indeed, and the Rewind restores the files in a folder, created in the root folder actually. Test that out now

  44. Took pcloud for a test drive last year on my Windows 10 Pro laptop, Windows 10 Home Desktop, Mint 18 Desktop, and my iPhone. Upload/Download speeds are lightning fast, but I found out their servers are located in Dallas, Texas not Europe which explains some of that speed and forget about your data being protected by Swiss Privacy laws. The iOS app is awesome with it’s built in file viewer that is compatible with all common file formats, from MSOffice to Open Office to PDF. I’ve had many challenges with the sync feature though, files being lost or damaged. Because deleted files are purged after 15 days, if the app deletes a file spontaneously good luck finding it in your trash bin (they want you to pay extra for unlimited trash). Also annoying? Files not downloading to my computer for offline access, random app crashes. Plus that epileptic seizure causing desktop icons blink during uploads feature still hasn’t been fixed. Checking the box in settings as mentioned by a prior review no longer works. Email only tech support is slow, agents have poor English literacy skills and often cut and paste solutions which aren’t even remotely related to the issue. As far as files being deleted randomly by the pcloud app, this is a bug which pcloud refuses to acknowledge and the program doesn’t create a journal or log, so it can’t recover gracefully from a system crash or if your ISP is unreliable. I’ve had issues with Spideroak deleting files spontaneously as well from the sync folder and not sending them to the trash can. At minimum, these apps should have a sanity check asking the user if they really want to delete this and that. Especially if it’s a large number of files all at once. We can dream anyway. On a related note, my iPhone is now sending hundreds of international SMS text messages every month to a phone number in Dallas, Texas. Could this be the pcloud app trying to talk to the server? It’s only supposed to use the internet for that.

    1. Hi Rich,
      Please note that as a Swiss company, your data is actually protected by the Swiss and EU laws, along with USA’s ones, since the main data centre is located in Dallas. Note that we do own all of our servers there, and you can check our Privacy Policy for further information.
      As for the sync issues of yours – note that we have improved our apps and support, so we would appreciate you giving pCloud a try once again soon!
      Note that the sync is a mirroring option, that applies deletions, but we have a backup solution with the Rewind option. Did we mention that with annual EFH feature you get your files saved in the Trash for 365 days? 🙂

  45. I had a problem when installing Pcloud, it took them a week to resole, then, two weeks later, they cancelled my account unillateraly pretexting violation of a “chart” that is no where!!!
    Since, i try to contact their phone N° in Switzerland, no body…
    I lost my 250€ and i will never have confidence in such affair. Beware of this site…

    1. Hi Sulaiman,

      Please note that according to GDPR and our Terms of Use, we can do such a thing only if you were storing content against them. Make sure you have checked our Terms and Conditions on the matter. Also, we do offer phone support now!

  46. well… tested for a week and bought 500gb lifetime subscription. their 500 lifetime price rose from $125 to $175 but anyway I bought. I aint a power user and purchased to store my photos and stuffs and light sharing. So far no regret. Upload speed can be slow sometimes and android app is not that polished yet.

    Hopefully they wont go away anytime soon. cross my heart :/

  47. Greetings from the USA. I just today discovered pCloud as I was searching for cloud storage to hold all my files–audiovisual, text, work, business, private… As a research scientist working on several patentable processes and wanting to store in the cloud both my data & simulation models–which are my lifeblood–I have three major gripes with pCloud’s otherwise stellar product:

    1) Storage of data in the globally infamous no-privacy USA–deal breaker.

    2) Must pay extra for a single encrypted folder. I want a service that encrypts my ENTIRE drive & which leaves management of my private keys solely with me. Sorry, but I don’t trust anyone else.

    3) Lack of multifactor authentication. This is an industry standard & savvy consumers really demand it.

    If pCloud fixes these three (big) issues, I’ll buy a lifetime subscription & make pCloud my total cloud storage solution. Moreover, I’ll sing pCloud’s praises with glowing, free word-of-mouth and professional-social-media advertising.

    1. Hi there Tom,

      We have improved a lot since last year, so we advise you to test out our platform again now!

      1) We might have the main data centre in Dallas, indeed, but we own all of our servers there.

      2) We offer server-side encryption that comes for every account, and also client-side encryption with the Crypto feature.

      3) We offer 2FA and Google Authenticator now.

      We forgot to mention that after all the security layers that you can get with us, we do support storing 3rd party apps encrypted data as well!

  48. I echo the frustration expressed by mac users. Booting up the laptop sometimes sees the Fuse and pCloud icons work while other times it does not showing a question mark over the Fuse icon with no access to pCloud requiring yet another reboot. When it works its perfect but a 50% chance that a reboot will be required is frustrating. Works perfect on Windows.

    1. Hi Allan,

      We are sure that our MacOSX client is already improved and will get even more with your help!

      Test the most recent current version of it and let our Tech Support know your feedback. Our devs will be also happy to hear about your experience with the desktop app! 🙂

  49. Looking for an alternative to OneDrive & tried pCloud. While uploading files to pCloud it completely blocks my internet access, & not just on my desktop, but on every device in my house that is connected to my wifi. I tried 3 different times and got the same result every time. On my cell phone I turned off the wifi & was able to access the internet, but as soon as I turn wifi back on I have no internet connection as long as I am uploading to pCloud. As soon as the file finishes uploading the access returns. I emailed support about this and all I got was “We have not received any reports of such kind, nor during the internal testing, pCloud has shown such issues. Could you please restart your PC and try again?” yeah great……and yes I tried that and still got the same result. So my search continues….

    1. Hi Dave,

      Please note that such an issue might be received also in case you use more than one routers connected sometimes. The deal breaker are some settings that are required to avoid such happenings.

      Please test the apps now and get back to our Tech Support Team with further information on the case!

  50. If you use a Mac and want to SEARCH your files, I can not recommend. I have been on Dropbox for years, the only thing I don’t like is the fact you can’t SEE your files on your Mac without downloading them, thereby making the Dropbox cloud function redundant (I did not like the web Dropbox interface). Anyway, this meant I moved my thousand or so files to pCloud, only to find, unbelievably, that you cannot SEARCH your pCloud folder from Finder (Mac/OSX). I checked with Support, here is their response as at April 2018: “Currently, the Finder is not compatible with pCloud Drive. Our team are already working on this to find a work around.” For the way I work, this one feature failure negates any of the positives.

    1. Hi there, we do not have such integration with Finder yet, however, we do have a lot of searching options with the web interface. We believe that our developers will deal with that soon as we are a fast-growing company, which develops itself every day! 🙂

  51. Extremely disappointed customer.

    I’ve been telling friends and colleagues that pCloud was great and they should sign up. I paid for a membership (first time I’ve paid for cloud storage).

    Then – One day it stopped working. It turns out pCloud had an “update” and was bullying you into doing it by disabling the old version.

    After numerous attempts to install the update following the instructions on the website, I sent an email to support, who were able to get the new version installed by manually deleting a handful of files.

    This meant I had to re-synch thousands of files (HOURS of waiting), but at least pCloud was working… Sort of.
    Since then, the program has been buggy and I’ve resorted to using the browser version since the desktop has trouble connecting.

    pCloud was working just fine before pCloud forced this terrible update on their users. They should have the process and the program sorted out before creating a mandatory upgrade. I’m considering requesting a refund on my lifetime membership if this is what is to be expected from these clowns in the future. If you are considering signing up for pCloud, I strongly discourage you from doing so.

  52. Does anyone have any thoughts on this line from pcloud’s terms and conditions?

    “We also reserve the right to terminate any user’s right to access the Site or Services at any time, in our discretion.”

    There is no mention of attempts to give notice (or provide you with an opportunity to retrieve data). I may be reading too much into but this condition, as written, is far more severe than what I have seen on other sights such as Box, where there is an express indication that there will be an opportunity to retrieve data unless there is an intellectual property issue.

    1. Hi Julian,

      This line is for users that violate our Terms and Conditions with the items shared from their accounts, for instance. We send an e-mail shortly after the suspend happens.

      1. Thanks for the reply. Though you stated that that line is for users that violate the T’s and C’s, no such clarification is given in the actual terms. Most other mainstream storage providers have some language about offering at least attempting to offer the opportunity for users to recover their data. I see no justification for having such a blanket term which in effect means that pCloud may terminate services for any reason without cause and not provide the user a chance to retrieve data (that may not be the intent but that is in fact the language used).

  53. I am having trouble with Dropbox. They readily admit that having over 300,000 files causes performance to degrade. I have 1.4 million files, that I have to travel with. I know that sounds like a lot, but the programs I use slice my project up into many files. I also keep versions of my projects. will pCloud be any better for handling numerous small files?

    1. I have the same problem, so I just tried pCloud, I wanted to move my 700GB Dropbox account to pCloud but after 6 days it transferred only 1.8GB, at that speed it would take 6 years to transfer my data, I contacted support and they told me the following “Please bear in mind that your account is quite large and this can lead to a slower transfers” and that was it. So based on that I’m going to stay with Dropbox for now.

      1. Hi Rob, If you’ve used the Backups section online – this is not an always ongoing process and it’s much slower as these are two separate cloud providers after all. You can upload from the desktop app to our desktop app for much faster results! Test that out!

    2. Hi Sam,

      Yes, our desktop app and the sync can upload without any issues a larger amount of files. Even though the connection is interrupted, the upload process will renew from where it has stopped 🙂

  54. Important notice to users regarding the app of this provider and the EU-GDPR:

    In the current version the screenshot-feature will always take a screenshot and upload it, regardless what your settings in the app are.

    If this is used in corporate environments, I might become a serious issue if content gets ‘uploaded’ to a non-EU server that contains your entire desktop and in a corp. environment may contain very likely also personal information (be it yours or the customers).

    As a user you’re currently not able to control this behavior, disabling the upload feature yields no effects.
    Since the new General Data Protection Regulation each company is responsible to document and and verify processes that are used to handle personal-information. Not knowing about this feature might result in surprising moments in internal (or even worse, external) audits.

    I hope this gets addressed soon, because so far pCloud is one of the most sophisticated providers around.

    1. Hi Darryl,

      We advise you to test that out – you can enable and disable the Screenshots option anytime you want to from the desktop app. Also, check our GDPR and Privacy policy sections online for your convinience!

  55. Pcloud disappears and requires constant re-install on my mac laptop.
    Storage Folder disappears or comes up empty.
    This has happened so many times now that I am switching to Sync, which i installed at the same time. Sync is still there every time i open computer. It offers less storage for free but the thing you want when using cloud storage is for it to be there when you want it. I was forced to switch from google drive when Google dropped it in favor of lame online storage options.
    Wanted to like PCloud but this disappearing act is unacceptable particularly when i’m quickly looking to add to a document and can’t just open it and work on it.

    1. Hi Rich,

      Thank you for the information. Have you contacted our Tech Support on the matter? Due to Privacy Policy, we cannot ask you for an e-mail publically, but we would appreciate you trying our most recent client 3.8.0. and get back to us via e-mail with feedback on the MacOSX app.

  56. My Dropbox account has 700GB in there and it is taking a long time to sync all the files in the morning, so I was looking for an alternative and stumbled on pCloud. All the specs look great, so I thought I give it a shot, and I got a monthly Premium Plus subscription. To move my 700GB Dropbox account over to pCloud they have a option so they just import your files strait from Dropbox so you don’t have to download 700GB form Dropbox and then upload it again to pCloud (https://blog.pcloud.com/backup-dropbox/). So I setup the link between Dropbox and pCloud and it started slowly transferring to pCloud.
    The first day it transferred 1GB the second day it did 0.8GB and after that it stopped completely, I contacted support that something was wrong and they cam back telling me that the process was running and that because of the size of my account this can lead to a slower transfers. After 5 days it was still on 1.8GB and at this rate it would take 5.3 YEARS for the process to be completed. I contacted them again and I got basically the same useless answer.
    I had the feeling that something is wrong with the transfer but the support department it to over worked or to lazy to really look into the situation (as who is going to build a function that takes 5 years to complete) so I thought I stop it and start again see of the problem persist, but this is not possible from the customer end so I contacted support to cancel the transfer. But as their answer is we cant.

    So that concluded my test of pCloud, my conclusion of this service is that or they do not have enough bandwidth and it really takes 5+ years to transfer 700GB, OR their Support department is utterly useless OR both.
    But whatever it is I cannot recommend this service to anybody, I know it got quite a bit of good reviews but my guess is they never had to deal with their support department.

    1. Hi Rob,

      When you sync a folder for the first time, it may appear as if the upload speed is a bit slower than what your Internet connection is capable of. Here’s the reason: when you run a sync for the first time, the app starts by replicating the file structure. Once the file structure is replicated, the application will start uploading at full speed. That’s when your sync time will improve drastically. If you initially found that your files will be synced in, let’s say 3 days, you’ll find that after 30 minutes, the speed has signifficantly increased and your upload time has been reduced.

      Also, note that syncing unsupported file formats can lead to a never-ending sync issue, which might have been the case.

      1. I would suggest that if a syncing is stuck because of an unsupported file format, the CUSTOMER should be informed. The same goes for the fact that the first backup takes an awful lot of time (but the second is useless, since it won’t actually delete any file you have deleted in the meantime… as I recently experienced). No structure, poor backup.

  57. I was working on my Mac Air late last night and all of a sudden the cooling fan came on at full blast and my system slowed to a crawl. I was just web browsing which was very unusual. I found pCloud’s app was the culprit and maxed out my available CPU. I haven’t actually done anything with the app. No syncing, nothing. Is there any chance they are crypto-mining after hours? Very strange.

    1. No crypto-mining, of course! pCloud Drive tries to be as efficient as possible. However, it will occasionally use more memory (RAM) or CPU than expected. This can lead to a slow-down with some functions on your computer, or generally cause your computer to run slowly.

      You should contact the support if such an issue is experienced, so they can help you out on the matter.

  58. Hello,

    I have two questions concerning the usage of “pCloud” that I couldin’t find answer anyware, if you could kindly help.

    1/ Suppose I have 1 TB of data stored in my pCloud web drive, how can I use the pCloud mobile app installed on my phone without having to download everything from my web cloud and explosing my mobile storage disk space ?
    Becouse when I installed the app on my phone it started immidiately sync evenrything and donwloading all pictures and all videos and all files stored on the cloud !!

    2/ I have two computers one at work and the other at home and in the both computers I installed the desktop pCloud Drive.
    In my pCloud web drive I have two folders “home” and “work”.
    I want in my two computers to see and sync respectively only the folders that concern it.
    So at work I don’t want to see or sync the “home” folder and at home I don’t want to see or to sync the “work” folder !
    How can I acheave this ?

    Thank you in advance for your reply and clarification.

    1. Marko,

      1. I installed on Android, it should only be downloading the list or index of your content, in the case of pictures a small, low quality thumbnail, only when you open a file it downloads the full content.

      2. pCloud Drive has no option to hide folders. If you open pCloud Drive you will see all your content. However, another way is to have a local folder on every computer and add them as a sync folders, computer A can have for example “My Documents” folder synced to “Home” folder in pCloud and computer B can have its “My Documens” folder synced to “Work” in pCloud (it can be any folder) and as along as you don´t open pCloud Drive you won’t see or download the content of the other computer. You can work locally and the data will be uploaded to pCloud in the background.

    2. Hi Marko and thanks for posting this here!
      1/ You can use the mobile app without having to download the content unless it is not a file type supported for preview/play and you want to edit the files in the account.
      2/ You can put a dot in front of the name of the folder you’d like to hide and unmark the Show Hidden Files option online from the account settings for that purpose 🙂

  59. pCloud files and folders are NOT searchable from Finder (Mac).
    pCloud is not compatible with Good Notes or Scrivener creating multiple conflicts and sync errors.
    On average, I have to reinstall my pCloud drive on my Mac (iMac and MacBook) about once per week as it magically disappears.
    I wish someone had told me these things before I discontinued with DropBox and spent hours configuring all my apps to talk to pCloud. It’s been a massive fail for my purposes.

    1. Hi there,
      You can ALWAYS test pCloud and its apps with a free account. We did not state that we have any integration with the mentioned apps as well. As for the Finder, there are some workarounds, for which you can contact our tech support 🙂

  60. A kind of “workaround” to remove automatically uploaded screenshots from pCloud is to create a local ‘screenshots’ folder and sync it to the cloud ‘screenshots’ folder. Then, you can more easily delete any files that are automatically uploaded to the remote screenshots folder by deleting them from your synced local folder each time you take screenshots.

  61. By the way, pCloud has a webDAV server, so you can use a third-party app like Cryptomator (free for desktop and only a few US dollars once-off for iOS) and Cryptomator’s webdav setup option to decrypt any Cryptomator-encrypted folders that you’ve uploaded/synced to your pCloud. That way, you don’t need to use pCloud’s optional paid encryption service, and in theory, it’s more secure because nobody has the encryption key except yourself. Only downside is, you lose the pCloud sharing functionality for those encrypted folders.

    FYI, Cryptomator also has in-built webdav setup options for the four big cloud service: iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive, so you can achieve the same results with those providers. In my experience, pCloud has a much faster app and response time than either OneDrive or even MegaCloud. Basically, instantaneous on iOS.

    1. Hi Grant,
      You are well informed, thanks for the interest! 😉 We will share a secret with you – currently the devs are working on a Crypto share possibility!

  62. Absolutely TERRIBLE service.

    After 2 months of paid subscription (annual 500GB), I got an email from them saying that my files were going to be erased because I was using the free version and I had surpassed the limit (which was totally false).

    I asked them to solve the issue and their answer, without any apology or explanation, was that the settings had changed and now I had to create a new account and susbcribe again. So if I hadn’t read the email on time, I would have lost all my files.

    DON’T go with them. The sole purpose of these sites is to keep your information safe, but they don’t seem to have the infrastructure or capability to do so.

    1. Hi Diego,

      Probably this has been our system e-mail that notifies when a payment cannot go through the active subscription. In order to immediately reset that without waiting for the payment to be taken in a day or so again, you can prompt the process by cancelling the subscription and settings a new one 😉 Sorry if you have felt bad with our Support!

  63. Another warning about pCloud:

    Keep on eye on your “Automatic upload” folder, pCloud takes your space by duplicating a lot of files, I found pCloud created up to 20 copies of my pictures taking a lot of space. You have to manually check thousands of file and delete them.

  64. I have lost several files using pCloud.

    Apps like ZBrush or Fusion crashed while saving to pCloud enabled folders, and Affinity files got lost during saving, too (Windows desktop app).

    The macOS app stopped syncing every once in a while. Restarting the app always crashed Finder.

    The iOS app was wonky and sometimes pCloud folders vanished from the storage providers in the Files app.

    Support wasn’t helpful in any single case. Finally they told me that the case with lost files was something they couldn’t fix near term, indirectly admitting that there _is_ this problem.

    I signed up because of the Cloudwards review, which is way too biased. My negative experience across three platforms (Win, Mac, iOS) over the last five months with pCloud made me unsubscribe again. The service simply turned out to be a risk to my data.

    1. Hi Marin,

      I’m sorry to hear you’re having so much trouble with pCloud, but would like to make very clear that we don’t let bias cloud our judgemnt. We review all services equally and fairly and always keep our readers in mind when making recommendations.

      The entire editorial staff runs some kind of version of pCloud on their machines and none of us have ever had problems like you describe. Our CEO is an avid Mac user who runs the client 24/7 without any problems. I hope you can figure out a way to fix your issues (and the fact that pCloud customer service is unresponsive is something we’ll look into), but please understand that this review was written based on our fairly ripple-free experiences.

      Good luck and thank you.

      Kind regards,
      Fergus O’Sullivan, chief editor

    2. Hi Marin,

      We would like to greatly apologise for the inconvenience! Bear in mind that a file, successfully uploaded to pCloud cannot be lost, as pCloud is a backup solution with its Trash, EFH and Rewind options. We are sorry that you have lost files, while experiencing technical issues with the MacOSX client, as we can assure you is a rare case. Note that we grow and learn and you can always test our apps with a free account, too!

      pCloud Team

  65. Hello. I live in the deep south of New Zealand, about as far away as you can get, with a toe dangling in the roaring forties, so internet speed here is often an issue. A few months ago I started a migration from 20 years of Windows to the world of Linux. On the way I have made numerous boo-boos and silly mistakes, reinstalled a million times (feels like it anyway), and now I have my desktop and laptop humming along on Linux Mint sweet as a nut. In the process I needed to find a decent cloud provider to replace Dropbox when my subscription expires next month. It is far too expensive for my tastes and a terabyte is overkill for me. After trying everything I can get for Linux, including Insync, I settled on pCloud. It just works, and frankly I have yet to have a problem with it. Frankly I cannot fault it and will be purchasing a decent plan from them shortly. Frankly it’s the best cloud service I have found and I recommend them without reservation. Thank you pCloud.

  66. We have paid 1TB business account for a year.
    Up to now we only used 64Gb.
    Recently (last friday..) we got a mesage that we “used up all of our 4Gb (!!!) account and all uploading will be halted”.
    We immeadiatelly wrote to the support.

    Support did not get back for 3 days, and it prevented us to finish some urgent work.

    Errors are happening (on Windows platform for sure).
    But I guess one may expect the support is not silent for 3 days about a reported error on BUSINESS account.

    After 4 days of silence they have restored the 1TB limit without too much appologies.

    But now the local pCloud drive is very unstable.
    It looses connection and disappears from the Windows 10 (64 pro). (We have plenty of free space on our local SSD system disk, and internet connection is fine)
    Several reinstalling did not help.
    Once again: this is supposed to be a business service…

    1. Hi Greg,

      We are sorry that you were not satisfied with our support! We are growing and definitely improving ourselves! The reply to the Business users is usually in less than a cople of hours, we would appreciate having your e-mail, so we can check on the matter.

      pCloud Team

  67. pCloud lets a user recover its password, this is the weakest link for their zero-knowledge cloud storage. If you can recover your email just with a link, it means they have the power to have access to your account whenever they want.
    I am on the side of if you lose your password, you should lose your data. If you do not trust yourself for keeping that password for longer periods of time, you can use another service for that, but linking password recovery with data storage is as weak as not having any encryption on it.

    1. That’s odd. You sure you got the Crypto package?

    2. Hi Stenio,

      You cannot recover the password for the Crypto, of course – this has never been even possible. You can do that for the account’s server-side encrypted space. The zero-knowledge Crypto gives the Reset option which erases all the files in the Crypto when you follow the procedure to set a new password for it.

  68. pCloud is the best cloud storage service I have found.

    My requirements:
    Most of my computing is done in my office on a Windows computer. I have been using Google Drive for some time, since I use a Chromebook when I’m travelling. However, I have never liked the web-based interface, which I find sluggish compared with File Explorer, and one cannot use full-featured Windows software, such as LibreOffice, and my genealogy software to directly edit files stored on Google Drive. So I wanted Cloud Storage that could sync to local files that can be edited directly with Windows software.

    Experience with other cloud storage:
    My ASUS computer came with ASUS Web Storage and with Microsoft OneDrive. Looking at the pricing, I thought I’d give the ASUS cloud a try. However, I found the ASUS local client software to be slow and unstable on my system, crashing without warning when trying to copy too many files, and placing files in the wrong folders of the remote cloud server.
    I had been using Box web storage in concert with Thunderbird for large file attachments, so I had experience with it’s solid reliability. It has an available local sync client, so I tried it also. The Box sync client was stable on my system. worked much better than the ASUS product: far, far faster uploads, and the file structure was properly maintained. However, Box, like all of the cloud services I had tried did not allow me to selectively sync any Windows folder, thus when I learned of pCloud, which has this feature, I decided to give it a try right away.

    Experience with pCloud
    The pCloud sync server client has worked well in the trial version. As advertised, it has a sync drive integrated into File Explorer, and I can easily configure it to selectively sync any local drive in File Explorer to use normally. The client software installed easily, and was stable in my system with no crashed. The sync’d uploads have been fast, and the software correctly maintains the file structure of File Explorer.

    After a little more testing, I intend to pay for the pCloud Premium version. I will be recommending it to my friends.

  69. I found this great site when shopping around for a Dropbox alternative with superior Linux support, specifically for the “Dropbox Smart Sync” or “Google Drive Filestream” like functionality. I have just started to try out pCloud and it is pretty sweet so far.

    For the Cloudwards editorial team, I just wanted to add that it may be time for y’all to update this review as pCloud does offer two-factor authentication by SMS or Authenticator app now.

    I sync from several platforms so I’ll be trying pCloud out for a few weeks at least before I nail the coffin shut on my Dropbox account, but it is looking hopeful for now.

    1. Hi Justin, thanks for your kind words. Also, we appreciate you letting us know that pCloud has 2FA now, the review is slated for update soon ™.

  70. BEWARE!
    I have been using pCloud for a year or so, both for my own development and my client using the Linux version on Fedora platforms.
    It usually works well BUT every time they have a client version update, synchronization and versioning stops functioning well. If that’s not enough, I already has 3 times a complete directory wiped off by their server upon client version update.
    I complained about it to their user support, who were very responsive, but actually gave me a non-helpful BS reply.

    I’m aware that this is probably the best current solution for us Linux users, but you should beware and carefully back up your data whenever you receive a notification about a new version coming up.

    1. Hi Ben,

      An update of the desktop app cannot happen unless you update it manually. Also, you lose the sync connections in the Sync tab upon each re-installation, however, this action does NOT erase any folders from your pCloud’s space. Our support team and apps are improving, you can test that by yourself today! Once uploaded in pCloud, you can ALWAYS restore the files quite easily, even in case deletion occured.

  71. Regarding pCloud: NO! I have some “personal” pictures and movies of an explicit nature that sync’d up to the cloud and I got booted off their service almost immediately with a boilerplate letter that they had “received a complaint” about some of my content. I hadn’t shared anything and wasn’t planning to do so. Someone or something looked at my stuff.

    Yes, I should have purchased the crypto add-on.

    No, your privacy isn’t protected with pCloud.

    1. I hope your “personal” pictures and movies of an explicit nature are not just deleted, but if I would be at the position I would report you personally for your nasty illegal files!

    2. Hi RM,

      The Crypto gives you zero-knowledge encryption only and you have violated our Terms and Conditions, with which you agree upon registering with us. We are quite surprised by your reaction since you were informed beforehand.

  72. @RM . wow!!!!! this some serious privacy issue if they sneek around my files………I bought their premium plan after reading the reviews HERE….. Any comments from @cloudwars or @pcloud regarding this?

    1. Chief editor of CommQueR.com here, thanks for commenting. Not sure what you expect us to say, we’re just reviewing pCloud. Fact is, any provider you store your stuff with is able to look through your files unless you employ zero-knowledge encryption, either your own or that offered by the service. In the case of pCloud, there’s the Crypto add-on, details on which you’ll find in the pricing and security sections above. Alternatively, you could use something like Boxcryptor (which you should be with everything you store in the cloud, anyway). We have a piece on Boxcryptor, here: https://www.commquer.com/boxcryptor/. Good luck!

    2. Hi, we use automatic scan with hash file organization of the server-side encrypted space for blobs that violates our Terms and Conditions. We do not have access to your files, of course. If you want to store such data in pCloud, you can always go with the Crypto feature 😉

  73. Due to their support being absolutely awful. Whilst they offer English support, I don’t believe any support I have talked to speak English as their primary language. They struggle with knowing the technical side of their operations and do not understand how to forward questions to someone who does know.

    I asked the company, whether they allowed some files that were ON pcloud, to be unsynced from the desktop application. Pretty simple question. The first two emails, they said “yes you can”. Then after about 10-20 back and forth emails over a week period, they finally informed me, that no. The service couldn’t do that. That was not the issue.

    The issue was that they failed to read the question. Over and over repeating that you could unsync individual folders from desktop. Which was not what I asked, I repeatedly, and very forcefully by the end specified files ON pcloud not on desktop.

    It was an extremely excruciating experience for me.

    I feel very unsafe with my data being on pcloud… if anything were to go wrong, the support seemingly would not understand basic english reading to discuss the problem with clients :/. Scary thought.

    Why i asked the question to begin with, was because I had a 50GB “cache” on my desktop PC. That is a heavy leftover (wasnt able to be removed by clearing the cache), this is the print of the files on the website being hosted on my PC. So I wanted to unlink some of my backup folders hosted on the cloud, as I didn’t need access to ALL those backup files daily.

    The fact that it took them over a week and 10-20 emails to answer that… is extremely scary…

    I have 2TB, i spent a lot of USD on this product. Yet, I’m switching because I can’t tolerate that kind of inappropriate support for files extremely important to me.

    If a company puts so little effort into support staff, and does not train them to escalate issues if they dont understand the client. Then I have lost faith that they will respect my privacy and hold my data carefully.

    1. Hi Siren,

      We are sorry that you were not satisfied with our tech support team. We can assure you that we have improved and you can test that by yourself!

      The cache is always generated when using copy and paste or drag and drop for a larger amount of files – we do also have an article in our blog on the matter: https://blog.pcloud.com/how-does-pcloud-drives-cache-work/

      As for the “unsync” – there is a misunderstanding that has happened, as you can stop the sync by pressing the Cancel option, but we understood on a later stage that you had something else on your mind when asking us how to unsync.

      pCloud Team

      1. I think you misread the post entirely. Your service CANNOT do what you just claimed in your reply. Which it took a ton of emails to finally get to. Getting told yes, yes, then finally no. Because you cannot. Your website has no function to stop things being sent to desktop. Nor to block desktop from receiving. You can only block things from syncing from desktop to the cloud. Not the reverse as I said. Which is top tier rediculous. Why would i want my PC smuttered with stuff I don’t need to see. Its a STORAGE online, not a “sync all the unneccessary things to your desktop” as storage.

  74. @Siren Watcher
    Same problem regarding the cache.
    On Mac
    I realized that the cache was 400 Gigas.
    It corresponded to the files and folders loading.
    On mac can not empty the cache directly.
    you have to go to an invisible folder ~ .cloud and empty the folders.
    However, it stops the transfer.

    1. Yes, just because it stops the transfer you cannot clear the cache with the button, but manually. The uploading process for a lot of files at once via drag and drop or copy paste has caused that. Note that pCloud Drive and the sync are used to avoid such happenings 😉

  75. I was really appalled and offended by how rude customer service staff at pCloud could be. I sent emails requesting for a refund for my subscription explaining that the speed problem by my ISP has not been fixed, although I thought it had been, and so my initial thought in good faith was that I wanted to try pCloud again to see if the problem has been fixed and so I would get to finally use the cloud storage that works. Instead of feeling appreciative of this, the staff accused me of abusing their pCloud system and also threatened to block me if this happens again.

    My overall experience with pCLoud is really bad because of the bad attitude of their staff, although they did give a refund in the end (which they should since their website clearly states that I would get a 10-day money back guarantee upon subscribing).

    pCloud should definitely advise their staff to tone down when they respond to customers who have problems.

    1. Definitely, the support representative shouldn’t use such words (blocking account etc), but to explain you more polite what exactly is the problem.
      The problem is you had already full refund, then you pay again and again you asked for a refund. Obviously, you can check speed and whatever issues you had previously before paying us? And only if you are satisfied – proceed with the payment.
      That’s the reason we keep the free account as a trial option, so everyone can check for himself.
      About the second refund – we got a penalty from the billing company and if you pay again and after few days ask for a refund, you will put in risk our clear billing profile with the billing company.
      So we won’t have any choice but to block you.
      I hope you understand this situation as well.
      Apologies for bad feeling you faced.

    2. Hi CS,

      Sorry for the experience with our support team member, as you had had a refund for the same issue and you got back to us with the same reason after that, so it has been strange for you why you did not test that with a free account beforehand. Furthermore, the speed will be the same if you have the same ISP and we did not change the location of our main data centre as well. Sorry, if you’ve felt bad about the support representative’s attitude towards the situation that has happened!

      pCloud Team

  76. It’s been a few weeks since I uploaded a portion of my library to test them out. This morning I’ve discovered that some random files went missing from subfolders, and all but one file from sub-subfolders (2 levels deep from root) are completely gone!
    Unless you’re looking to keep only a random sample of what you upload, look elsewhere.

    1. Hi there,

      Well, we do not support libraries for sync, that has caused the issue most probably. Did you manage to contact the tech support on the matter, so they can explain and provide a workaround? 😉

  77. I have been using pcloud for almost 2 years now. Its very unreliable and slow. I keep loosing files. Moving them between folders is almost certain you will loose something. Working with teams is almost impossible. If you want to use it for simple cloud for sharing its ok. If you consider using it for something more serious it will cost you lots of nerves and work lost.

    1. Hi Paul,

      If you take something that is not recommended as an action or use unsupported 3rd party programs or do not know how the sync works, yes – you might experience issues. That is why we give the opportunity to test the service wityh a free account and have a blog, FAQ and 24/7 support via e-mails. The speed issues depends on a lot of things as well. Did you contact the support team for your issues?

  78. I’ve been using PCloud for about a year now.
    At the time I picked up a promo of 250 euros for a lifetime of 2TB. They looked solid, the trial I did went ok so I jumped in.
    I don’t store anything particularly important there, just mobile photos and videos synch and an assortment of other files (including a lot of home videos and movies).
    One thing I notice (and I only use it in the browser) is that it is a bit slow to “update”. If I create a folder or move something, I have to wait a few seconds, then refresh. But no big deal.
    Another that really bugs me, is that the family plan is way too expensive. Let’s see. 2 TB is now at 350 euros and family plan is at 500 euros. 150 euros for a few more logins? I really believe that should be included (up to 3 or 4) in the plan already.
    Another issue I have and I have talked to their staff about it, is using xbox. There is no app for that and it’s really hard to use a controller to navigate it. Plus, if I play movies, I’m never able to play them all they way as I keep getting “plugin” errors. I tried several browsers on xbox and all have the same problem. They said they would look into an xbox app, but never heard back.
    Apart from these issues, I really don’t use it much. For me it’s more like a vault that I only go to very seldom. But since I did buy lifetime, I guess I am stuck for now.
    I will talk to them about adding family to my lifetime plan.

    1. Joao, family plan for a lifetime(!) is a great option!
      I was Dropbox user and have requested many times (together with thousands of other user, see their forum) for a family plan…well Dropbox told me to get … business account! I don’t know you, but for me family is not a business, so I moved on to pCloud.
      But lot of people do their calculations and the price tag becomes more important, so let’s do the math.
      One year only(!) for Dropbox account with 5 users costs nifty 900 EUR!!! Of course here you get double the pCloud’s storage, but I’ve got mine family plan for $350 for a lifetime. You do the math.

    2. Hi Joao,

      Hurry up – we have a Falimy plan for 350 EUR until the 16th of May now as a current promo campaign 😉 We do have a lot of campaigns, so everyone can find what they are looking for with us!

      Furthermore, we are growing quite fast and improving, so we are sure that you’d be quite blessed for choosing us, especially on a Lifetime basis! 🙂

  79. After test driving the free account for quite a while I grabbed their lifetime 2TB plan when they were running a sale during the holidays in late 2018. The pCloud software for both PC and Android is great. The code supporting their service is clearly well-written. I have not had a single issue with reading/writing of files. I store all the documents for my side-business on their and share the contents with the other owner. Collaboration is easy that way. The software creates a virtual drive which acts like a regular drive so editing a file is as simple as opening it and working with it locally.

    I don’t really have many complaints. My biggest is the mobile app asks for your password too frequently and the music player on Android (not sure about the web version) has some bugs. Clicking a song plays the song as expected, but it seems to be in a player list of other songs that are in the same search/directory/album or something like that. Also, when clicking “Player” in the bottom menu, it always brings up the player but pauses the song that is currently playing. Additionally, it lacks the ability to just play any/all your songs in a randomized, new playlist. Or the ability when searching to just add a song from the results to the current queue.

    Bottom line – I bought the one-time payment for a lifetime subscription for a reason. I really like what they’ve done. It’s pretty seamless and all the core features are flawless which is critical for a service like this. I’ve never noticed speed issues when uploading/downloading either. I don’t care about the lack of encryption without an additional payment because it’s easy enough to encrypt your stuff yourself using something like Boxcryptor for free if you want.

    1. Hi there, thank you for the feedback shared! Currently, the devs are working on the improvement of the player,s o stay tuned 😉

  80. Like others, I also lost files with pcloud. Talking with support, they said pcloud does not support syncing folders that are encrypted with encfs. Waste of money.

    1. Hi there, we do not support syncing encrypted files, at least not every type of such files, but this can be also tested with a free account 😉

  81. Totally unreliable. I’ve been using pCloud for more than one year and has just decided to cancel my subscription. Even though I haven’t realised of any missing file (of course don’t have the time to check in depth), I’m tired of seeing duplicate files with the “[conflicted]” text in their names being 90% of them very old files and have never been modified since pCloud is running. So what conflict is pCloud talking about??? I’m only one guy with 3 computers!

    Also I’m tired of experiencing that big files are deleted if I’m modifying them while they are being updated. In other words, I open a big Photoshop file, save changes, pCloud starts uploading, save changes again and pCloud deletes it if didn’t finish uploading before!!! So I always need to check if pCloud isn’t uploading that file it before pressing save button again. So disappointing!

    Also whenever I start syncing a new folder in one computer, the other PCs already syncing that folder start downloading tons of “changes” that don’t know what really are because the only action performed was a full download of a folder from pCloud to a new PC.

    Lastly, customer service is useless. Replies take too long and, of course, generally lack of content. Every 2 or 3 days I backup all my files in an external disk because I don’t trust pCloud.

    No matter how fast I install new versions, the problems are always the same and the customer service always unrresponsive.

    The only reason I waited so long to change my cloud storage supplier is because I read about data loss and conflicts problems on almost every review of the other could service candidates I had in mind.

    So sadly I’ll cancel my subscription and wait for some time until I choose another cloud service really thoughtfully.

    By the way, I only use pCloud on 3 computers..and by only one person!. I can’t really imagine the problems I’d have if we were a several people with several devices!

    Has anybody found a cloud storage service free from data corruption/loss and good privacy at the same time? I’m really not thinking about the cost anymore.
    Many thanks in advance for your time!

    1. Hi there Leo and thank you for sharing your experience with us in details!
      We would like to apologise for the inconvinience caused and provide more information on your points here as well.

      1. I’m tired of seeing duplicate files with the “[conflicted]” text in their names being 90% of them very old files and have never been modified since pCloud is running. – Please note that conflicted files appear sometimes and this is not a rare case for our platform, but something that happens witrh every OS and cloud storage, too. If you make a reserch you will see why the conflicted files occur. With pCloud and the Rewind option that we have you can quite easily restore versions of your files 😉

      2. I’m tired of experiencing that big files are deleted if I’m modifying them while they are being updated. In other words, I open a big Photoshop file, save changes, pCloud starts uploading, save changes again and pCloud deletes it if didn’t finish uploading before! So I always need to check if pCloud isn’t uploading that file it before pressing save button again. – We do not support syncing and editing Photodhop files in pCloud, you can edit them locally and then upload them, as this program is heavy and changes are not saved properly if you sync or edit in pCloud directly, unfortunately.

      3. Whenever I start syncing a new folder in one computer, the other PCs already syncing that folder start downloading tons of “changes” that don’t know what really are because the only action performed was a full download of a folder from pCloud to a new PC. – Sync is a download and upload, mirroring process. So that is the expected behavior, proving the sync works.

      4. Lastly, customer service is useless. Replies take too long and, of course, generally lack of content. Every 2 or 3 days I backup all my files in an external disk because I don’t trust pCloud. – We tried to explain in details a couple of times all of that to you, but unfortunately you are not satisfied with all of our efforts yet. Just bear in mind that syncing to external drives is not supported.

      Hopefully you are enlightened by our comment and would be able to understand the issues better.
      pCloud Team

  82. Well i have the same problem as many others we have lost files and pcloud sync does not work correctly. it allways stops to syncronised

    1. Hmm, the sync might stop only if you do something unsupported or do not have an internet connection – did you check on the matter with our technical support team, Martin?

  83. crappy Windows client, I lost a few important files, even though it was showing “everything synced.” Support is just corporate bots, polite and useless. After the pCloud service, I don’t think Google Drive is so expensive…

    1. I am using the Windows client for 6 months now and had a big scare that I lost important files during sync, as well. But after quick and polite email conversation with Support, I found out that I was the one who deleted my files and the app simply synced my changes with my Dell.
      Support helped me to restore my files(I started to breathe again) and explained me how the sync works. I haven’t got any problems since then.
      I am saying good value for my money.

    2. Hi Dendenis,

      We are sorry that the support has not been quite helpful, but if you are not able to restore the files from the account by yourself, we cannot help you as we simply DO NOT have any access to your files. Note that once uploaded to pCloud successfully the files can be quite easily restored with Rewind by you.
      The support provided quite polite explanations and the replies even to the free users are ina less than 24 hours-frame, which is rarely seen these days unless you are not an Extra-Premium user probably 😉

  84. No, that’s not true. pCloud only deletes free accounts if they have not been verified. Once you’ve paid for lifetime storage, it’s all yours.

  85. I am a Lifetime 2TB pCloud Family + Lifetime Crypto member. I am also an Arch Linux user.

    That being said, the following 2 issues should be noted:

    1. WebDAV does not work if Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is enabled. So, if you plan on using pCloud as the backend sync service for certain apps and services — be prepared to do it with significantly less security protecting your account. I contacted pCloud Support regarding this issue and their suggestion was to disable 2FA if I wanted to use WebDAV.

    2. Linux/UNIX file permissions are not preserved. When syncing files across machines using pCloud, file permissions will be set to rw-r–r– regardless of the files’ original permissions. This means that executable files, etc will need to be manually chmod-ed back to their correct permissions on other machines syncing to the same pCloud account. You _WILL_ lose the executable bit on executables & libraries. By comparison, Dropbox _DOES_ preserve UNIX/Linux file permissions. I contacted pCloud Support regarding this issue and it remains unclear if this will ever be rectified (I pretty much just got a generic response).

    Somehow, every single pCloud review I have read has conveniently omitted the two above issues (which in my mind are pretty darn significant). pCloud is a great service, but it is certainly still in active development. Users should go in with eyes open. It certainly has its use cases, but it is not a drop-in replacement for Dropbox. There are just certain things that aren’t supported yet.

    1. Hi James and thank you for taking the time to express your feelings for our Linux client. We do not support changing the permissions, indeed, upon installation of the client, you make the files in pDrive executable. And yes, we do not support WebDAV and the 2FA to be used together yet. These missing things were already reported to our developers, but we have quite a lot of priority features and improvements in our road map to give you any ETA on when that is going to be possible. Thank you again for your feedback!

  86. Avoid pcloud. They have 100% knowledge of your files and they exercise this knowledge. You do not have privacy with pcloud.

    1. This is true, but only if you don’t purchase the Crypto add-on. That said, it’s not like pCloud staff troll each and every account looking through your files. I made a test account full of stuff that goes against their policy and they haven’t flagged me yet 🙂

    2. Hi Thomas,

      Nope, we do not have 100% knowledge of your files. We use system scan with hash file organization of the server-side encrypted space only and this is for blobs that are in violation to our Terms and Conditions. Noone can see or access your files. Furthermore, we offer Crypto with zero-knowledge 😉

  87. Hi Jadro,

    Probably you have got your files corruted due to the multiple edits while some of them were not properly saved yet. You can restore with Rewind and we advise you to contact the tech support on the matter for help 😉

  88. Hi Anje,

    You did not have a Lifetime plan but a free account, which gets deleted if you do not use it for more than 6 months. The same is quite clearly stated with the agreed by you Terms and Conditions on ours 😉

  89. Hi,

    I don’t trust pcloud crypto because it’s not open source. They claim it’ very secure and it’s been tested for 6 months by hackers all over the world but this is no proof that there encryption is bulletproof. The only way to constantly check for flaws is open source code!!! See what happened to WhatsApp lately, there code is also closed source and there been hacked…

    1. Hi Nethan, we own our servers and no one has been ever close to hacking us, even though we had the Crypto challenge available. We are a fast-growing company and we strive to become the best. It is up to you which cloud provider you will choose, we are a professional company and are not able to get our product as an open-source, of course.

      pCloud Team

  90. @Pcloud, you have mentioned about the discount on the lifetime family plans. But I dont see any discount in your website. Is there any promo link which I can make use of? Please let me know. BTW I like your service.

    1. Hi Ben,

      We have the rates available on our Pricing tab online. If there is a current promo campaign, you will be able to get an e-mail and push-up notifications from all apps, so you would be well informed on all of our future promo rates!

      pCloud Team

  91. I was almost about to go for lifetime 2TB plan + crypto life time + extended file history annual plan after the quick test.

    My plan was to sync all my devices with QNAP NAS and syncing QNAP NAS to pCloud.
    1) But there is no way to properly sync all my data on QNAP NAS to pCloud. Does anyone know if any NAS provider has integration with pCloud for syncing all data from NAS to pCloud? (I’m even happy to swap QNAP NAS with any other NAS if this is possible.)

    2) I though I can use Sync Folder feature of pCloud, which allows me to select entire mapped NAS drive (shared folder on NAS) but there is no way to choose Crypto Folder on pCloud side for the sync. And I don’t want to keep any file outside Crypto Folder.

    Can anyone help me fix these two issues? Else I think one option for me is to go to DropBox.

    1. Hi,
      Unfortunately, for the time being, we do not support NAS and external drives.
      This is something that our developers are already working on and we expect results soon.

  92. I am an experienced user with PCloud and not happy with PCloud at all. In less than a year, it has failed twice causing me to lose all my data including in crypto. The move function did not work, not the download over 200MB. What is the point of being to upload a large data file if you cannot process it in anyway thereafter?
    It might be useful for storing files that you already have backed up.

  93. Hi TelB, did you manage to test the server-side encrypted space, as we think it is the most suitable for your needs one? There is no backup option like Rewind for the Crypto folder and you cannot move around from the Crypto to the server-side encrypted space and the other way around due to the different types of encryption. The download and upload with the Crypto might take more time due to the encryption that happens at the same time, of course. The Crypto is suitable for the most secure data of yours and cold storage.

    pCloud Team

  94. Having just read many of the negative support reviews here, I just wanted to say that I have had two occasions to contact support. I have received replies in just a few hours, even at weekends.

    I use Mac computers – the integration with OSX’s Finder is first class. To be able to have a view of my cloud (non sync’d) storage without having to go to a web browser is a facility that other services just do not have.

    Overall, first class support, solid performance and great functionality. What’s not to like?

  95. I did a 2 day trial of their pCrytpo service. Years ago I used Nomadesk which encrypted a volume on your local machine(s) and would backup/sync with their cloud (and between machines). Worked pretty well, I was hoping pCrypto would be a similar service.

    pCrypto does not leave files on your machine and encrypt them. It moves ALL designated files to their cloud and leaves a cache through their software on your machine. If you’re offline you have NO access to your files. If you want to stop using the service YOUR files are not on YOUR machine. Unacceptable to me.

    Also, pCould advised you cannot backup files you place in the Cypoto Vault anywhere on your local machine (which makes sense since they’re not really on your machine anymore – but I was, in fact, able to do so. Since the software isn’t supposed to support this, I was a bit concerned about some of the security/features of the service.

    Finally, I understand they’re a business and need to make money, but the pCytpo service is separate from their storage, so you will need to pay an additional amount for anything more than 5-10 GBs of encrypted storage.

    I unistalled the software and won’t be using them.

    1. Since we are a web cloud storage, it is quite expected to get the files encrypted AFTER they are uploaded to pCloud. The Crypto sync has never been possible with the zero-encrypted space, due to its encryption and therefore, the files cannot be accessed offline as well.
      The Crypto cannot be used to encrypt your files on your local machine directly or to allow you to sync the files with the local device and we have never claimed otherwise. You can even test how the Crypto work with the free 14-days trial, so it comes as a surprise to us that we get such a review on our product, which is one of the most secure options that a cloud storage can ever offer!

  96. Windows app is buggy; upload is sometimes locked; you get errors when trying to use sync/share features, sometimes with stuff that look likes timeout in what should be a simple desktop app. Also noticed a bunch of crash.
    Privacy not well protected, even with Crypto, encryption happens server-side which is not a proper way to protect your data.

    1. Hi MM, we are surprised about where you get that information and why you did not even discuss the matter with our support but instead post in social media such false comments on our service. pCloud Crypto is with client-side encryption and provides zero-knowledge for your files! Same comment has been left on TrustPilot and not discussing with you has been established, so it would be good to identify yourself at least.

  97. pCloud claims to comply with GDPR, but the company has no legal obligation to implement GDPR since Switzerland doesn’t belong to the EU. The wording is suggestive, the facts are that GDPR is a way to attract clients.

  98. I am a Linux user. The loss of file permissions is a big drawback for me, and I would think for anyone using a Unix based system. It makes it pretty unusable besides for documents.
    Since Dropbox is dropping the ball with Linux, I got a lifetime membership with pCloud, but that aspect of the file system is making regretting it somewhat. Is there ANY chance this will be fixed ?

    1. pCloud does not preserve the file permissions, indeed. You make the files executable upon installation of the Linux client on your machine. You cannot change the permission after that. For any suggestions, please contact the support directly.

  99. pCloud is not fit for Business use. If you are considering relying on it as a business service, do not!
    On top of the many issues stated above, there is nothing to stop more than 1 person opening and editing a file simultaneously thereby overwriting each others work – quite a basis feature for a business team offering.
    Every business account has to have a Superuser for administration, if the Superuser account becomes corrupt they cannot provide any solution, you just cannot administrate your account.
    The support takes ages and they do not read your query properly or respond in any detail.
    File corruption and numerous template files appearing frequent occurrence.

    1. Hi, the corruption of the files is not something specific for our platform (check the WWW on the matter) and we also have Rewind option for yoy to avoid the issue. As for the main account – the e-mail would be able to be changed very very soon!
      Changing of the owner is not quite secure process, bear that in mind.

  100. Only two issues I had with it.

    1. The cache issue when copy and paste using their desktop software. It takes up all my main drive space that I have to u install the software and reverted to uploading via the browser.

    2. Unable to move files betwwen the FILE and CRYPTO section. To do so, I have to download the files first, before uploading to CRYPTO. There is no flexibility.

    1. Hi Jim, the cache is not an issue, if you know how it works, you would know that helps prevent deletion when you transfer files.
      As for the Crypto and non-Crypto sharing, this is also not possible due to the different type of encryptions, how safe would the Crypto be otherwise?

    1. Hi Eric, pCloud cannot delete your files unless you intentionally go and delete them. Please explain to us how your files got deleted?

      1. You explain this yourself, in a reply to another comment: your service deletes all files after a period of inactivity. Apparently, even if the user is paying the monthly subscription. BAD.

  101. Great service, but with a few downsides/bugs. Hopefully will improve!

    1. If you upload a large amount of data, e.g. from an external HDD to pcloud, and you have not much space on your machine, then pcloud eats all free space (up to the amount configured in the settings) and then gets basically stuck! This is quite annoying, so when using a small-space machine, you have to upload in small chunks…

    2. On linux, the drive is mounted using FUSE filesystem with hardcoded flags. In particular, (a) you can’t execute files from this drive, (b) the root user can not access files from this drive! This may be good security-driven default settings, but there must be an ability to change these flags (even if from a text-based config).

    3. I am not sure if the lifetime plans have a good effect on the company’s economy in future…

  102. PCloud deleted my account permanently, and I lost all my backed up files. They claimed that this was due to inactivity following a few months that I didn’t update. Their customer service was terrible, and they even threatened legal action when I posted a negative review. I will never use them again

    1. Hi Eric, there is nothing unfair here.
      Please check our Terms and Conditions accepted.
      In case you do not verify the e-mail associated with the account or the account has been inactive for more than 6 months, it is deleted in our system automatically.

      Unfortunately, due to General Data Protection Regulation we do not keep any data and history of deleted accounts.
      We are obliged to delete all traces of inactive accounts.
      pCloud Team

  103. I signed up for a lifetime account, and proceeded to upload my 10GB or so folder. pCloud terminated my account after 30 minutes.

    They said I violated their terms of service. It seems like one (or several) of my files offended them.

    I asked which file was in violation, and in what way. pCloud said, they won’t tell me that, because that would disclose what they are watching out for, and that may cause security issues. They just told me to look at the terms of service.

    With 20,000+ files, it’s really impossible to figure out which was wrong in what way. I don’t have any hard core porn or malware or anything.

    Also, this shows that pCloud is actually looking inside the user’s files. Probably through some algorithm, but still, the reason for using these services is to avoid prying eyes of GAFA. If pCloud looks into my files, what’s the point?

  104. Hi Hiroo,

    We did not tell you what content you were banned for not as we do not want to, but as we DO NOT have any access to your encrypted files. Our automated system found a blob after scanning via hash-file organization in your server-side encrypted space. The system does not make any errors and we have clearly explained what is against our policies – you agreed with our TOS! We are sorry that you feel dissapointed, but since you knew what type of files you will store and what are our Policies on the matter, why did you not upload the content in the zero-knowledge encryption we offer – that is not being scaned by our system. Everything is stated in advance and users who violate our policies this way, are suspended immediately no matter of their subscription or if they have a free account.

    1. >why did you not upload the content in the
      >zero-knowledge encryption we offer
      How the hell should I know whether my file would be what you call “a blob”? As I said, I don’t have any hard core porn or malware, reading your TOS didn’t really give me any idea what was wrong. I still don’t.
      Also, it’s rather strange; since it’s impossible to have “hash value for porn” etc., it seems that you have a list of files and their hash values? Who made that list? And checking for what files I have DOES consist “access to my files”.

      1. Hiroo, we have told you to contact a lawyer if you feel upset with our Terms and the situation. We are legally not able to allow you to store such content, do you understand? You can store terror-related videos, child porn and so on, you cannot do that and it is simply well explained with the Terms you agree in advance! It is a shame that people violate our company and then post bad reviews online actually.

        1. “we have told you to contact a lawyer if you feel upset ” Stunning reply! I am not sure that is an appropriate way to respond to customers.
          I am shopping for a service, and I am glad I read these reviews, by customers, especially, and I hope that the author of this review updates theirs too in light of these consistent complaints about bad customer service.
          At least one fact is clear here, since pCloud is not denying it: Their refund policy is a sham. You cannot cancel an account worth hundreds of dollars after 30 minutes and justify that by terms of service and policy. Your own terms of service says 10 day refund GUARANTEE, if you deny refund in 30 minutes, that is more like 10 day refund MAYBE, which is as good as no refund policy at all. You selectively use your policy (terms of use) to cancel accounts when it benefits you and ignore your policy (refund) when it does not. That is bad faith.
          In the US, if I were to buy a pair of socks for few dollars from an average retailer and return it within a couple of days, they will refund me with no questions asked. You are denying refund of hundreds of dollars within minutes. And ask unhappy customers to contact a lawyer? Be careful what you wish for, if this is actually a pattern, someone could do just that and it may snow ball to class action law suite and you will pay more than refund amounts if you lose. Just a free advice that does not require a refund policy for you guys.
          pCloud is not for me.

      2. I meant to post my reply to this thread, so here it is again:
        Hiroo, I totally understand where you are coming from. I had the same experience and I did not have porn files in there.
        I signed up for lifetime service, $500. a day later I was told that there was a complaint about some of the content which violated their terms of service and they cancelled my account without warning. I asked for refund since their policy guarantee funding within 10 days. They said that because I signed for the service knowing the policy, I am not entitled to refund. So their lifetime subscription is not 99 years, it is couple days if you have a video or a song you don’t have copyright to on your account. My advice, do not put $500 thinking that your files are stored until you die or for 99 years (whichever comes first), they will find ways to shorten that life to days if the snoop through your private files. And as they said now in your response, they said, basically , sue us for the money back! What an awesome customer service!
        pCloud: if you think your policy is fair, put it right next to your lifetime subscription plan. Put something to this effect: “If you violate our terms of service even within 1 hour, we will cancel your account, deny you access to your data, and refuse you refund. No warning, no second chance. Your $500 is ours if you violate our terms.” If this important to you, put it right there and no one will violate your terms of service EVER because no one will risk losing $500 in 1 hour. You will never sell another lifetime subscription to anyone with half a brain. But you know it is wrong practice and bad business to treat consumer this way and that is why you would not highlight this practice of yours to your potential customers/users.
        Don’t blame Hiroo for not reading the terms of service, even if he read them, he would not believe that some company would have such dumb abusive policy that results in charging $500 for 30 minute long of backup service they call LIFETIME. What planet are from!

  105. I tried pCloud this summer for some days. Basically it was quite nice. But then I had a small issue about the inability of syncing special filetypes (like ISO). The support was first helpful and friendly but it turned to strange communication. They only stated that not all filetypes can be synced but there was no list in their faq. And that would be too complicated to list every not supported filetype, they answered. After that they were happy because they believed that they had “solved” the problem. No, it was not solved, it was just explained.

    Perhaps it’s not fair but I got suspicious of pCloud due to two things:
    – their tone in communications is quite strange and not very customer friendly, sometimes even a bit rude
    – their fake Swiss address (I AM from Switzerland) promise privacy and security but it remains a Bulgarian company.

  106. Hi Steven, we are sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with our representative’s behavior, as we give our best to reply in a timely and professional manner, but most of all – keeping the friendly tone, of course, so this comes as a surprise to us. If you can be so kind and contact us via e-mail again or provide your e-mail here, so we can check on the matter, we would greatly appreciate it! Indeed, we do not recommend syncing some types of files, unfortunately. It is a fact that we have an office in Bulgaria but this does not change the fact that we are a Swiss company and have an office in Baar as well. Once again – accept our apologies for the bad experience and we hope you will give us another chance 🙂

  107. Stay away. Very dubios methods. They do not like it if you ask for a (10-days guaranteed) refund. The service is unreliable and the encryption is not working in a cross platform setup.

    1. Our encryption is always working and yes, we do have 10 days money-back guarantee, according to our policies. However, if the issue was with us, indeed, you would have received at least a partial one as we are a professional company. We cannot find any user with that name in our system, can you authenticate, so we can help you?

  108. Having a terrible experience of pcloud. I was hopeful at first. Glad I could sync my photos from my laptop. Unfortunately I realized that I was only given five gig of space rather than the 10 I expected. It wasn’t clear how to unlock more space and I couldn’t find any clear reference in their guide about how to do so. Everything I encountered asked me to invite friends which I’m not willing to do. My friends don’t want to be bothered with that sort of thing and you only get additional space if they sign up. I also wasn’t willing to ask them to sign up for a service that put out deceptive information about what they offer and then make you jump through numerous hoops in order to get that. I finally found Prompts that told me how to unlock more space When I was on the site on my laptop rather than my phone but it still wasn’t clear how much space you start with and since I had already completed most of the suggestions I thought I should have more space. I emailed pcloud and it was clear they didn’t read my email and simply sent out an automated response asking me to invite friends which I clearly stated I wasn’t willing to do. Their customer support is nonexistent.
    Furthermore, read above that it’s a great place to store music. It’s not. I uploaded something and when I played it back it sounded grainy and staticky like a gramophone player. It was terrible. I’m so disappointed because there are features that I like and it’s easier to use than google drive but I will be looking for another option. Fortunately I haven’t lost files but having read some of the other reviews I will be making efforts to safeguard my files elsewhere. I do not understand how this service gets such good write ups. It’s all very deceptive in my opinion.

  109. Hi there, as our free users mainly use the cloud for backup only and are not familiar how our platform works and what it might offer them, which is far more than just a simple cold storage, we have decided to add the bonus steps for unlocking the free 7GB out of the possible 10GB such as installing our apps and testing the features we have. The steps are noted in your web interface of the account, right after you log into it. As for the other 3GB of invitations, this helps our platform spread around, as we are a young company, which could use some help from our customers. If that bothered you and you were unable to perform it, our support team can simply add the additional 3GB to the account for you to test the platform. We would appreciate you sharing your feedback with our support via e-mail, so they can do so for you. Sorry that the bonus steps made you feel unsatisfied and consider giving us a second chance 😉

  110. Dear pCloud, I’m glad I read these reviews before making a purchase. I don’t have personal opinion yet, but based on whatever can happen to your customers above (account deletion with no refund), and how you handle it, it’s a shame for you.

    1. Hi there, Jonah, we are sorry that you have made up your mind without testing with our free account the product we have. Deletion of data with us happens quite hard as we are a pretty good backup option and secure cloud storage for your files, however, there are certain scenarios where we can ban a user from using pCloud if he violates our platform. Note that we have TOS which are to be followed by our users equally, no matter whether they have free or paid accounts. Sorry if that sounds unfair to you.

      1. I have stumbled upon a post in a local website of my country, which states how you have banned a guy who paid for your service without even stating any valid reason. That guy had paid $ 175, was banned recently, and the only reason given to him was we can’t disclose any reason, and your system had detected illegal content in his account. I don’t know how it’s even legal to ban people without giving them a valid reason. It’s very suspicious, especially without giving any refund. if you think he had done anything illegal, then sue him, send cops to him, so we can find out what really happened, but it appears as you are not interested of any of them. So I warn everyone be careful, pCloud can ban you people without being specific, and you won’t be getting any refund at all. You can find the thread in “pCloud SCAM – Beware” by googling.

  111. The “No Internet Connection” error service.

    The “Unable to connect to server. Please check your Internet connection” error service.

    The “You pCloud account is scheduled for deletion in 5 days” e-mail service.

    Well, if only you have let me and my Internet connection sign in…

    NOT recommended.

    1. Hi there, as our desktop app pCloud Drive is a syncing tool, it is important for a user to know whether the sync is working or not in advance, so the “No internet connection” error is always applicable if there is an issue with the connection. Free unverified accounts or free accounts with no active tokens from the last 6 months are scheduled for deletion, we do not see why it is a bad thing to inform the users via e-mail on the matter, so they can take further steps to prevent that. Sorry you feel that the platform is not as per your needs.

  112. I had heard some good things about Pcloud from a podcast that was discussing sync. I currently use SugarSync and am having some issues with it so I signed up for a free Pcloud account. Lots of complaints here are about Mac support and I can say that within minutes of setting up the client utility and trying to sync the Documents folder I had problems. For some reason, Pcloud would place a copy of every file and folder in Documents on my Desktop as well as in the cloud. I sent in a support request and am waiting for a reply but this does not bode well for this service. I also noticed there’s no device management which is troubling. I want to sync with 3 laptops but all the data appears to get placed in one big lump in the cloud with no way to see what device is syncing what and if it did.
    I’ll keep evaluating but this is making me worried about reliability issues which is what I am having with the other services.

  113. Hi there, thank you for the feedback. Are you willing to share your e-mail address, so we can try to help you out on your issues with our macOS client? Note that we have just released two new versions for that OS. 🙂

  114. Hi there,

    Here’s my impressions after some tests with a premium pCloud account (firs 500GB , then 2TB) plan with various devices: Android phone, Windows and Linux (Fedora) laptops.

    First impression: Overall, it was quick to upload my 88GB files, with a lot of photos. Speed seems as good (or even better) as Dropbox (both use block-level sync). On all systems, the service seems to be stable and reliable. I’m just having a problem with a folder in the trash that can’t be permanently deleted (reported to tech support).

    Web interface: It’s generally nice, but somewhat bloated with various promotional offers, even for already paying customers. There is no directly available right-click contextual menu for files, like Dropbox and Google Drive have. Content of Office files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc) and LibreOffice text files (odt) (and maybe other types) can be displayed, but there are no editing functions. They have an audio (music) section to play music files stored on the sever, but the player seems very basic and is not able to display correctly my music tags and cover arts, which are recognized by most other players, including the one on my Nextcloud instance. Strangely, they only have a folder based browsing capability for displaying photos, as they don’t have a specific photo section (like the music one), to display photos by date (or even by other criteria). However, RAW files are displayed and there is a nice screenshow interface that appears when you click on a picture..

    Security: According to pCloud FAQ, it should copy files on 5 different servers in 3 different locations. Coupled with the good versioning and rewind features, it seems very solid.

    Privacy: It’s a mixed bag… It seems to be a European company (from Switzerland, but some say with offices elsewhere in Europe), but their servers are located in Texas, USA. Basically, that means that date stored on a US server could be submitted to European laws (GDPR) which is good… and to US laws, which is not so good… I read somewhere that they should have European servers at some points in 2019. Other than that, they have good 256-bit AES server-side encryption for data at rest and for data in transit. The paid option for client-side encryption (crypto) is great, but not as complete and well implemented as a fully client-side encryption like MEGA (which is usually slower though).

    Android app ; Good enough, but photo section is badly implemented (reported to tech support), as it shows photos by upload time/date instead of by the date that the photo was taken (exif/metadata). Music player seems a little bit better than web version. The interface is correct, but no dark-mode yet.

    Desktop clients in general: The pCloud drive, which is a virtual drive giving access to all the files stored on the server without taking space on the computer storage, is really great. The additional sync function that makes it work like Dropbox and others, is working fine. My only small (cosmetic) complaint would be that the pCloud green icon in the system tray (or upper bar) looks dated, as monochrome icons have become the standard on most modern GUI.

    Windows version of desktop client: Well implemented, nothing to say here.

    Linux version of desktop client: It’s OK, as it offers most of the Windows functionalities, but lacks some file manager integration features, like contextual menu to quickly share files or to make them accessible offline (locally synced), and there is no small signs on synced file confirming their sync status (like a green check mark). Awkwardly, it uses its own notification system, instead of relying on the one provided by the desktop environment (like GNOME). I suspect that these limitations are related to the fact that the Linux pCloud client is distributed as a portable appimage, which has the advantage of working across various Linux distributions, but is not the best option for full integration at the desktop level. Maybe it would be better to distribute it as a distro package (like deb or rpm) or even as snap or flatpak packages. Also, at the time of testing, I had a language localization problem, as I selected French, but the menu in the upper bar was still appearing in English (reported to tech support).

    Support: Like stated here, I have reported various quirks to their (only email) support team and I got a polite and usually appropriate response (no useless standardized message), in a reasonable delay (like12-24 hours). I find it quite good actually. A proper ticket system or a “Stack Exchange” type of forum for pCloud users/staff support to report questions/problems and solutions would be great.

    Pricing: With various good pricing options (monthly, yearly and lifetime), it appears to be very competitive when compared to others, especially when additional discounts are offered (usually around holidays, back to school, etc.).

    Other features: there are some other niceties offered by pCloud, like backup from other online services (Google, Dropbox, Facebook, etc.), personalized links, public folders, etc.

    Conclusion: Great service that is compatible with multiple platforms/OS, great pricing and great support, but with some half-baked or unpolished features that could be improved. You also have to accept (for now at least) that your data will (or could be) stored on US servers, despite the fact that this is a European company. Not perfect, but really good actually, at least for my needs.

    Hope it helps!

    1. Hi there,

      Thank you for the review on our service! We are about to open a new EU data centre soon, so stay tuned! As for the unpolished features – we would be more than glad to hear all of your detailed improvement ideas shared at [email protected] 🙂

  115. pCloud User for years here, I must say most of the problems are fixed now. For me just 3 remain: 1. I don’t know if the special characters bug in Mac is fixed or no since I had to stop using them at all. 2. does 2FA still prevents Automatic Upload after X number of days? 3. Viewing larger amounts of picture is very slow in pCloud Drive, so I use the web app, the Usability of the Web app needs a lot of work. Besides that the reason I think pCloud is better than others is because (for my workflow) you don’t event notice is there, just save your files in your local folders and they are uploaded to pCloud, this you way you sync your Desktop, Pictures, Documents for Mac and PC.

  116. pcloud.com servers are down. Nothing is working. Apps on mobile and desktop are disconected. Checked from different IP’s and computers via Tor.

    1. We had system maintenance during January, as well as we are working on the new EU data centre, which caused the temporary issue for the service last month. Excuse us!

      1. When is the ETA for the datacentre in EU please? Waiting for that before fully switching to pcloud.

  117. I have used Pcloud for years as a premium/lifetime subscriber. Using their desktop client and website is very stable. The interface is clear and intuitive. However i have a number of concerns.

    1. Privacy/Tracking
    Using Network Analyzer Pro on android (from techet-net) i can see the Pcloud client keeps a permanent connection to 2a03:2880:f01a:1:face:b00c:0:1:443 . This has been the case for many versions. opening my.pcloud.com triggers a facebook container on my desktop. I do not trust facebook or use their sign-in features, so what is this transmitting??

    2. Console client – has been pretty much abandoned. Hasnt been updated to support 2fa . (neither has the public API!) So if you wish to use their console client or services like rclone you have to disable 2fa.

  118. For over 2 years I was very satisfied with pCloud but since the last 3 or 4 months I’m having some problems. In the afternoon, the servers are slow and since some version’s I simply can’t download some of my files (I/O error when copying them). I’ll move all my files to another cloud provider…

  119. It is good to use as wharehouse.
    The speed to download is extremly poor.
    It can take until 5 days of permanent connection to download your files.

    1. Hi Fredy!
      We do NOT set any speed limits for the data transfers on our end. Your speed to us depends mainly on your local provider, geolocation and data management you perform with our apps. Our Support team can always assist you on the matter at [email protected] 🙂

  120. I’ve been using PCloud for a couple of months now. Unfortunately I have to resign due to poor download speeds. I have 1 Gigabit internet connection and I can download a 56 Mb file in 10 minutes… Totally not worth it. I’m glad I didnt buy lifetime package.

  121. If you are thinking about purchasing pCloud, read this first, it’s long but you’ll thank me. I purchased pCloud’s lifetime license + free Crypto folder after reading all positive articles about it available online, thinking it was a great deal. They run permanent offers giving you more storage than other companies plus free Crypto folder for 99 years, usually for a single $300-$400 USD payment. They advertise themselves as the most secure cloud storage service out there, they have this pCloud drive you install in your PC and they advertise it as a “desktop application that creates a secure virtual drive on your computer, which you can use to easily store, access and work with your files in the cloud” and of course, their Crypto Folder which provides the “highest level of file protection in the cloud” and they say it is “as easy as placing a file in a folder” and that “You can choose whether you want your whole profile encrypted or only a part of it.”

    All of that sounds pretty cool and I gave up my Dropbox account and got pCloud because of it but here’s the truth behind all the advertisement: I did everything the way they told me, I installed the pCloud drive in my PC and laptop, I stored my most important files in my Crypto folder and I used everything as advertised and as intended. After the refund period was over (because they give you a refund period), I tried to open a cashflow I had been working on during the past 6 months but Excel said it was corrupted when I tried to open it.

    I got in touch with customer service and they were helpless, they just said “what’s in your crypto folder cannot be recovered and maybe it became corrupted because you did something wrong.” At the time I thought so too, “maybe I did something wrong, these things happen”, but something in me felt unsettled, so I went and copied everything in my Crypto folder into my computer’s HDD, a local backup and suddenly it became a nightmare, file after file, impossible to copy “There has been a writing error” it said. I lost 28 files in total, they were corrupted too and it took me 4 days to finish my local backup because the writing error of 1 file wouldn’t allow a full folder to be copied. Now I was sure it wasn’t my mistake, there were files there that I had for cold storing, sensitive files I basically never open I just sent them to my Crypto folder because it had the “highest level of file protection in the cloud” and I did it like they said, “as easy as placing a file in a folder.“

    I got in touch with customer service, I was enraged but I tried to be a good customer, I told them about the issue, and I asked them for a refund. I no longer trusted pCloud and I sure was not using it anymore for my important work files. My hopes were getting a refund, deleting my account, and going my way.

    Regardless of having screenshots and proof of their product corrupting my files, they adopted a position in which they made every possible effort to blame me, I kept counter-replying all their accusations like “maybe you edited the files in the cloud, that’s not secure” and “writing errors can happen, it’s not our fault”.

    I kept replying and trying to explain and I even got to beg them for a refund. I didn’t want to lose my important files forever PLUS my money. But their policy is not customer satisfaction, their policy is shielding themselves.

    In the end, I noticed the pattern they adopted against me, for a detailed email I sent, they replied something redundant and trying to make it my fault. In their last email, they replied “pCloud did not fail to provide you with its Business agreement anyhow so the refund request for something which you purchased for free during a promotion is not possible.”

    So, beware of pCloud. Their promotions look very attractive to the eye and the wallet but if you are thinking about purchasing it for storing important files such as work files, important family pictures or videos that cannot be recovered in case of corruption, I would better stick to other services. I’m not getting my refund nor my lost files, and I won’t be using their products anymore, let them keep my empty lifetime account for 99 years. I rather pay a subscription service elsewhere as long as I feel my important files are safe.

  122. I really liked the lifetime offer for cloud storage and this was the main reason to subscribe (together with general good reviews).

    My wish list:
    – I would like to see a native integration in Gnome (linux), in online accounts.
    – I also think it would be good for pcloud to have a wikipedia page.

    1. Hi Simone!
      Thank you for your improvement ideas shared with us! Currently, we have a Linux client – our desktop app pCloud Drive. We have our official website and FAQ section there, an online blog and Support team available every day via e-mails for you to be guided if you have further questions on our service.

  123. the best cloud on the market period. I took the lifetime account 2To = best purchase for my computer and work and studies. Thanks !!

  124. They deleted my free account and I lost all files I had archived. It’s true I had forgotten to log in for some months as I don’t use the archived files often, but why I didn’t get any notification email to remind me about the expiration? It’s a bad and unreliable service.

    1. Hi Bobby!
      Upon registering in pCloud you accept our Terms and Conditions, where we have clearly stated in advance what are the Termination policies for the free accounts if they are inactive for more than 6 months. Furthermore, our system does send e-mails on the matter – three e-mails are sent to the account’s e-mail before its complete deletion to be more exact. Probably you have a spam filter and the e-mails did not go to the main Inbox for you to be able to see them on time and prevent the deletion.

  125. The company is only a mailbox in Switzerland, no employees here, domicialited at a lawyer address that holds 470 companies.
    Here’s the real address :
    8mi Dekemvri str., Sofia, Bulgarie.

    Servers are in the US… so nothing in Swizerland except a mailbox company

    That dies not mean it is a bad service, but it is just not swiss.

    1. No, but because it is domiciled in Switzerland it falls under Swiss privacy laws. That’s all the Swiss it needs to be, as we mention in the review.

    2. Hi there!
      The fact that our data centre or offices are not located in Switzerland does NOT make us any less a Swiss company – we are officially registered as a Swiss company and follow certain laws as Mr Fergus O’Sullivan explained as well.
      Even though our servers are in Dallas, we do own all of them and make sure the files are well protected by offering two types of encryption for them, too. Furthermore, we are developing so fast that soon we are about to open up a brand new data centre in Europe from scratch, too!

  126. They only give 5 GB free storage space, not 10. They want somethings from you for the other 5GB. Like downloading pCloud Drive.
    Also they says if you have a free pCloud account, after 6 months of inactivity, it will be permanently deleted, along with the files inside. Sound crazy.

    1. Well, it’s not too bad. After all, it’s free storage, and you do get sent emails if you’ve been inactive before they delete your account. A quick log-in, log-out seems to do the trick.

    2. Hi Eren!
      The steps you have to follow to unlock the free gigabytes are mainly to make the user more familiar with the service itself – how to upload a file, how to log in via the different apps we have, etc. As for the deletion of free accounts – we do notify a user in advance if he is inactive so he can prevent the deletion. As a profitable company we strive to have active free users, so this is just a reminder that you have a free space in pCloud and you can use it.
      For more issues please contact [email protected] 🙂

  127. U.S. data centre and a Terms and Conditions policy on user content that should scare you. No way would I use pCloud.

    1. Hi again, Jeff!

      Just to let you know that our EU data centre is not open for new users worldwide. If you register now, you can choose the data region where your data will be stored.


  128. Hi there, Jeff!
    We are soon to release a brand new EU data centre and if you contact us at [email protected] you will be notified when that is possible. Also, you can get clarification on our TOS, as they are not as scary as you think they are actually 🙂

    Note that the US servers are all owned by pCloud AG – we are a profitable product company and no 3rd party can access them anyhow. With the two types of encryption and the data of one account located on at least three servers, we guarantee the security of your files no matter which centre you choose.


  129. Application works well, but there is one bug/feature in accounting system design – it’s impossible to set new email address without accessing old one. I lost access to my old email and wrote to pcloud’s support service from different address but they just don’t reply. Imho this is not correct, lifetime account by it’s sense must be absolutely self sufficient and independent from anything else. If I buy something for lifetime then I want to be confident exactly in that thing what I buy

    1. Hello!

      pCloud is a secure cloud storage and we follow strict internal as well as external procedures for handling personal data with us. Due to GDPR you must authenticate the change of your credentials this way, so this is necessary and is for security reasons. This is not a bug/flaw anyhow.

      Thank you,

  130. Brutally slow. Terrible. The upload window has frozen countless times, several days in a row, making the backup of just 600GB impossible. A disaster.

  131. Hi there,

    Please note that pCloud does NOT limit the speed of the transfers anyhow, this depends on your local ISP and could be fastened with proper data management.
    A backup of such a large amount of data at once will not be possible via manual upload (drag-drop/copy-paste) due to cache issues that might appear with the local space of the device. The best way to achieve fast transfer with the possible speeds from the local ISP provided is if you use the sync. Please contact [email protected] for further advice.

    Thank you,

  132. This is close to my 4th anniversary of using pCloud (see my initial review above on 20/11/2016). I consider pCloud as one of the most important tools I use. It is my main backup for my desktop and I also have it linked on my mobile phone where it automatically backs up photos and videos (useful when my phone dropped out of my shirt pocket into the loo – next time the seat stays up).

    Unfortunately in work, security measures mean we have to use OneDrive. Using that really makes me appreciate what a great product pCloud is (I get more problems with OneDrive every month than I have had in my entire usage of pCloud). I have had the very occasional issue with files not syncing but on most occasions I have managed to trace it back to something I have done (e.g. forgetting to close Excel after saving a document, so it keeps a lock on it).

    Speed is great. The only real irritant I have is that when I save a file and immediately decide to rename it then the file manager rejects my changes (I believe pCloud is updating the status or something). I know I can get this to stop, but prefer the UI that shows what is sync’d

    I would like to write a detailed review of all the features I use but, quite honestly, pCloud just sits there quietly in the background doing what it is meant to do – virtually transparent to my day-to-day usage (as good software should be).

    4 years on and I still love and trust pCLoud with my data – good to see you added 2FA a while back.

    For feature suggestions I would say
    – right-click context menu options within windows for share etc.

  133. Do NOT believe that you are getting “lifetime” service if you pay for it. They will look for *any* excuse to close your account. I got this crap about there being files on my account that violated their terms of service. They did this *twice*. I got it reversed the first time, but the second time I only got an obviously automated message back. I have no idea what customer service is like if you pay monthly, but they’re just there to take your money if you buy the “lifetime” service. I’ve gone with iDrive now, but I’d recommend just about anyone over these chuckleheads.

  134. Don’t use pCloud. Ever. They use third party to scan your private files. 1 year ago they terminated my account for storing a “windows crack”. Just one private file which I never shared with anyone and I didn’t own got my paid account terminated. I lost all my private photos. Baloney!

  135. No, we don’t use any third-party scan. We use a system scan with hash file organization of the server-side encrypted space and this is for BLOBS that are in violation of our Terms and Conditions

  136. PCloud is a pyramid scheme!
    The subscription fees are the lowest in the field and off the bat you’re encouraged to spend an actual bag of money on a “cloud HDD”. If you buy a 500GB first and find it too small and want to upgrade, you will still have to pay the full price to get the 2GB HDD, so you better make the ‘right’ choice the first time with the most expensive option. All sounds like good fun, until the stream of cloud HDD buyers dries up, they start losing money and someone drags that large bag of cash out of the company. HDD’s all gone. I don’t know how anyone can say your HDD is secure when you are dealing with an unsustainable business model. Really, you are making a bet that your HDD will be secure for maybe the next couple of years and you know full well that the subscription fees are too low to be sustainable, and they are luring you to pay cash up front. Good luck having your data secure when they file for bankruptcy and the pyramid scheme reaches its inevitable conclusion. Hey, I made that bet too, and am happy, but I know, only as long as it lasts, it’s just for private use. I would never use it for business EVER.

    1. Hi, that sounds like a whole bunch of conjecture, to be honest. While I understand being a bit leery of online companies, I don’t think there’s any evidence or even suggestion of pCloud doing a pump-and-dump as you describe (what you said isn’t a pyramid scheme, but I digress). Could you maybe share what you base your reasoning on?

  137. Please read again, I have summed up the reasons to suspect this.
    Yes, it is conjecture, I’m not an insider, not even a cloud specialist, not a believer in conspiracy theories, but I am suspicious and a user, while I think the users are very naive: it is a perfect pyramid scheme, right before your very eyes in Switzerland, the land of financial shenanigans. I know their mindset. The deal is just a bit too good to be true and maintain over the long run for them when the new “cloud disk” buyers dry up.
    They do everything to frontload the payments with every customer, and milk more if they can for the short term. Who else limits the free trials to 6 months for cloudspace? And if you paid 150€ for the 50GB option and want to “upgrade” to 2TB, you will be required to pay the full sum of 2 TB (around 350€), also strange. While you’re using it, you can also pay extra for encrytion and pay extra for file history (the latter, 1 year trial, but all of which I thought were included). Pay pay pay without telling clearly in advance. Any other company tries to derive a fixed monthly income (as Dropbox). It should definitely be a consideration for people who want to make a business decision, but it is totally overlooked, not even mentioned.
    In the end: you know more than me, so you are better positioned to pass judgment. In the end, bailing out will be a beautiful deal for the founders, and nobody will be able to stop them. This can happen very cosily and legally through the payment of the frontload as dividends and then selling off the company or just terminating, whichever is more interesting for them at that time.
    Again, I am a happy user, but how long will it last?
    Some people report they are being thrown off the site for silly reasons, so I’m not giving any traceable data, sorry, will check up regularly as I did now, and will let you know if anything happens.

  138. Good response to a technical issue. Nice and reliable. Not compatible viewing video on Samsung tv unless cast from a different device.

  139. They say 10 GB free but they give you 3 GB in reality. In order to access the other 5 GB they ask me 1) verify your email – which makes sense (2) Upload a file – which is still alright (3) Download pCloud drive – Why should I do that in my personal computer? (4) Download pCloud app – the ask is relevant (5) Turn on automatic upload – Again why should I ? It should be my choice (6) Invite friends _ I did that. Why you push such things? Say straight away we give you 5 GB and for the rest condition applied. In today’s world you need to be transparent to your customers like other renowned Cloud service providers. I felt like misleading, hence that’s my personal opinion.

  140. Negative (1) – when going back to earlier days, you can’t search for anything – there is NO SEARCH funtion. So if you are looking for an old file that got accidentally removed, you are out of luck.

    Negative (2) – download is very slow, so if you have to retrieve a folder with a lot of data, you are going to wait hours.

    all the positives mentioned are real but I thought these two negatives – you should be aware of:

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