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Though not the easiest to use, IDrive ranks among the very best online backup providers thanks to its many features, decent pricing and speeds, as well as the ability to backup an unlimited amount of devices. Read our full IDrive review to see if it's for you.

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— Last Updated: 04 Apr'19
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Very Good
Starts from $ 434 per month for 2000 GB
Free plan available
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IDrive is a company launched in 1995, which makes it a true veteran, but not one that’s bent under old age. It’s based in California and specializes in providing backup for an unlimited number of devices. That includes your phones, external hard drives and more.

Unlimited device backup means IDrive caps your backup space, but that’s okay because the pricing plans aren’t expensive and give you 2TB or 5TB of backup and sync space.

Filling that space will take some time because IDrive isn’t among the fastest backup services. You can’t make it faster by increasing the number of backup threads like you can with Backblaze. IDrive’s desktop client is also more complex to use than Backblaze’s because you must pick and choose which files you want to backup (read our IDrive vs Backblaze article for more on this).

That said, IDrive has advanced backup scheduling and restore options. Its security is strong, too, and includes private encryption. If you encounter a problem, there are support pages with many answers and tutorial videos. If that appeals to you, read on because we’re going to get into the details in this IDrive review. Otherwise, pick another service from our best online backup list.

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Unlimited device backup
  • Inexpensive plans
  • Sync capabilities
  • File-sharing capabilities
  • Block-level backup
  • Private encryption
  • Android & iOS backup
  • External drive backup
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Image-based backup
  • Social media backup
  • 24/7 live chat support


  • Not as straightforward as Backblaze
  • No unlimited backup plan
  • Versioning limited to 30 versions
  • No multi-threaded backup

Alternatives for IDrive

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    • Unlimited Backup
    • Versioning
    • Private Encryption
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    • Incremental Backup
    • External Drive Backup
    • NAS Backup
    • Unlimited Backup
    • Versioning
    • Private Encryption
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    • Versioning
    • Private Encryption
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    • Private Encryption
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94% - Excellent

IDrive is an online backup service that focuses on protecting you from hard drive crashes. Because of that, it provides support for unlimited devices, including external hard drive backup. The desktop client works on Windows and macOS, but not Linux. Linux devotees can use scripts or the web interface as a workaround, though.

If you need backups that have proprietary clients that work on the penguin read our best online backup for Linux.

Plus, IDrive has smartphone apps for Android and iOS. Unlike Carbonite, Backblaze and other popular services, you can use smartphone apps to backup phone data, rather than just access computer files you’ve backed up. Both apps can backup contacts, media and calendar events.

The Android version can also backup texts, call logs and app data. You can use IDrive to backup Facebook and Instagram accounts, too.

Backup and restore features that we like include advanced scheduling, notification options, disk-image backup and file versioning. We’re going to talk more about them in the backup and restore section below.

IDrive also uses the “true archiving” method, which ensures that even if you delete a file on your computer, it will remain in the cloud until you delete it manually or clean up the archive.

Unlike most online backup services that offer features associated with backup and restore, IDrive also has features that are common for cloud storage services.

By that, we mean device synchronization and file sharing. Thanks to that, IDrive is a rival to cloud storage services as well as online backup services. Check out our best cloud storage comparison to see how IDrive stacks up.

When you turn sync on, IDrive creates a folder on your computer for syncing. Any file that you add to it will be synced to the cloud. Whenever you make a change in the sync folder, the change will instantly be reflected on all linked devices and vice-versa.

You can share and check what you’ve shared with others using the IDrive web client. The client also has a dashboard view that shows all your devices, their statuses and their backup statuses. Considering you can have unlimited devices connected to IDrive, that’s a necessary feature.

IDrive also supports backup and restore of Microsoft Office 365 Exchange mailboxes. That way, you can use it to backup and restore your email folders, calendars, contacts and tasks.

IDrive’s versioning implementation is good, but there are two services that are rank higher on our best online backup with file versioning list. For descriptions of other features and all things backup, consult our backup library.

There’s also the “timeline” feature, which lets you preview your backed up photos. It works best when you turn on automatic photo and video uploads on your phone. When you do, all your photos and videos, including new captures, will be backed up to the cloud.


87% - Very Good

Before deciding to purchase a subscription, you can give IDrive a try using its free 5GB plan. That’s not enough space to backup your computer, but it’s enough to see how IDrive performs.

IDrive has two personal plans. The first provides 2TB of space and the second gives you 5TB of space. There’s no month-to-month subscription plan. You can only sign up for one or two years at a time.

That said, in addition to the 2TB or 5TB of backup space, IDrive provides the same amount of sync space. That means you’re going to have 4TB or 10TB of space to work with, depending on which subscription you purchase. Currently, personal plans are on a 50 percent discount.

  • 5 GB Storage
Personal 2TB
  • 2000 GB Storage
1-year plan $ 4.34/ month
$52.12 billed every year
2-year plan $ 4.34/ month
$104.25 billed every 2 years
Personal 5TB
  • 5000 GB Storage
1-year plan $ 6.22/ month
$74.62 billed every year
2-year plan $ 6.22/ month
$149.25 billed every 2 years
Business 250GB
  • 250 GB Storage
1-year plan $ 6.22/ month
$74.62 billed every year
2-year plan $ 6.22/ month
$149.25 billed every 2 years
Business 500GB
  • 500 GB Storage
1-year plan $ 12.47/ month
$149.62 billed every year
2-year plan $ 12.47/ month
$299.25 billed every 2 years
Business 1.25TB
  • 1250 GB Storage
1-year plan $ 31.22/ month
$374.62 billed every year
2-year plan $ 31.22/ month
$749.25 billed every 2 years

With the discount in play, IDrive undercuts Backblaze’s annual price by $8 and is much cheaper than Carbonite Plus, which costs $111.99 per year. Keep in mind, though, that Backblaze and Carbonite Plus provide unlimited backup space, while IDrive caps your space. Read more about Carbonite Plus in our Carbonite review.

A more appropriate match for IDrive is SpiderOak ONE, which can also backup unlimited devices and caps backup space. That said, the 2TB plan from SpiderOak ONE is $149 per year, which is almost three times the price of IDrive’s. To learn more about it, read our SpiderOak ONE review.

Ease of Use

82% - Good

IDrive has a complex desktop experience. Because it caps your backup space, IDrive requires you to manually manage your backup, so you have to select files based on location. That means you must go through your file system and select files by hand, which can be tedious.

Plus, IDrive has a lot of settings options, which can make things difficult for mainstream users in the beginning. That said, if you like to tinker while also being able to use various types of backup and advanced settings options, read our CloudBerry Backup review. It’s one of the rare services that has more settings options than IDrive.

The bottom line is that IDrive shouldn’t be a problem for the average user. Once you create your backup plan, you can just let it do its thing without much more input.

The web app is a different beast. It’s straightforward and easy to use. The default view shows your backup, but you can navigate through the app using the menu on the right. It lets you preview your sync folder, connected devices, shares and web logs.

The mobile app is minimal and intuitive. The main focus of it is the backup of your photos and videos, but you can use it to backup other data. That includes calendar, SMS, call logs, music and other files. You can also use the app to access your photo timeline, restore files and enable facial recognition to analyze people from your photos.

File Backup & Restoration

90% - Excellent

After installation, IDrive selects several folders for backup on its own, including your “desktop,” “music,” “pictures,” “videos” and “documents” folders. You’ll need to locate everything else and select it manually.

Once you finish, you can choose to backup immediately or wait for the scheduled backup to start. There are many options to choose from for scheduled backup.

You can pick a specific time, preferably one where the backup process won’t interfere with your regular work, set a cut-off time for it to stop running and choose specific days it should run. If you want to protect your data more often, you can tell IDrive to run hourly backups, too.

The “settings” tab has the option for the most useful backup feature: “continuous backup.” If you enable it, the backup process will run whenever a change is made. That way, you can be sure you won’t lose anything if something happens to your computer before the backup process runs. You can also set how often continuous backup should run.

After the initial backup is complete, IDrive only uploads the changed portions of the file, instead of transferring the whole thing. That’s known as block-level file copying, and it enables you to speed up the transfer process while reducing the use of system resources. It also reduces the space required to maintain previous file versions.

That’s the job of versioning, which helps you recover from accident deletions or malware by storing previous versions of edited files. IDrive calls it “snapshots,” and they provide a historical view of your data for point-in-time recovery and help protect against ransomware. IDrive retains up to 30 previous versions of all files backed up to your account.

When backing up, you’re not limited to the IDrive cloud. You can backup to local destinations, as well. This includes attached external drives, network-attached storage devices, other partitions on your hard drive and WiFi devices. Besides backing up specific files, you can backup drives by creating a disk image.

You can restore files from the “restore” tab of the desktop client. You can restore everything or just specific items. When you select what you want to restore you can also choose to restore it to the original location or a new one. Restoring from local, WiFi and Express devices is available, too. Express devices are part of IDrive’s courier service called IDrive Express.

If you use IDrive Express, you’ll receive a 3TB hard drive with your backup in the mail. It’s $99.50 per request. The service includes free return shipping for customers in the U.S. Orders shipped outside the U.S. will require the customer to pay the shipping fees.

IDrive Express is free once a year for Personal users and three times a year for Business users. Subsequent backup requests cost $59.95.

Unlike other cloud backup providers that have courier services for recovery, IDrive lets you use the service for initial backups, too. That’s a great advantage considering initial backups can take weeks to complete if you have a lot of data.

You can also restore files using the web client. That’s useful if you’re using a computer that’s not your own.


78% - Good

If you haven’t decided to use IDrive Express for your initial backup, it can take a long time. How long it takes depends on your connection speed and how close you are to IDrive’s data centers in the U.S.. The transfer speed will be better the closer you are. IDrive doesn’t throttle your speeds by default, but you can do it by going to the “settings” tab.

That said, there’s no way to increase the number of backup threads like you can with Backblaze. You can read more about that service in our Backblaze review.

We use a 1GB test folder to test upload and download speeds. For this review, we ran our tests using a WiFi connection in Belgrade, Serbia, with an upload speed of 6 megabits per second and a download speed of 100 Mbps. With those speeds, we can calculate that the file should take about 21 minutes to upload and just over a minute to download with no overhead.

We weren’t close to Uncle Sam, though, and the results reflected that. Once the initial backup is complete, continuous backup and block-level transfer method will help speed up subsequent uploads.

 First attempt:Second attempt:Average:
Upload time00:41:5400:38:2700:40:10
Download time00:11:5200:11:5600:11:54


90% - Excellent

IDrive has strong security to ensure the protection of user data. It uses AES 256-bit, which hasn’t been cracked so far as anyone knows. The algorithm is used at-rest and in-transit.

By default, IDrive will hold on to the key to decrypt your data. That ensures that if you ever forget your password, the company can reset it for you. That said, if you’d prefer to retain the key so that nobody but you can ever decrypt your data, you can.

If you want to enable private encryption you have to do it when you sign up. Once you start to backup, you won’t be able to enable it.

Cracking AES 256-bit encryption might take billions of years, but that’s not true for cracking passwords. That applies to weak passwords the most, but even a strong password might be stolen or obtained through other means. To avoid that you should enable two-factor authentication from your profile menu in the web client.

Once you do so, you’ll be required to enter a code that you’ll receive via email whenever you try to log in to your account.

IDrive holds its servers in hardened data centers in the U.S. They have raised floors, temperature control systems with separate cooling zones and seismically-braced racks. They also have state-of-the-art smoke detection, fire suppression systems, motion sensors, 24/7 secured access, video surveillance and security breach alarms.

Data centers also undergo third-party reviews to check for known application and service vulnerabilities.


88% - Very Good

IDrive is in the U.S, a country that’s not among the those that have the best cloud privacy laws. That said, it lets you keep your private key and maintain zero-knowledge, which is the best way to ensure your privacy.

Still, we decided to delve into the privacy policy and see if anything smells off. Like most other cloud services, IDrive collects the personal data that you provide it, along with metadata and information about how you use the service. The last is used to optimize the user experience.

IDrive doesn’t “voluntarily share personally identifiable information with any third-party without the user’s express consent or unless compelled by applicable state and federal laws.”

That said, it may use certain trusted third-party companies and individuals to help analyze and improve its use. That includes, but isn’t limited to, database management, web analytics, payment processing and improvement of features. It may also share your information with a third-party application when you provide consent.

IDrive may disclose information to comply with a law or regulation, protect the safety of any person from death or injury, prevent fraud or abuse or protect its property rights.

You can modify personal information you provided to IDrive from your account. IDrive retains your information for as long as you have an active account or need the service. If you don’t want to use the service anymore, you can cancel your account or request that IDrive no longer use your information to provide you the service.

IDrive also complies with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. For more information on it, read our GDPR guide.


95% - Excellent

When you encounter an issue you can’t resolve your first stop will be the FAQ section of IDrive’s website. It has answers to many questions. The answers are detailed and have screenshots that help you follow along. Answers are split into several categories, including operating systems, various backup processes and general.

If you can’t find help there, you can consult the video tutorials. They include tutorials for Windows, macOS, web and more.

If you’re still stuck, the last option is to contact support. You can do so via chat, email or phone. Phone support is available from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST. We asked a question by submitting a request and got a response the same day.

The Verdict

IDrive is cheap and can backup all your devices. Plus, you get advanced scheduling options which help you organize your backup process. IDrive isn’t blazing fast, but you can use IDrive Express to circumvent that, even at the point of the initial backup.

The service is in the U.S., but you can strengthen your privacy by using private encryption, just make sure you hold the private key.

Because IDrive has a lot of setting options, it’s not easy to use, but that’s the standard trade-off between power and user experience. Mainstream users might feel more confident using a simpler service from our online backup reviews.

What are your thoughts on IDrive? Do you prefer another service? If so, which one? Let us know in the comments below. Thank you for reading.

Starts from$ 434per month for 2000 GB


Backup Scheduler
Continuous Backup
Incremental Backup
Image-Based Backup
External Drive Backup
NAS Backup
Server Backup
Hybrid Backup
Mobile Device Backup
Unlimited Backup
Unlimited Devices
Speed Throttling
Block-Level File Copying
Multithreaded Backup


Courier Recovery Service
Browser Access
Mobile App Access
Deleted File Retention


Private Encryption
At-Rest Encryption
In-Transit Encryption
Encryption Protocol
AES 256-bit
Two-Factor Authentication
Hardened Data Centers
Proxy Server Settings
HIPPA Compliant


24/7 Support
Live Chat Support
Telephone Support
Email Support
User Forum


File Sharing
Device Sync
Free Trial

IDrive Review

Fast and reliable, IDrive has a few usability issues

Though not the easiest to use, IDrive ranks among the very best online backup providers thanks to its many features, decent pricing and speeds, as well as the ability to backup an unlimited amount of devices. Read our full IDrive review to see if it's for you.
Starts from$ 434per month for 2000 GB
Visit IDrive

89 thoughts on “IDrive”

  1. WATCH OUT! your “free” trial is not really free if you decide to try an upgrade. After using idrive for a few months I decided to upgrade for more space, even after when reaching the 5gb the software sent my pc into a frenzy. I upgraded and also receive new software (the old software is also used by many other backup solutions, hardly unique but same flaws) I deleted the old idrive and removed the software and installed the new version. Started the backup and it would never complete. It would hand around 37-45% and not go any further. After realizing they used canned software, the issue when reaching the limit and freezing my pc, and the new software not backing up beyond 37-45% (only had to back up 7gb) I decided that within 12 hours of purchase I wanted a refund. Guess what!? They say that you are only eligible for a refund from the time you start your free trial!!!!!! So if after 15day of a free trial and on day 16 you decide to upgrade for more space but it doesn’t work. TOO BAD!!! NO REFUND!! because you are only eligible for a refund the first 15 days of use even though it is a free trial. The free trial period is your refund window. They say it’s in the small print. I call it deceptive marketing.

    1. - CEO & Co-Founder

      Hi Jean!

      I’m sorry if your experience has been less than pleasant. In fact, IDrive operates under two brands: IBackup and IDrive. However, this is quite common practice: one is more focused on businesses the other on the consumer market. When we publish our review we will try to reproduce your error to find out what the problem was.

    2. I tried IDrive and all was good until i wanted to recover a crashed disk; than all was not as good.

      All appears really good with IDrive until you have disk crash and want to recover the backed up flies. Three days of trying and still not recovered.

      IDrive people suggest a lot of good things to dry, send this, do this, try that, check this and after also spending three hours doing this, i still do not have my files!

      SLOW – Although, using i checked the connection to their state, Oregon, as being between 20 and 40 MBts, the download only runs’s between 1.1MBts and 1.8MBts, morning, noon, afternoon or night. So this is an IDRive limitation.

      TRIPPY – The application freezes every so often needing restarting to resume working.

      ERROR MESSAGES – Although always connected, the application always tells me my e:\ drive is not connected and thus an operation could not be performed.

      ERRORS – I have nothing on E:\ drive i wanted backed u at the time of the above message.

      ERROR – For some reason the application needs a setting constantly activated as it appears to deactivate. This seems to be a common problem because the error immediately comes with a fix attached.

      ESTIMATED TIME – is never correct. a 9 hour back up took 43 hours . . . BEFORE IT FROZE and had to be restarted.

      Suggestions like;
      – Could you please select just few files and try to restore
      – What is the total file size you are trying to restore

      Now, i wonder what the value of an “”CLOUD STORAGE”” facility is if restoring is so muggy not allowing me to get what i have lost, for which i set-up this facility.

      I will resume storing to an external Hard Drive alternately look at other options, but not committing to these until i restore a whole hard drive without problems.

      Before you commit to IDrive, try restoring a large file and see if what you get is what you want!


    3. I have been using iDrive for a bit over a year now. I will not renew my contract or use iDrive ever again. It is very unreliable. Especially the iDrive-sync is absolutely rubbish. It loses files, doesn’t sync them and causes all kinds of problems. The backup seems to work but I have not done a restore, so I don’t know if it would actually work. The initial backup transfer took 2 months for me, which was way too slow.

      ALSO NOTICE that iDrive is not compatible with NordVPN. I don’t know if it works with others, but with NordVPN iDrive says that all files are synced and backed up but that is a lie and you will notice later that your files actually weren’t synced or backed up.

      I recommend that you spend your money on some other alternative. iDrive is a dud.

  2. I had idrive for few years now and Id like to say one thing. please stop making endless versions and variations of this software.

    This is very confusing. you have 8 versions, yes 8 different idrives to download for IOS without explanation to why should I use one over the other.

    I really don’t have time to study by trial error your software cans and can’ts.
    I ended up deleting your stuff and installing dropbox even though you offer more space.

    ‘this only uploads, this can only downloads, this can sync, this one can do both, this one can do all of the above, this one makes you toast this one speaks only chinese’. cmon man cut the crap and make ONE amazing version. (or 2 for drastically different functionality)

  3. This is one of the few affordable cloud backup services that actually will backup a network attached storage drive – and does so hassle free. I had problems with another service that “seemed” to be backing up my NAS – but no files were found in the folders when I tried to do a test restore. So I suggest that people test the service on a regular basis even if it appears to be working as promised (test it). idrive is easy to understand and will not delete files off their servers automatically that may get deleted locally … which is helpful if something got deleted by accident. This is a good product and is relatively inexpensive considering the ease of use and features.

  4. Excellent speed. Highly configurable and reliable software. Very good value if you have a lot of data to back up. I’ve been using them for about 5 years and have about 200 GB backed up.

  5. I would advise extreme caution with this service. I have two accounts, one free one which has worked fine, and one paid “pro” account. Abruptly, the pro account began failing to backup (could not connect to server) and I could not login to my account at all. I first tried to troubleshoot it myself, thinking that maybe my firewall was the problem, but it persisted even with my firewall turned off, and I could not log in to my account from the website, which indicated that the problem was on the server-end. Calls and emails to tech support were unhelpful. Their response was to forward my issue to a higher level of support, which would respond “asap.” This was on 4/3/14. As of 5/20/14, still not a single response from the so-called “higher level of support.” Despite multiple follow-up emails to tech support, all I got was “we’ll get back to you asap.” I have not been able to log in from the website for over two months. I started to ask for a refund by email which was ignored. Finally, when I threatened to go to the blogs and online reviews, someone named Jennifer called me and said they would get back to me by email with a refund or a functioning account in two days, but now 6 days have gone by without a response from her or anyone else. I am presuming they have lost my data and that no one will admit it, as I have not heard anything to indicate otherwise. I have given them plenty of opportunities and time to rectify the situation–would have even been satisfied with a pro-rated refund which I asked for numerous times. I am pretty understanding when it comes to less-than-perfect software, small glitches, or customer-end problems, but in this case my experience with IDrive’s product and most of all customer service has been absolutely atrocious.

    1. Argh…I am having the same issue and have been getting the same lack of response from IDrive. I have been promised numerous times that their “concerned back end team” would get back to me asap. I, too, want to restore my files to a new computer. I’m afraid you are right and they have lost the files somehow. I am thoroughly frustrated and wonder if you resolved your issue somehow.

  6. Here is my experience with IDRIVE (Background: I want to leave IDRIVE as I have been referred to a better solution)—this is my email to their support team—I think it sums up my experience quite well.

    Allen, (I respectfully request that this email be forwarded to your supervisor and that I be cc’d).

    Per the policy cited below “…after 15 days, pro-rated refunds are issued on a case-by-case basis subject to eligibility”, it appears that this entire run around I am getting with regards to’s denial of my request to issue a pro-rated refund is per the discretion of management. That is, it seems the denial of refund is a WILL NOT rather than a CANNOT determination.

    Actually, this comes as no real surprise. Over the last 20+ years, both in my capacity as a consumer and professional, I have witnessed this trend of poor business management at some tech companies such as

    Let’s take a QUICK look at my situation:

    1. Client calls to request cancellation of policy and a refund of their $149.99 annual subscription.
    2. Customer Service representative (JOHN) denies request “based on company policy”.
    3. Not at any time during the call does JOHN seek to determine WHY client wishes to cancel subscription but rather all of JOHN’S energy, effort and TIME is spent explaining why no refund, prorated or in whole, will be issued- – – – It is client’s position that since future services have not yet been delivered, that at least a pro-rated refund should be rendered
    4. Furthermore, at this point BOTH of the client’s requests, cancellation of service and refund of the $149.99 annual subscription, have not been confirmed or granted. This is the FIRST INDICATION that something seems wrong at
    5. After ~15 minutes, client requests to speak to JOHN’s supervisor.

    1. Customer Service supervisor JENNIFER reiterates “company policy “and explains that an email was sent prior to billing explaining this policy.
    2. Despite that client has seemed to receive all previous emails from, client cannot locate said email.
    3. Per request of client, JENNIFER recovers, cites and forwards email initially sent to client.
    4. After ~15 minutes, JENNIFER maintains her policy stance and decision not to issue refund.
    5. Not at any time during the call does JENNIFER seek to determine WHY client wishes to cancel subscription but rather all of JENNIFER’S energy, effort and TIME is spent explaining why no refund prorated or in whole, will be issued.
    6. Still at this point, at ~30 minutes into the call, BOTH of the client’s requests, cancellation of service as well as a refund of the annual subscription fee, have not been confirmed or granted – this is the SECOND INDICATION that something seems wrong at

    1. Department Head/ Support Manager ALLEN…
    a. “Checks” client’s account.
    b. Reiterates (Is reiterating something a third time called tri-iterates?) and forwards an excerpt of company’s “PRICE policy”.
    c. Attaches a link to all of company’s policies.
    2. Despite that client has seemed to receive all previous emails from, client cannot locate said email.
    3. Not at any point throughout the email does ALLEN seek to determine WHY client wishes to cancel subscription but rather all of ALLEN’S energy, effort and TIME is spent explaining why no refund prorated or in whole, will be issued.
    4. STILL at this point, at ~45 minutes into the process, BOTH of the client’s requests, for cancellation and a refund, have not been confirmed or granted. This is my FINAL INDICATION that something seems wrong at

    Despite the fact that I was 45 minutes into and three levels up’s customer service team, not once did any representative ask “why are you leaving our service?” let alone try to utilize my 149.99 as a credit to cross sell me into another service offering or even as an up-sell of the current service package.

    This tells me that at the very least that is not interested in me or my business. WHY? Whether it is that I’m a “small fish” or symptomatic of other problems at, one thing is for sure – – – I will be better served somewhere else.

    PROS: Fast to the draw! It seems that the team at are well versed when it comes to denying refunds to dissatisfied customers wishing to terminate service — – hmmm.
    CONS: Time management, customer service, and problem resolution., by dedicating almost of 1 hour of its resources, has made it quite clear that it will not refund my 149.99 annual subscription, but can I at least get a confirmation that my subscription will be cancelled and billing terminated on May 14, 2015?!?
    Do not terminate or deny access to my account until the subscription lapses. Since I have been forced to pay for and remain subscribed to your service, I will continue to utilize in some capacity up and until May 14, 2015.

    I will await your confirmation.

    By the way——I sure hope this customer resolution isn’t costing IDRIVE.COM more than $149.99.

    1. I had EXACT same experience with SOS, but eventually they agreed to give me my $139.00. I had tried trial for a few days and went to paid because of some mis-info their sales team told me about…to drop trial in order to get paid version. Something like that. They insisted at first that had I TRIED trial, I wouldn’t be in the situation I was in. I explained that their sales staff told me to quite trial and sign contract. (For some reason I can’t recall.) I believe that ONE bitty glitch in it all is the ONLY reason they finally gave in and cancelled my account and issued the refund in full. Again: I am talking here about S.O.S backup service (was June 2012) and I had happen exactly as you describe above for Idrive.

  7. I first started experiencing problems with this “service” about three months in. I couldn’t delete file that ran me over the limit and I was getting additional charges. The technical support on this problem left me at a point where I just abandoned the product and stopped the backup routine. In the interim, I closed my Chase credit card and opened a new one because of a potential compromise. When I got an e-mail from Idrive stating that they couldn’t process the charge and they needed another account number, I ignored it because I had no intention of renewing their clunky product. Lo and behold, somehow they found my new account number and ran the charge against that. I called them to get the charge reversed and I got their “Too bad, so sad” reply because I did not close my account with them within the specified time frame.

  8. iDrive is suprisingly good, because if you make a subscription through their Mobile application, you can get 50gb Backup, 50gb Personal Cloud storage, which makes 100GB for 1 year, for only 0,99$/year (this price continues even on the further subscription).

    iDrive claims NSA Proof, i don’t believe that, i tried iDrive with a couple of experimenting, and sadly i DONT believe their security (it’s just to make it look proffesional).
    So simply, i had a video file on iDrive cloud, and when i was trying to play it, the video through copying Video Source link, i could play the video (during being as logged in). When i logged out, i STILL Could use that link to see videos (during logged OUT!) which means it has 0 Security!. Other Cloud Providers we’re automatically blocking to avoid security leaks during hijack (if someone was going to monitor your network usage).

    iDrive has many good sides, but that doesn’t mean it’s CON-Free.
    iDrive has horribly slow internet, and playback codec support. Their cloud storage is somehow made only for personal use, not for sharing with friends or family.

    However, the most amazing part of iDrive is, it’s the best you can have for Smartphone users to backup your files. Their Android Application is automatically uploading instantly new pictures to the cloud (Auto Camera Backup enabled). And you can set up Scheduled Backup, and check box like all folders in your device, or contacts, messages, call history etc which is optional to backup if you want.

    Speed of iDrive is simply enough for Smartphone users, since smartphone’s not having (or most of them) have blazing fast internet speed, so is iDrive perfect for everyone with smartphone to backup their photo. I never encoured any issue with them. They have integrated 4 pattern password on their application, so everytime you/someone opens the application, it will ask for 4 pattern password that you setted it up (this is customizable if you want, or not).

    The iDrive application is PERFECT for family. Because you can install application to 2 – 3 phones, and backup them simulatenously without getting any issue while all the devices perform backup. Each phone, creates it’s OWN cloud folder, so when you login to iDrive, you will see Folders with according to their Device’s name, so backup files never get shuffled with someone else’s backed up photo/music.

    iDrive support, can’t i rate/say anything, because i never got any problem with them. Their application can be a bit tricky that requires some time to learn how it really works. iDrive security, is GOOD they claim, but i don’t believe that, but that is my thoughs, so don’t really listen what i say, all these are MY review on this cloud.

    0,99$/year for 100GB of cloud storage that supports this much features is simply AFFORDABLE!
    for the price, it’s simply the BEST for the price.

  9. I too was burned by their pricing/refund policy. Essentially you can’t cancel your recurring fee without closing your account. I was two weeks into an auto-renewed annual membership when I cancelled my subscription. Any normal company would either 1) provide a prorated refund, or 2) continue service until the subscription date ends. They do neither. My files were deleted (therefore ending my service) and no refund was provided (even after a phone call and 3 emails with Customer Service).

    Like another reviewer mentions, at no time did anyone from customer service ask why I wanted to cancel and made no attempt to retain me as a client. They do offer refunds on a “case by case” basis…but apparently using 2 weeks of service but paying for 52 weeks is not a valid reason.

    Look elsewhere…there are better solutions out there from better companies. AVOID IDRIVE!

  10. As a person in the IT industry, I have to say that I have found Idrive to be the leader in mobile data storage. The many features ranging from sync options to ios compatibility make it a versatile tool for use in everyday business. I also liked the cutting edge security features which is different from the average cloud based storage system. Particularly when the security of your data is always a primary concern.

  11. I have been trialling iDrive with a view to our company buying it. We want to use it as a backup AND sharing service for part of our business.

    First thing – their tech support is dreadful. I run a tech support team (hence why I am doing the testing) and their level of unhelpfulness staggered me. On one query – my IE9 browser can not open the backup console the response is appalling English was to upgrade my browser. Firstly, how can they have an interface which is not compatible with what is still a heavily used browser (11% Jan 2015). As I want to use it for sharing, we will have customers still using it – what do they do. There was no explanation.

    Some later testing gave us a problem with URL sharing – when a detailed description and evidence of the problem was sent to iDrive, there response was “It works on our computer”. Yup that was it. No advise, suggestions, just that it worked on theirs.

    It is a shame because the interface is not bad, and data speeds seem quite good – but as they have a browser based interface it is a big failing to not support legacy browsers as many peeps still use them (that is why we test with multiple browsers as our customers have them) and to have support that bad means I have uninstalled and will look elsewhere.

    The greatest way to sell your product is to demonstrate the ability to solve problems – tech support liaising with a potential customer is a golden moment when it comes to selling.

  12. In a nutshell: Performance very good (fast upload speed), but the need to improve on support/customer treatment.

    I selected IDrive about a year ago (paid account, I need about 1TB) among a few others after doing tests on upload speed. IDrive clearly stood out in upload speed, which really matters if you need to upload about 500GB! I’m still very satisfied about the performance and feature wise (multiple devices, reorganizing files) I’m happy as well.

    What I do not like is that existing customers pay much higher rates then new customers. Rates have dropped dramatically in cloud storage, but existing customers only benefit a little bit. In my view, they should do better on keeping existing customers.

    So my best option is to shut down the account and start a new one to get it for half the rate.

  13. Always problem with backing up especially for windows 10. Never been able to complete download (size 200+GB data) for the last 10 days. Tried uninstalling and re-installing a clean copy and most recent copy as per support. Nothing works really fedup and have stopped calling or emailing support. Same answers always.

  14. I have been with IDrive for 9 years. Their software always shuts my computer down after it has drawn out the files for backup. Now, after all this time, they have charged me $60+ a month extra because i had exceeded my 300GB quota those three months. Firstly, their crappy desktop application no longer has a recalculate feature to have it rebalance after data has been removed. Secondly, $60/mo extra for the supposedly 200GB extra usage is as much as I paid for the year of usage at 300gb/mo. When i called them to ask that this be straightened out, they offered to reduce one of the 3 months by half. REALLY? To hell with them. There are too many other options. Kick them to the curb.

  15. I started with iDrive this past June ~ today I terminated my account.

    Reasons include:

    Tech phone support is light on expertise and rude.

    During the 5/6 months I was with iDrive (I back up both PCs and Macs) I estimate there were perhaps 10 or more software updates. I did not notice any new functionality with each update. My belief now is that these updates were to fix bugs and enable / re-enable reliable core backup functionality, below is an example.

    Elevated LOL (chat box) Tier 2 Tech support is equally useless. On no fewer than 3 occasions I noticed not all sub-directories of selected parent directories would appear in restore. I called this to “elevated” Tech support’s attention. In each case it took days to receive a reply. Once advised it was fixed NOTHING had changed.

    To be fair, I did test restore – that worked if (a big IF in my view) files/folders were visible / accessible in restore.

    Nonetheless 3 strikes and you’re out — a backup service shouldn’t be more worrisome than no off-site backup at all.

    Here’s the kicker for me. I called iDrive earlier today to discontinue auto-renewal, cancel account and request a refund. They did not ask why I was cancelling, only indicated I would be advised by email.

    My request for a refund was denied – yet my account was closed immediately (confirmed by trying to access online). “Weird int dat?” 🙂 I’m paid through next June and $60 bucks isn’t worth getting my knickers in a knot …. but account was immediately shut down. Interesting business practice.

    I’ve moved to Crashplan. Good luck with your decision.


  16. BIG SECURITY CAUTION! Our family are victims of identity theft following a B&E and a laptop theft. The hackers gained access to our IDrive account. We have not been able to regain control of the account (see the extensive documentation of IDrive’s customer service deficit), IDrive continues to push through bills on an invalid credit card number, and continues to allow hackers access to our online data.

  17. I have used iDrive for over 8 years. Starting with 1 PC, moving up to 4 PCs, then converting to 5 Macs and 3 iPhones. The service has been almost completly flawless. I have contacted Support on 2 occasions.

    The first was an issue with connectivity, the support guys talked me through the problem and it was fixed.

    The second was the conversion from Windows/PC to OSX/Mac. You cannot have an account with both operating systems! I simply created a new account and backed the Macs up to the new account. iDrive were happy to run the old account for 2 months (free of charge) while I did the migration.

    Maybe I have been lucky, but I have been backing up over 1TB for many years from multiple machines, and all I do is check the emails each morning.

    Close to flawless. I understand some of the issues with support – but I (maybe) have been lucky, and have not encountered any problems.

    1. Richard, Thanks for your review. It’s nice to see a positive one. However, I’m confused about something you wrote. You said iDrive will not allow the user to have an account with both Windows/PC and OSX?Mac operating systems running simultaneously. However, here’s a quote from the iDrive review by cNet: “IDrive is a universal online backup tool that lets you sync your files across Windows, OS X, iOS, and Android devices.” They also write: “Multiplatform: IDrive has a consistent experience across Windows and Mac clients, making it easy to jump between operating systems and keep your files.”

      This conflicts with your review. Can you explain this? Is there something I’m not understanding or is it simply that one of the two (yours or theirs) reviews are inaccurate about this capability?

  18. I purchased the 1 TB drive/backup plan almost a year ago. The drive slowly but steadily degraded in connectivity, up/down, over time. It was never filled. CS told me to let the battery drain entirely, then reboot. I did. Same problem. CS asked me for screenshots. Sent. No resolution. I finally told them to replace it, but they refuse. Their excuse is they have to return it to their supplier in order to issue a replacement to the customer, so they demand I send it in for a “bench test.” So much for security and privacy. I’ll be getting another solution, but if you are in the market for a reliable personal cloud, you might want to avoid IDrive.

  19. Hi. I have crashplan wich I found quite unreliable and whose client is quite complicated. No way to save their “complicated settings” for reinstall, and so.

    I would like to test Idrive, and test their client.
    From the answer in this forum it seem taht the free (5g) demo client is not the same as the paying acount (1T) one ?

    If so, testing the free account is pointless… And how to choose the right client if they are so many of them.

    No info on Idrive website. Thank you very much for your idea or suggestion.

  20. Purchased as 12 month subscription today. Installed DataCenterEdition on Linux headless Server and configured backup. All simple enough. I then fired of the backup.. IMMEDIATELY my network hung whilst the backup was running. All my other internet connected machines immediately dropped Internet connectivity, including my work machine that was routed through a hardware CISCO VPN box. I had to cancel the backup. Within 2 minutes all network activity was restored. Something is seriously wrong with the DataCenterEdition product. I set the ‘bandwidth’ option down to 1% – same result. Product is basically unusable in this state. Wrote a detailed report via email to their Support and will wait and see…. not holding my breath.

  21. I sugned up to idrive two days ago and while idrive is ru ning on my mac or s7 my entire network crashes. Dowsnt look like i will bw able to get a refund either.
    Wish i had of read this page. I believed a review in an IT mag.

  22. I’ve been using iDrive for a year now. The backups seem to be ok.

    What drives me insane though is being unable to delete the iDrive Daemon or even force quit it through the Activity Monitor. I like to be able to control what is happening on my machine, especially since I’m trying to track down malware (see JustCloud comment). Just give me an option to Cleanly Uninstall Idrive and I’ll be happier.

  23. Total DISASTER of a service. After a very quick initial backup I then had repeated back up failures, days without a successful backup, then a backup success out of the blue and then the next day the service kept stalling on simple files like an MP3 or a .txt file. Some times it would be doing a backup for 5 days (despite me only altering or adding 2Gb of data) which I eventually had to cancel as I wasn’t sure if it would ever stop or was stuck in some sort of self perpetuating loop – you name it the service kept failing with no discernible pattern to explain why.

    I kept trying to resolve the issues myself by changing the settings but after a few weeks gave up and contacted customer service. They tried to help but couldn’t resolve the issues and then after several different attempts I contacted them again and someone just thoughtlessly emailed me “uninstall and reinstall the program and do the back up again” so in disgust I decided to quit the service via email. I was then informed I couldn’t cancel the service via email so after a busy month long work period I finally rang them up and the guy told me I had to just switch auto renewal off myself and in 10 months my data would be deleted.

    I explained the service had never functioned since day 1 and I felt I shouldn’t have to pay for the service but he explained that in the terms and conditions I have 15 days to evaluate the produce and cancel for a full refund if I was not happy. I presume this clause is buried probably in page 18 of the T&Cs in some small print as I certainly wasn’t aware of it. I asked the guy if he read all the T&Cs in every online service he signed up for he said that he didn’t but I had to abide by them. I then asked him to delete all my data and cancel my account and he told me I had to do it myself but was at least helpful enough to explain how I could do it. He then insisted again that I couldn’t cancel my account I had to just turn off auto renewal and have an account with the dysfunctional iDrive service that I no longer wanted or used for a further 10 months.

    Quite how iDrive can avoid statutory consumer protection laws on selling malfunctioning products and not give refunds is beyond me. Imagine the outrage if Apple sold iPhones and put in the small print you have 15 days to evaluate the phone and beyond that period if it isn’t working you aren’t eligible for a refund. It is not just paying appropriate taxes that the tech industry are good at avoiding, it seems like it is any responsibility at all.

    So here I am warning potential iDrive customers on every review platform that I can find on what to expect from this service and it seems like I am not alone. Ironically I changed to iDrive from Crashplan (which worked perfectly until I changed country when it would fail for a week or two) because there customer service was slow but at least their service actually functioned 95% of the time and when I did cancel my monthly plan they refunded me the money for a month because their wasn’t a back up for a couple of weeks. I believe that is called customer service. I now know why iDrive force you to pay for a year upfront.

    Anyway after unsuccessfully trying cloud back up for over a year now I am now just buying a second hard drive to backup all my data alongside my normal back up hard drive. I will then store the drive off site in case of fire, theft or whatever.

    It looks like cloud storage still has a way to go.

  24. You cannot directly backup a disk image to your cloud storage, but have to back it up locally and then copy it to the storage.

    There is a note on the iDrive site that states ‘no encryption for disk image backups.’ But if you have to back it up locally and then copy it, it will be encrypted in storage like normal I guess?

  25. 1) At least for my DSL connection, the software doesn’t work….in 15+ hours of idle computer time, it backed-up about 8GB of a 157GB drive! That is unworkable. And then the audacity of the software telling me it estimated only another 7-8 hours to complete the task.
    2) On another occasion I did back-up some data to a local external hard-drive, but after a necessary fresh install of Windows 10, I couldn’t decipher the data to reinstall it
    3) So called “customer support” took a week to get back to me….and then mostly with multiple messages that they hope their (never happened) responses had solved my problem.
    4) When I was finally directed to a Chat Session, Harish (sp?) never picked up nor responded to my questions. I wouldn’t define that as a “Chat” session.
    5) Now they magnanimously suggest that I can set it so that the subscription doesn’t renew next year….or will consider prorating it for the full month it hasn’t worked and I’ve been waiting on support!

  26. At present, incremental backup on local drive is not available using Idrive which is a significant deficiency for efficiency. It has been referenced numerous times in the forum as being on a list for potential upgrade. Is this item currently on the upgrade list and has a timeline been set for this.

  27. Oh well, just because of good reviews and the great discount through you YouTube review of iDrive, I bought a 1 year 1TB option.
    Drawback no.1: In the Web Access, you cannot upload larger files than 2GB.

    It works OK from the app (I’m on a Mac) but the app is so non-intuitive. I have to navigate myself through the file structure and mark files or folders for “backup” – but hey, I’m not backing up these files, I just want to upload them to the online storage. There’s no option of drag & drop into the app, I cannot assign where the files will end up, a nightmare. I’m usually storing files on an external drive and then upload to (previously) Google Drive, it worked like a charm over the web.

    One more thing. They have a limit of how many tiomes a file is allowed to be downloaded. People I shared files with complained that they lost access or couldn’t download anything.. Chatting with the iDrive support I’ve got this answer: “Currently, we have a limit of 10 for each file download and 25 for each share link irrespective of the number of files in the share link.”
    What?! Why?

    As the very important last drawback – iDrive doesn’t have the option of mounting a virtual drive in Finder on my Mac. Well, pCloud has it, guess what I did?

    I contacted pCloud and there are no limits of any kind, I’m on a free plan to investigate this file and folder sharing, and… I believe I’ll be going over. They still cost less than Google Drive, for the 2GB plan it’s cheaper than G.Drive for 1TB.

    Thanks for your fine work reviewing all these services.

  28. The company auto renewal policy is a ripoff, I was out of the country and did not return home until 10 days after the renewal, they refused a refund, even a partial or prorated refund. I will not use their service even though I have to pay for the rest of the year.
    They said I wasn’t eligible because I didn’t cancel within the 15 day trial period. this is the craziest policy I seen. ripoff 101

  29. After coming to the conclusion that a fire or sinkhole could render my hard drive inaccessible, I decided to find some cloud storage for my PC personal data. Having about 78 GB of data, I thought ICloud would be the answer. I purchased 1 TB for a year. I set up a backup yesterday, and it ran all night. This morning, after about 20 hours running….it was only 20% complete. I will update later.

  30. Stay away from IDrive. IT’s VERY slow, both upload and download. I’m on optic fibre and I never saw it transferring higher than 4 mbit. Not to mention their really poor customer service.

  31. I simply can NOT avoid writing about IDrive. Why? Because they now just charged me for 69$ even that I deleted my account. Well, you can’t really delete your account, but I deleted all the files & made sure that the auto-renewal is NOT turned on.

    But yea. They turned it on and bam… MONEY GONE!

    Last year they “detected” that my email is “a professional email” and they wanted to make my account a business acount for 100$ per year. They would have done that AUTOMATICALLY if I did not clicked a link on that email.

    My account is PERSONAL… I just don’t use a GMAIL account.

    So this year, about 2 months ago I decided to STOP using IDrive. I clicked delete account which just empties your account from all the files, etc. I made sure that I don’t have auto-renewal active.

    Yet, they still charged me!!

    DO NOT USE IDRIVE! They will make it so you will never be able to delete your account! Even if you set it up to do not auto-renew… they will renew it FOR YOU!

  32. Would NOT recommend it. User goes over their allotted capacity and they get charge for “over usage”. They do this even though they don’t tell the user they will be doing this at the time of opening the account. Nor do they have any notifications in place with thresholds. Nor any configuration allowing the user to configure the software not to allow going over the capacity. You go over it??? BAMMM!!! You get charged.

  33. CrashPlan has abandoned the home market leaving many of us looking for alternatives. Crashplan recommends Carbonite, which I previously used quite happily until the price went up 25% upon renewal (to over $100/yr). Right now I’m testing Backblaze and studying Comodo. Backblaze is extremely simple, even primitive; clunky, and not real fast, but it’s cheap and offers unlimited storage. For basic data backup to cloud for a PC it works. Based on these reviews, I will skip iCloud. Thanks everyone for their advice.

  34. Thanks for these reviews. I am looking for a replacement for Dropbox and would have tried IDrive. Will definitely not do so after reading the reviews here.Thanks everyone!

  35. Automatic upgrade to more expensive plan unless you opt out!

    I got this in the mail:
    “You’ve been with IDrive for a while now, and we hope you’re protecting your most critical photos, videos, and documents. But we’d like to offer you more space, to do more things with! We’ve got a new plan that will give you DOUBLE the space you currently have.
    For just $10 more a year, you can enjoy 2 TB of backup for as many devices as you want, helping you protect your entire digital life, in one secure place.
    Our rock solid 256-bit AES encryption, with optional private key, ensures your data stays in your hands only.
    When your account renews later this month, you will be automatically upgraded to this plan. Or, you can choose to remain on your existing plan by clicking this link.”

    They tried to automatically upgrade my account to a more expensive plan. Horrible business practice.
    Sure, there is a link to opt out, but it’s easy to miss since the mail looks like an offering for another plan and not an offering to opt out. It’s misleading and maybe even illegal?
    I cancelled renewal of my account immediately and will be looking into other backup solutions. I don’t care if it’s more expensive than iDrive as long as they don’t try these kinds of tricks.

    Also backup speeds were horribly slow for me.

  36. I have to chime in and just report what a horrible experience IDrive was for me. Their support has taken a nose dive apparently. It certainly no longer warrants being listed in the strengths column. No more chat support. And phone support is only 6-6 West coast time Mon-Fri. I signed up 2 weeks ago and installed on my Windows 10 machine. Windows 10 has been rock solid for me for a year now… until I installed IDrive. It crashes 2-3 times a day – freezes and then the Win 10 crash screen where it does its memory dump and then reboots. I started an email thread with tech support. The first thing they asked for was a screen shot. Ok this tells me right out of the gate I’m not getting the A team of tech support. Obviously I don’t have screen shots of crashes. I sent the minidump file to them and they then asked me to try installing on another computer. This is like asking a mechanic why the car keeps dying and he says well try a different car.
    I’ll be giving BackBlaze a try now.

    1. Hi, Mike. Thanks for sharing your experience with IDrive. 24/7 chat support is still an option — I just checked. However, it doesn’t sound like it would have been of much help in your case. FWIW, I run IDrive on Windows 10 and haven’t experienced any issues (yet). Hope that Backblaze works out better for you.

  37. I found IDrive as an alternative to CrashPlan (Carbonite is too slow and pricey) and have been very pleased. My backups and restores are completing on a regular basis (400+GB so far) and my restores have been 100%. I really like being able to backup multiple devices – 5 computers and 3 phones in my case – and I can restore easily enough. After all, backups are only as good as your ability to restore.

    I’m a little leary of the potential customer service and billing issues several of you have mentioned and will try to anticipate those beforehand.

  38. I have unfortunately found out recently that iDrive is useless…. I had my laptop stolen and relied on iDrive for a backup.

    As it seems, iDrive had not been correctly backing up even though it stated each day it was successful. I managed to get a partial restore however many important files were either missing or corrupt. I checked all past 10 revisions and every single one of them was the same. It turns out the past 6 months data has issues.

    To make matters worse, support has been completely unhelpful. It takes a week or more to receive a response, if at all, and each time I have been provided with generalised information that is completely irrelevant to my issue. On top of that I have been informed that any missing files are only kept for 30 days and it has now been well past this timeframe due to the slow response time.

    I hope this experience serves as a warning to others to avoid similar issues. I will definitely be changing to another online backup solution and urge others to do the same.

  39. I have very fast internet service and after 2 months my backup is 30% finished. I tried this because it is much less expensive than Google Drive and Dropbox, but you get what you pay for. I expected slower upload speed, but this is ridiculous and not worth the effort if you have more than 100 Gb to backup

  40. Beware of overage charges from IDrive, I paid a $99/year pro subscription and just got a bill for $459 of overage charges, would have liked to decide if I wanted to exceed my quota instead of this.

  41. I used, or tried to use, iDrive for nine months since March of 2017. During that time, I have had about a dozen support calls and emails, and a half dozen or so remote access sessions.

    There were two major problems:
    1. Backups would start, continue for several hours without completing, then fail.

    2. When the backup process ended, iDrive rebooted my computer.

    No amount of fussing with the options, by either me or the tech support team, would fix the problem. At their request, I installed yet another latest copy of the software a whopping seven times, without any change in functionality.

    I began asking for a refund. The company pleaded with me to try to fix it, asking me again to reinstall the software. They then asked me to initiated a remote access session at a time convenient to their engineers in India. After this late night session, which they ultimately abandoned, they once again asked me to continue to work with tech support.

    When I insisted on a refund, they told me that the warranty period had expired. After escalating to a senior member of their accounts team, they finally agreed to issue the refund that I demanded.

    If there is a good cloud backup service for Mac, I would love to hear about it. In the meantime, I would recommend strongly against iDrive.

  42. I just signed up for a 6$ / 5Tb for the first year and I’m not scared but will start working on cancelling the service right away in anticipation of all these problems with customer support next year when renewal is due.
    Based on the reviews, the fact that the website was down for more than one hour when I wanted to sign up, the misrepresentation and miscalculation of the 5TB discount offer and normal price, I have 0% trust in the company security and privacy culture, professionalism or reliability of restores.
    iDrive sounds more like a shell company for scammers and a dream for collection agencies and hackers.
    But hey 6$ for 5Tb (with email confirmation)! I’ll start the service cancellation email chains right away in anticipation for the court date with iDrive 🙂
    I do not expect the restores to work, I do have more than 6$ to spend on giving the first restore attempt a chance.
    The day I have to talk to iDrive will be the day I’ll ask my lawyer to do so.

  43. How come you can review it as FAST? Sure, it is tiny bit faster than Carbonite but still it is not fast, not even close. Either they are having too much traffic for their server setup or they are capping the traffic.. likely both.

  44. It is relatively cheap and it has (somewhat weak but working) sync of substantial space.
    The sync space would have been really usable you could access your files from cloud and delete them on your drive but as it is it is the large space good for ads only 🙂

    The backup is slow and buggy – I had a 1TB MAC drive and it took the better part of 2 month to backlit up (it took less than 3 weeks on Amazon). After the initial backup all went wrong and after three weeks of failure and support contacts (quite unprofessional) I gave up and meanwhile they refuse a refund. I complained from the start that after any glitch they do a rescan of the filesystem that takes between 4 to 8 days! A power failure or any home system shutdown gets you a week of rescan. The upload when at wire speed (around 25GB day). I observed that whenever I moved a file from a directory to another it appeared to upload it again (although files have identifiers that are invariant to their position in a directory tree). They ended up (after more than a month of complaints) a custom version of backup but I refused to play the guinea pig role and cancelled. I have to point out that I had years of good cloud backup on Amazon Drive with Arq and I went to iDrive just because Amazon cancelled their unlimited plan and became quite expensive. iDrive is cheap – but not a good service by any measure.

  45. My experiences with iDrive are very different from the negative reviews in this comment section. I have successfully backed up all my important files from remote locations like Tibet and China. I haven’t experienced any crashes and my files are backed correctly. My hard drive has 1 T and I back up 680 G of content to iDrive from Asia. iDrive lets me back up files from my Macbook Pro and lets me access them on my iPad IN THE SAME FILE STRUCTURE that I organized them in. I can see folders on my iPad the way I organized them on my laptop. This is so much better than apple’s iCloud. iCloud has to separate your files into photos, videos, documents, music, etc. when backing them up into the cloud. iDrive, on the other hand, keeps your own file management system.

  46. IDRIVE is completely useless for local backups. Local backups are not incremental. Therefore, every time a backup runs, the whole file list needs to be scanned, which takes as long as a complete backup, i.e. it can easily take more than 12 hours for several hundreds of gigabytes.

    Local backups also have no file versioning and have no CDP.

    Further IDRIVE on my Mac uses 6% of CPU and 300 MB of RAM all the time, even when no backup is running. I cannot recommend IDRIVE for these reasons.

  47. iDrive is not Mac compatible, in that it doesn’t back up long file names (check your log). The result is much of my music is not backed up (mp3 files names can be verrrry long). I also get “Backup operation failed” many times, sometimes for a couple of days, with no hint why the backup failed (my Mac is always on and connected). Despite these failures, I keep using iDrive (my music is backed up to iCloud, and the backups eventually succeed after failing).

  48. After some months of use on two different accounts and some machines, I agree on some facts: iDrive is cheap and gives you quite a lot of space.
    But if you have some problem and you try to get some help from support, be prepared that you never (yes: never!) get any answer. Your submission form doesn’t have any email confirmation. And your request and your patience ends in nothing. I tried multiple times on different subjects and eventually I had to manage the problems by myself. Very disheartening.

  49. My reason for not using this service is the large nag screen that pops up several times a day trying to sell me more space. I accept that the price of a free account is to be urged to buy a paid version, but this company occupies so much screen space-hours that I’m put off.

  50. Been using Idrive for about a month and have already had several user problems. First off, my backup was broken for a week before I noticed by my removing a backed up directory. Now I look at the logs every day to catch problems. Secondly, when I add a folder inside of a backed up folder it isn’t marked to backup automatically, so I’m now paranoid about making sure that new folders are marked for backup. And lastly, my backup was broken for a week and I didn’t see any indication of that.

    So, I’d say that if you want a backup service where you have to watch it constantly, this is the one for you. You’ll find yourself looking at the logs often, and checking that all the folders that you need to backup are marked for backup. Not user friendly at all. I should have tested restore before buying into Idrive, I hate to see what I’ll have to do there to get that to work.

    Maybe Idrive will become more user-oriented someday. Not holding my breath from the support that I received. The concept of doing those basic things that help users rather than them was taken as all new to them. Like they’d “consider it”, but if I were running a backup service these are things that would work as they should. I wouldn’t need to be told by users.

  51. I took the advise of this website and picked Idrive based on the excitement of the writer. I have yet to feel the same. The Slow uploading speed makes me give up every time it slows down my computer and eats a lot of RAM and CPU. I have about 300 GB backed up but i cant tell difference between a single file, because Idrive doesn’t put thumbnails on all the pics or mp4. I don’t rename my files they are just numbers and it wont let me even watch the ones with no thumbnails so here i am re downloading the 300 gb and its to slow. thats it I am done, i just paid another 150 bucks to have Idrive send me my files on an external drive so I can put them somewhere manageable. Im 300 dollars in and I have done more with a 5 dollar a month go daddy hosting package then i can do with this rip off. lets hope the transfer speed is quicker off line with UPS, i wont hold my breath.

  52. I am not sure why you say their service has good speed. They throttle the uploads, I moved some folders around on my pc and now it is uploading them all again, its been going for over a week now.

  53. Just like all cut-throat corporations, they do a lot to lure you. And then, once you are their customer, fees increase dramatically. Think evil, monopolistic cable company. They do not offer any discount packages for existing customers. They know that many people will just stick with them because of the inconvenience. After about three years, my cost has almost doubled. I definitely will be exploring alternatives.

  54. Do not get duped in to purchasing IDrive plans. $500 dollars charged to my credit card for a 10 TB upgrade which I had not ordered ,while I was
    abroad on holday . No refund given as the “15 day cancellation period “7has passed . They have promised to cancel my account but no refund given. So I have paid $500 for absolutely no product.
    I will be taking this matter through the English and European courts. Also heavy adverse publicity via blogs and customer protection organisations. They will pay dearly for their greed and deception.

  55. Sadly, iDrive does break down on the private encryption key front. Although you can set your own security key, you have to provide it to them over the web. Although they may not permanently store your key, there is a real risk of giving anyone keys to all your data. BackBlaze has this problem too.

  56. I’m really saddened to see so many disappointed iDrive customers. I’ve been getting excited to see all of the tech reviews of iDrive listing all of its cool features listed on paper, but the feedback from actual customers have been such an unfortunate turnoff. 🙁

  57. Stay away from iDrive. The billing department makes mistakes and the support people refuse to help. In my opinion, their behavior is fraudulent. A year after canceling my original monthly service, they charged me an additional full year’s service. They refused to acknowledge my initial cancellation, and they refused to cancel the renewal without my having logged in to an online account, which of course, I did not have after the initial cancellation.

  58. Be very careful with this company. They start wit an attractively based price. The backup is so slow as to be unusable. Once the year is up they push up the price dramatically. I have been trying to cancel my account for about 3 months. They are now threatening to put through a charge despite he fact that the credit card has expired. They will not cancel unless I give them the new credit card information.

  59. I’m a power user. Tried for the first time to restore a 465mb folder. Waited a whole day. Kept telling me it was “Preparing the file list” I gave up, contacted tech support. Received an email with a ticket number, asked to select “send report” after logging on account and re-describe problem and mention my ticket number. “Send Report” Icon did nothing. I turned off auto renew, changed credit card data on file. Will be dumping Idrive. No confidence! Not chasing tech support and will re think my large backups.

  60. DO NOT BUY

    Long time user of a legacy version of iDrive, forced to migrate to the current version to access their current plans.

    Current version simply didn’t work. Not once. Hung on “preparing file set” even when I reduced that to a single 1Kb file. The legacy version had worked in this environment for years.

    When your review says that iDrive support is 24/7 you need to clarify that you probably won’t get a response within 24 hours, and you definitely won’t get a resolution within 7 days. Their efforts were laughable.

    I also faced deceptive practices in cancelling my old account and I fully expect them to pull the same tricks to try to get another subscription payment out of me, up to and including a 404 error on their website at the end of the cancellation process.

  61. IDrive User Rating

    Having been with Carbonite for many years, I thought I would try out IDrive Personal 2TB for a year as it is more flexible. So far, I have to say that I have been very impressed with its continuous backup. New files or changes made to existing backed-up files are picked up within 15 minutes. One update to the review I would mention is that IDrive now maintains 30 previous versions of files when amended and not 10 which was the case for subscriptions prior to December 2018. When I have contacted support with an observation, I have always received an automated acknowledgement email with my ticket number and they then return to me with their helpful response within a few days. Chat support has also worked well for me when required. At time of ‘writing’, there is an outstanding issue regarding viewing HEIC format backed-up photos on the iOS IDrive app and they are currently checking this with their backend technical team. I can only speak from my own personal experience but based on that, I would certainly recommend IDrive to anyone looking for an automated cloud backup solution.

  62. IDrive User Rating

    I have used iDrive to back up my about 1TB of personal storage. It saved my butt when i put my drive int an NAS and the NAS formatted both drives. I probably could have recovered most of the files but the folder structure was gone so a undredthousand files ina single data dump folder would have been impossible to reassemble. It took about 3-4 days to fully download my backup. So it was really slow but it worked and i got my data back. Due to its slowness it probably isnt for business disaster recovery as restoring would mean days of down time. There are options to have them load your files toa drive and ship it to you. Expensive option but maybe worth in a time sensitive business situation. Still probably not much faster than downloading. My biggets issue with iDrive is the application. I have a pretty beefy machine 6 core processor, 32 gb ram 1tb ssd and the idrive app uses a ton of resources. I often times had to shut the app down to use the computer. I now run it on a dedicated machine i use as a server to avoid those issues. All in all its a cheap and versatile solution but probably not for urgent restore needs and I have never bothered to contact customer support but I am an advanced user/tech so I generally dont need tech support. If you can live with slow speeds it will probably be fine for you.

  63. IDrive User Rating

    When looking at the capabilities, most people look at the backup part and not the restore. Doing a restore with iDrive can create one huge mess. If you restore anything more than an individual file, you will get every file that has ever lived in a given folder. If it was deleted or moved to another folder, it will still be restored. Again .. the restore is not the state of your files on a given date .. it is everything that was ever there.

    The snapshot feature creates the same mess. If you choose a date, you will not get your system back to how it looked on that date … it will be that date and everything that was there before, including deleted and moved files. Of course, that is if the program will even give you a file list. More than half the time it will sit there “loading” for a long time, then come up with nothing.

    The only way around this is the “CleanUp” feature. But, that will remove deleted files from the entire backup archive. So much for having a backup!!!

    Also, it is important to note that metadata is not preserved with iDrive. The created/modified date is the date it was backed up, not the actual dates.

    I will not be continuing service after the year is up. I have already moved to Arq with B2 storage.

  64. Stay away from iDrive. Their app created 400 terabytes of backup,
    then charged me for overage. My drive does not even have close to that
    in space. So their bug, created extra storage in my account, then they
    charge for going over the limit.

    I asked for a refund, they said NO, even though tech support confirmed it was a bug.
    This has happened twice.

    This is called FRAUD!

    1. IDrive User Rating

      I had the same issue. I guarantee overage charges are a major part of their bottom-line and a calculated piece of their business model. Software that has limitations such as no de-duplication whatsoever and no ability to cap your uploads, combined with overage charges, make for a nice little scam.

      I’ve been using iDrive for about 6 months now and was mildly happy with it. Backups were fast, but it was clunky to setup and select your data, create rules, etc.. But then I recently archived a few projects from 2018 by deleting unused media and renaming and moving some folders (all within the same folder hierarchy) and it ballooned my backup by roughly 1.5TB. Not only are they not de-duplicating the data, but they aren’t even following moves and renames so every file was essentially backed up twice on their servers. You have to manually run “archive cleanups” AND empty the trash for the data to not count against your quota. That’s not something I want to have to deal with or even think about with my backup software, which should just run in the background and do its job. Unless you have extremely static data, I would completely rule out iDrive.

      I called their support line after finding a hefty bill on my account and I was trying to play nice, but was getting nowhere and finally laid into the guy a bit. I got 40% refunded, but I was far from happy. I will be cancelling my account. My overage charge alone could pay for years of unlimited backup on other services.

      I wish I had a bigger platform to warn others. If you do, please pass this along. These kind of practices should not be tolerated and we need to vote with our wallets – it’s the only way they’ll ever change.

  65. IDrive User Rating

    I noticed that I was approaching my limit of 5TB which was weird because I only had 3.4 TB of data. I didn’t realize that it was not an incremental update and that files no longer on my HDD wouldn’t be deleted. I also found out that external drives cannot have an archival cleanup. My iMac ha a 500GB SSD, I NEED any online backup to be able to deal w/ external HDD’s to be cleaned. I was informed that iDrive does not have that capability and no plans to implement that capability. Very shortsited.

  66. dont touch iDrive with a bargefile. As other’s here have noted, the confusing interface means seems designed to allow you to go over quota without meaning to. I went 700 megs over for a few days and they charged me £200. After protests they offered a mere 20% discount. After more protests, they offered 50% then closed my account without even checking with me. Are you going to trust your data with a company that treats its customers like this? Your milage may vary but be warned. Their business model is premised on punitive fines.

  67. This place is an absolute scam! Run as far away from them as you can. I went 100GB over and immediately deleted the extra data and guess what: BAM $150 charge. There is no way to cap your data use and the interface is crap. RUN AS FAR AWAY AS YOU CAN!

  68. IDrive User Rating

    My only regret about iDrive is that I didn’t see these user reviews before I purchased. The rate of backup was glacial–and it always failed. There was NO support–I tried to get any help at all for 14 days–and I couldn’t even find a way to cancel. Only after I began a dispute through Chase VISA did they send me a link for canceling. Stay away.

  69. IDrive User Rating

    Idrive is a POS company with insidious software. I tried numerous times to get all their crap off of my MAC. I would remove all and reboot and it would be back. I had to wipe my HD and reinstall everything. I hope they burn!!

  70. IDrive User Rating

    To call iDrive software crap, is to insult crappy software! I’ve worked with their technical “support” that doesn’t really do anything. The software fails every day, and is next to useless.

  71. IDrive User Rating

    iDrive works but is unreliable for continuous backup. It occasionally fails and requires intervention, so can not be unattended. Their support is responsive but not useful, recommending reinstall for everything.

  72. IDrive User Rating

    Given that IDrive falls under the five-eyes jurisdiction, I specifically asked them about their policies towards providing backdoors to governmental spying. The first time they replied with an off-topic rave about the quality of their encryption, completely ignoring the real question. I asked twice for an answer to my original question, but never got a reply.
    Poor customer service.
    And probably an admission that they indeed have backdoors installed for governmental spying agencies.

  73. IDrive User Rating

    The negative comments about this company and app are correct. Upload and restore speeds are so slow that the app is useless – and it has also crashed frequently. I’m moving to Dropbox.

  74. IDrive User Rating

    I tried iDrive after reading various ratings. The price was good, and it looked like a decent product. It was easy to install and configure, and things looked pretty good.

    Then it started backing up my computer and things got ugly.

    Every single backup resulted in an error – Unable to backup X files, where X ranged from 5 – 500.
    I contacted “support”, asking them if they could tell me which files were not getting backed up. The information was not in any of the logs I had access to, but I assumed that such information was gathered and kept somewhere. After all, the software had to know the name of the file it couldn’t back up, right? Maybe I had some processes running that had the files locked.

    Support’s first response told me to upgrade to the latest release. I was surprised that there was a new release, as I had only just installed the software a few days earlier. But I did the upgrade.

    The problem persisted.

    I tried contacting them using my original case number, but that one had been closed. So I started a new support request, supplying the logs they requested.

    They responded telling me that I wasn’t on the latest release and needed to upgrade before they could help me.

    It seems they point out point releases VERY frequently.

    So I obliged, and applied yet another version. No change. This time I made sure the support case stayed open. I responded to the case number, and got a response a few days later that…. Surprise, surprise, I needed to upgrade yet again to the latest point release.

    I told them that I wasn’t going to fall for that tech support dodge yet again, and would they please just tell me which files were not being backed up. I got no response. I sent another email a few days later, and got a response… that I needed to upgrade to the latest point release.
    See the pattern?
    I escalated and started getting some support, a few things to try, and follow-on things to try, but never ever any names of the files not being backed up.

    After spending hours and hours trying to solve the problem, I came to the conclusion that this software is not ready for prime time. Based on their inability to fix my issue, they agreed to refund my subscription price. That was a surprise, as I was prepared to just walk way from this disaster.

    It took about 6 weeks for the refund to process.

    I wish this site provided a mechanism for giving them zero stars. They don’t deserve the 1 star minimum I have given them.

  75. IDrive User Rating

    Just signed up with IDrive and began configuring my backup sets. Disappointed that I’m forced to use IDrive’s default backup sets. Would have been preferable to be able to create my own, custom backup sets instead of being limited to essentially two – everything local and everything attached. Seems it would be simple enough to make this option available.

  76. IDrive User Rating

    Agree with the negative reviews. iDrive is garbage. Glad that others pointed out the scammy auto-renew process. I just logged into my account to turn OFF auto-renew (which would’ve created a big jump in price!).

    The main problems have been unreliable and slow backups that NEVER complete, a daemon that eats up way too much CPU and can’t be killed (it just respawns), etc. I need to find something better.

  77. IDrive User Rating

    A nightmare experience!
    I switched to iDrive on May 31, 2019 and it has been an absolute nightmare since then. I keep getting Error messages and have not been able to backup for some strange reason. I contacted iDrive on many occasions through phone calls, chats and emails and everytime I get nothing resolved. They call me in th emiddle of my work day to try to fix the problem and everytime, they take control of my computer for hours and for some strange reason, i keep getting the same error message. After 14 attempts, I gave up and asked for a refund. They refused and insisted on trying to fix the problem. I gave up on this company. I give them A+ for trying and D- for results.

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