NordVPN Review

NordVPN is one of the best VPN providers out there, thanks to its ease of use, excellent security and wide server network. Find out more about what we liked and disliked about the service in this comprehensive review.

By Jacob RoachDeputy Editor
— Last Updated: 16 Sep'19
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Starts from $ 349 per month
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We’ve always been fans of NordVPN, not because of what it is but what it could be. It could easily surpass our pick for the best VPN, ExpressVPN (read our ExpressVPN review). However, as you can see in our ExpressVPN vs. NordVPN comparison, consistency makes the difference, and NordVPN struggles when it comes to that.

In this NordVPN review, we’re going to talk about the pros and the few unfortunate cons. Over the course of the review, we’ll talk features, pricing, user-friendliness, speed, security, privacy, streaming, server locations and customer support. At the end, we’ll give you our verdict on whether NordVPN as a VPN service is worth it.

The short answer is yes. That comes with caveats, though. Inconsistent speed across servers doesn’t only mean you’re not optimizing your connection, it also means you may not be able to connect to the internet. If you’re willing to hunt down the servers that work for you, though, NordVPN can’t be matched.

NordVPN Video Review

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$ per month
top features

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Large server network
  • Inexpensive multi-year plans
  • Included malware blocker
  • Specialty servers
  • Kill switch
  • No-logging policy
  • Works with Netflix
  • Fast on certain servers


  • Inconsistent speed across network
  • Broken server recommendation
  • No split tunneling


95% - Excellent

If there’s anything that sets NordVPN apart from the rest of the virtual private network market, it’s its features. While maintaining a streamlined user experience, NordVPN packs a lot of features in. There are features that make the application more functional, as well as a variety of security features to protect you in the riskiest situations.

NordVPN allows you to specify the server you want to connect to during start-up. Given its specialty servers, that’s a useful feature. Most VPNs default to the fastest location detected.

On the general security end, NordVPN includes a kill switch and CyberSec. CyberSec is a malware and ad blocking tool included for free with any NordVPN subscription. Though not a replacement for the best antivirus software, it is one of the better ad blocking tools we’ve seen from a VPN.

Though having a kill switch isn’t anything special, NordVPN’s has an unusual feature. A kill switch makes it so you’ll only be able to use the internet when a VPN is active, ensuring no personal data slips through the cracks. NordVPN’s does that, but also allows you to appear invisible to devices on your local network and specify which apps to use it with.

“App kill,” as it’s generally referred to, is uncommon among VPNs. By setting applications, NordVPN will cut the connection to those apps when the VPN fails while keeping your normal connection intact. For example, if you want to run an online backup uninterrupted while protecting your browsing, it is essential.

It’s reminiscent of split tunneling but not the same. Split tunneling allows you to send some traffic through the VPN tunnel while other traffic uses your normal connection. Though any VPN can be set up that way, few providers include a way to do it in the interface (read our PureVPN review for an example). Despite its many features, NordVPN is missing this one.

NordVPN’s Specialty Servers

Though app kill, CyberSec and start-up control are useful, NordVPN’s specialty servers are, well, special. NordVPN includes four flavors: P2P, Double VPN, Dedicated IP and Onion over VPN. The peer-to-peer servers speak for themselves — you’d use them for torrenting — as do the dedicated IP ones, but the double VPN and Onion servers are interesting.

Double VPN servers use what’s known as a “double-hop” connection, which was introduced by Windscribe (read our Windscribe review). Instead of connecting to a single server, you’ll bounce from one server to another, effectively doubling your level of security. That, among other reasons, is why NordVPN made it in to our best VPN services for China guide.

Onion over VPN performs a similar function, allowing you to connect to the Tor network over a VPN connection. Tor has its downsides, as you can see in our VPN vs. proxy vs. Tor article, but it’s a decent option for true anonymity.

In addition to the specialty servers, you can set NordVPN to only connect to obfuscated servers in the options menu. We won’t get gritty on the details, but turning on the setting will allow you to bypass strict censorship by scrambling the data of each packet as it’s sent.

NordVPN Features Overview

Starts from$ 349per month


Payment methods
Credit card
Accepts cryptocurrency
Simultaneous connections
Supports split tunneling
Unlimited bandwidth
Free trial available
Refund period
30 days
Worldwide server amount
5244 in 62 countries
Desktop OSes
Windows, MacOS, Linux
Mobile OSes
Android, iOS
Browser extensions
Chrome, Firefox
Can be installed on routers


Can access Netflix US
Can access BBC iPlayer
Can access Hulu
Can access Amazon Prime Video


Encryption types
VPN protocols available
OpenVPN, IKEv2
Enabled at device startup
Allows torrenting
No-logging policy
Passed DNS leak test
Killswitch available
Malware/ad blocker included


Live Chat
Email support
Phone support
User forum


95% - Excellent

When it comes to the best VPNs, NordVPN is among the cheapest. Though Private Internet Access has a cheaper rate month-to-month (read our PIA review), NordVPN pulls ahead of the competition with high-value, multi-year plans. That said, those who can’t commit $125 during sign-up will be forced to go monthly.

  • Unlimited GB Bandwidth
  • 6 Included Devices
  • Bitcoin
1-year plan $ 6.99 / month
$83.88 billed every year
Save 42 %
2-year plan $ 4.99 / month
$119.76 billed every 2 years
Save 58 %
3-year plan $ 3.49 / month
$125.64 billed every 3 years
Save 71 %

As far as monthly plans go, NordVPN’s isn’t bad, but it’s not the best, either. PIA and TorGuard are around half the price (read our TorGuard review), while and Astrill are one and a half or even two times more expensive (read our review and Astrill review). Though NordVPN isn’t as expensive as those two, the monthly plan is the worst option in its lineup.

The annual plan isn’t impressive, either. NordVPN might save you $5-$10 over other top-shelf providers, but going for a year-long contract doesn’t look great when compared to the two and three-year options.

NordVPN comes into its own with those plans. The price of two years is almost the same as a single year with most providers. Three years is only a few dollars more and most providers don’t offer a plan that long. The only competitor to NordVPN for multi-year plans is CyberGhost, which somehow makes two and three-year plans even cheaper (read our CyberGhost review).

Though it provides a lot of value, NordVPN’s pricing scheme isn’t without faults. Because the month-to-month and annual options offer little value, you’re forced into purchasing two or three years upfront. For example, CyberGhost has a higher monthly rate but is around $20 cheaper for a year.

It’s a criticism, but not a massive one. NordVPN remains one of the best values on the market because of its multi-year options, and its inclusion of six simultaneous connections makes the package even more attractive. Plans are refundable for 30 days, too, so you can try before you buy.

As far as payment methods go, NordVPN is better than most, but it doesn’t accept cash like Mullvad (read our Mullvad review). In addition to credit cards and regional payment options, it accepts bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. It recently discontinued PayPal payments, though, which is a bummer.

User Friendliness

95% - Excellent

Signing up for NordVPN is a breeze. After you choose a plan, enter your email and select a payment method, NordVPN will ask you to verify your email address and set a password. You can still use a burner account, but you’ll need to have access to it for the sake of activating your subscription. After setting your password, NordVPN will download the application automatically.

Before getting to the desktop application, let’s talk about about the account dashboard. You can find it by clicking “my account” in the top right corner. You may not access the area much, but it’s where you can manage billing settings, change your plan and purchase dedicated IP addresses. You’ll also find the apps NordVPN offers, including the Chrome and Firefox extensions.

The browser extension is basic, providing a stripped-back connection process, but it’s worth installing. By using the browser extension, you’ll have access to CyberSec and a tool that blocks WebRTC information. As far as connecting goes, it’s best to stick with the desktop app.

It only takes a few minutes for NordVPN to install its application and the virtual network card. After that’s done, all you need to do is log in and NordVPN will boot you to its main screen.

The interface is different from almost every other VPN we’ve tested. NordVPN opens with a massive map showing the countries where it has servers. The window is resizable, too, so you can see as much or as little of the map as you want.

Accompanying the view of the Earth is a list of countries, as well as NordVPN’s specialty servers. Navigation and connection are built in to the main interface, providing a streamlined and attractive approach to VPNs that’s seldom seen.

Clicking one of the map markers will connect you to the best server in that country. Note that the map only represents countries, not regions or individual servers. If you’re looking for a specific location within a country, you’ll have to go at it the hard way.

NordVPN’s attempt at cleaning up the VPN connection experience comes with design consequences. Using the left menu, you can click a country to connect to a server in it — much like you do on the map — but finding a specific server is difficult. There are three dots next to each country that allow you to specify what region you’re trying to connect to.

You can select individual servers, but only from the tiny drop-down menu in the region-select pop-up. In locations such as the U.S., which has almost 2,000 servers, finding the one you want can be a pain. Plus, NordVPN doesn’t label where the servers are. The most specification you’ll get is the country and general region.

Thankfully, you can favorite or search for servers. NordVPN will automatically create a new tab at the top of the server navigation menu with your favorited locations.

Above the list of servers are the specialty servers, which we talked about in the “features” section. As with the other locations, clicking a specialty option will automatically connect you to the fastest options available, and you can specify where you connect using the three dots next to each option.

At the top of the interface, there’s a tab for settings. As opposed to most VPNs, which put multiple tabs in the settings menu, NordVPN squeezes everything on a single screen. Every setting, including the kill switch and CyberSec, has a toggle switch to turn them on or off in this menu.

There’s also an “advanced settings” button at the bottom of the screen that allows you to change your transport protocol, set custom DNS and only use obfuscated servers. NordVPN warns that you should only mess with those settings if you know what you’re doing, though.

It’s difficult to provide a streamlined user experience when there are over 5,000 servers in your network, and NordVPN’s effort doesn’t go unnoticed. That said, as we’ll see in the next section, you’ll have to dig through the network to find the best server available and NordVPN doesn’t make that easy.


60% - Fair

Judging NordVPN’s speed is quite a task. As we noted in our fastest VPN guide, if you cherry-pick servers, it’s the fastest option on the market. For the vast majority of the network, though, the speed is mediocre to terrible. For example, the recommended server based on our location wouldn’t even load the tool we use for speed testing.

We want to make a few notes before getting to the results. NordVPN has a massive network, and we know there are good and bad performers in it. Because of that, we always used the recommended server in a particular country. In some cases, that connection was quick and in others, it failed outright.

U.S. #247923
United Kingdom #201153
Netherlands #66145
Japan #69159
Double VPN (U.S. to Canada #4)79

Testing NordVPN was infuriating. Some servers connected quickly, while others would connect and not load any webpages. To say the performance is sporadic would be an understatement. NordVPN has the highest level of variance of any VPN we’ve tested, and, though the highs are high, the lows are low, too.

We assume there’s something wrong with NordVPN’s recommendation system. For example, when trying to test a Double VPN server, the connection continually failed. When we selected our own server, though, it was successful.

In the real world, that translates to headaches when trying to find a server. As we mentioned in the “user friendliness” section, we commend NordVPN for attempting to streamline such a large network, but whatever logic is behind the system isn’t cutting it. The performance across servers varies too much and NordVPN’s recommendation system doesn’t help the matter.

The upside is that you can get quick speeds. When NordVPN is operating at full steam, it trumps almost every provider on the market. Its latency stays low in the process, too, which is why it earned a silver medal in our best VPN for gaming guide.

Based on our testing, it’s best to select a region and attempt to find the server with the least load. We’re not sure if NordVPN is trying to fill a server before recommending another one, but the fact remains that, in nearly all cases, the recommendations are subpar and not representative of what its network is capable of.



95% - Excellent

NordVPN supports OpenVPN and IKEv2, which are the best options available, as you can see in our VPN protocol breakdown. Though both are available, that isn’t apparent at first. NordVPN only installs with OpenVPN on your desktop, so if you want to use IKEv2, you’ll have to install it manually.

As far as VPN security goes, though, OpenVPN with AES 256-bit is what we look for, and NordVPN satisfies on that front. Some less popular protocols, such as PPTP and L2TP, aren’t available. Though that isn’t relevant to most users, NordVPN can’t scratch the itch for those who want to use them.

What it lacks in protocol options it makes up for in security features. NordVPN’s specialty servers are almost all focused on security, and the ability to obfuscate packets secures the hatches more. Even without a proprietary protocol like VyprVPN’s (read our VyprVPN review), NordVPN builds on OpenVPN’s open source nature to go beyond standard security.

We tested NordVPN for DNS leaks, as well as IP and WebRTC leaks. It passed on all fronts and did so without multiple DNS redirects.


100% - Excellent

NordVPN only keeps the information about you that is necessary. As it pertains to VPN usage, no identifiable information is kept. As NordVPN says at the top of its privacy policy, it “want[s] you to understand what limited information [it] collects and what may happen to that information when you use any of the NordVPN services.”

Creating an account gives NordVPN two pieces of information: your email address and payment method. You can use a burner email, but you must be able to access it to complete registration.

NordVPN’s payment partners also collect billing information if you use a credit card, but, unlike Buffered VPN, that information isn’t tied to your VPN usage (read our Buffered VPN review).

On its website, NordVPN also collects cookie information for affiliate tracking and analytics, as well as customer service inquiries. When using the VPN, the only data collected is server load information. That data doesn’t identify users and is used for gauging server performance and spotting outages.

Other than that, you’re off the record. As noted in our anonymous browsing guide, true online anonymity is a pipe dream, but NordVPN gets close with its strict stance on privacy. It operates under the jurisdiction of Panama, which has some of the best privacy laws in the world, ensuring the no-logs policy can be adhered to.

Streaming Performance

100% - Excellent

Testing streaming performance was as annoying as testing speed, with NordVPN consistently recommending servers that were so slow we couldn’t load content. Again, selecting a server ourselves was much, much better. The experience was so good, in fact, that NordVPN took a spot in our VPN streaming guide.

It also earned a place in our Netflix VPN and BBC iPlayer VPN guides, connecting to both platforms without fuss (outside of selecting a server, that is). Hulu and Amazon Prime Video were also fine.

NordVPN Netflix

Like speed, Netflix performance comes down to server selection. Using NordVPN’s recommended servers, we were able to connect to the website but not stream content. We didn’t get a proxy error, but the speed of the server was so rough that the website wouldn’t stream anything. Stick with choosing the server with the least load in a region and you’ll be fine.

Server Locations

95% - Excellent

When it comes to server numbers, NordVPN is an industry leader. It has 5,191 servers in its network at the time of writing, and the amount has only gone up since the last time we reviewed it. Though the number of servers is staggeringly high, the spread leaves something to be desired.

We’re not complaining. NordVPN’s presence in 62 countries is more than most VPN services, but the large number of servers sells a dream that isn’t true. HideMyAss, for example, has locations in almost 200 countries — read our HideMyAss review to see the bad side of that service.

Compared to most providers, NordVPN exceeds the bar, even if it’s by a thinner margin than the server count suggests. Most of the locations are focused on the Americas and Europe, but there are locations in the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, even if most of the exotic options HideMyAss and ExpressVPN have aren’t offered.

Customer Service

98% - Excellent

Support is yet another strong point for NordVPN. The majority of questions can be answered using the knowledgebase. It is divided into four categories, and NordVPN does a good job explaining topics. Like some providers, it mixes frequently asked questions with the knowledgebase, which may make answers difficult to find.

That’s offset by the search bar, which seems like something you can’t get wrong, but we’ve found providers where only specific keywords would pull up articles. That isn’t the case with NordVPN, though. The search function always found articles pertaining to our topic quickly.

You can’t find direct support from the knowledgebase, but clicking “contact us” in the footer will bring up the options. Live chat is surprisingly good. A lot of VPNs have mediocre live chat that’s only suitable for answering basic questions and directing you to the knowledgebase. NordVPN’s is knowledgeable about the product.

It’s probably even better than email support. We sent the same question about protocols over live chat and email and got mostly the same response. Live chat only took a few minutes, though, while email took a few hours.

Overall, we’ve never felt like we were in such good hands. NordVPN’s support system is ideal, providing quick and through answers without hassles.

The Verdict

We want NordVPN to be everything it can be, but that isn’t the case. If the recommendation system was better and there was more consistency across locations, we’d have no issues. The problem is that there’s such a wide gap between good and bad servers, and finding the options that work for you is headache-inducing.

Ignoring that, though, NordVPN is about as good as you’ll get when it comes to VPNs. It includes a lot of features, has quick speeds on some servers and maintains a clear dedication to privacy. Out of our VPN reviews, you won’t find many better options.

What do you think of NordVPN? Let us know in the comments below and, as always, thanks for reading.

NordVPN Frequently Asked Questions

Does NordVPN Offer a Free Trial?

No. NordVPN is a paid VPN service, but your plan is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How Do I Download NordVPN?

You can download NordVPN by signing up for an account and logging into your dashboard.

Does NordVPN Work with Netflix?

Yes, NordVPN works with Netflix. Our testing shows that multiple servers around the world are able to access Netflix without any issues.

Is NordVPN Free?

No, NordVPN is not free. There isn’t a free trial, either, but you can test it out risk-free with the 30-day money-back guarantee.

How Many Servers Does NordVPN Have?

NordVPN has 5,000+ servers in over 60 countries. The exact number of servers fluctuates from time to time, so we recommend checking the server status page for up to date information.

How Do I Login to NordVPN?

You can login to NordVPN from your browser using the “my account” button on the home page. The local application will ask you to login whenever it opens.

What Price is NordVPN?

NordVPN costs $11.95 per month, $83.88 per year, $95.75 per two years or $107.55 per three years. The three year plan shakes out to less than $3 per month and is fully refundable for 30 days.

Does NordVPN Work With Chrome?

Yes. NordVPN offers a Chrome extension that mirrors the local application. If you have the application installed locally, you do not need to use the Chrome extension.

Is NordVPN Good For Torrenting?

Yes, absolutely.. NordVPN almost enthusiastically supports torrenting with its special P2P servers, and we’ve made it our top pick more than once for P2P file sharing.

NordVPN Review

Secure and user friendly, we can recommend NordVPN to anyone

NordVPN is one of the best VPN providers out there, thanks to its ease of use, excellent security and wide server network. Find out more about what we liked and disliked about the service in this comprehensive NordVPN review.
Starts from$ 349per month
Visit NordVPN

11 thoughts on “NordVPN”

  1. NordVPN User Rating

    NordVPN sucks. It worked for a few months and then it completely stopped working for me here in China. I complete waste of the $99.00 I spent for three years. Don’t waste your money; find something better. I think all these reviews are bogus, meant to scam people into purchasing it.

    1. - Chief Editor

      Hi Paul, while I’m sorry to hear that NordVPN no longer works for you, please don’t blame us for it. We have been testing NordVPN for over three years now and have never experienced an issue like yours. We take great care to make sure that all the information we provide people is up to date and accurate and will be testing whether your problem is related to being in China, as that country has recently gotten very serious about enforcing its VPN ban. Good luck finding another provider.

  2. NordVPN User Rating

    I subscribed to nordvpn in Turkey it works for my pc ok but my iphone 8 is not. i don’t know whether my phone or application got some bug that preventing connection to any servers. i tried every possible way to solve it with technical guys but no luck, so i gave up. i am travelling and working in China as well for some times. hence better to continue my ex vpn provider expressvpn.

  3. I paid for Nord, and I had nothing but trouble with it constantly crashing, bbc was all but impossible since they caught up with nord ALL THE TIME, and when i complained to nord, all they said was ‘yes, we know’ – I’m furious to have spent money on a scam.

  4. NordVPN User Rating

    Don’t know if I would give NordVPN 5 stars, but it’s definitely somewhere near that. Went to China 4 times (3 times with Nord) and it worked pretty great. The price is my only concern, I think

  5. NordVPN User Rating

    After spending literally hours with the tech reps from Nord my download speeds are literally 1/2 of what they are without Nord activated. I firmly believe their technical assistance folks LITERALLY don’t know what they are doing! During the course of my troubleshooting, they caused the service to literally fail altogether. I couldn’t sign in at all and then when I could I couldn’t access the internet. WHAT A TREMENDOUS WASTE OF TIME. This company has obviously not tested their software the way they should. STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!! AVOID AT ALL COST!

  6. NordVPN User Rating

    It might be bad for someone, but, it’s good for me. I have set it up myself, I had no problems connecting to Netflix and I don’t face any speed issues. So whether my ISP is super fast and I just don’t notice the drop or Nord truly doesn’t affect the speed. Anyway, I think it’s good.

  7. NordVPN User Rating

    I’ve been using NordVPN since the beginning of the year and all I have to say is that it works great for me. The speeds for me are pretty consistent. I’m in the U.S., and the speeds are great while using servers in the U.S. and Iceland. Even in far places, I have no problems with buffering and speeds, in my opinion, speeds are very good. There are times that speeds may slow down when browsing all I have to do is log out of the server and use another server or log in to the same server, this happens very rarely. Customer service is good if you like to do online chatting or email. They do respond quickly and solve the problem. I would prefer to have a phone number and have someone on the other hand, but that is just me.

  8. NordVPN User Rating

    I’ve had NordVPN for around 18 months now. I bought a 3 year subscription with the hope of being able to watch US Netflix from Australia as at the time I’d just been connected to the NBN. I must admit I haven’t been real successfull. Last time I tried I was able to connect and watch Netflix, but it was pretty crap quality as I’m guessing the connection speed wasn’t there to watch in HD. I have the top speed plan on offer in Australia on the NBN, 100/40Mbps, so I’ve been quite disappointed in NordVPN’s ability to deliver a decent speed, keeping in mind that the servers on the West Coast are 12,764klm from Melbourne. Anyway, it’s been a while since I tried watching Netflix so I thought, upon seeing this article, that I’d test the speeds to San Francisco using Ookla speed test, both with Nord on and off along with using single and multi threaded connections each time. It’s just after 6pm so people are getting home and will be starting to use their internet for streaming etc. I have a HFC connection, (thank God I don’t have FTTN), and in all the tests I’ve done there has been very little difference in the speeds with or without the VPN running, in fact, the very last test I ran with Nord on and connected to San Francisco server #4347, 12643klms away, my speed was 99.9Mbps down, 37.4 up, and a test to a server 25klms away without Nord running 94.6/37.4 and with Nord running, 90.8/37.1, so I’m not losing much speed at all, although of course the ping times in all scenarios are much higher with NordVPN running so gaming is out of the question, but I’m impressed by the results I’ve gotten in the many tests I’ve done. One thing I’ve never tried when attempting to watch US Netflix is changing servers, so given the speeds I’m now receiving, I’m going to jump on to Netflix USA and see what the performance is like. Also, NordVPN is brilliant for torrenting as mentioned in the article. As I haven’t been able to watch Netflix USA in the past, I’ve downloaded many shows etc over bit torrent and it’s very reassuring to know that I can’t be seen. I like NordVPN, I’ll keep an eye on things over the next 18 months and if needed, move to the best rated VPN provider. Until then, like it or not, I’m stuck with NordVPN. I only paid AU $120, (US $79 for 3 years, so I can’t really complain).

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NordVPN Review

Secure and user friendly, we can recommend NordVPN to anyone

NordVPN is one of the best VPN providers out there, thanks to its ease of use, excellent security and wide server network. Find out more about what we liked and disliked about the service in this comprehensive NordVPN review.
Starts from$ 349per month
Visit NordVPN