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Degoo promises 100GB of free online backup space, but is lacking in virtually every other respect. Except for its mobile apps, which are pretty good.

By Joseph Gildred
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Starts from $ 093 per month for 2000 GB
Free plan available (All Plans)

We’re as easily enticed by free storage as the next person, here at, so we decided to put Degoo through our usual review process: to see if it stacks up to the competition.

Degoo bills itself as a cloud backup, not cloud storage, service. If you’re unclear on the difference, here’s a primer on the subject. But, in a nutshell, it means Degoo isn’t geared towards work productivity like Dropbox or are.

So there are no integrated apps or file syncing, and file sharing options are limited, too. The problem with Degoo operating in the cloud backup space is that for those purposes, 100GB doesn’t get you far.

Most users need more than that, to adequately protect their hard-drive’s content, so chances are you’ll end up paying Degoo for a subscription. And that’s where things start to fall apart with this service. Degoo charges $9.99 per month for 2TB of cloud space.

But you can get unlimited storage from services like CrashPlan and Backblaze, for half that amount. The other problem with Degoo is that it’s basically as bare-bones as a backup service can be.

It doesn’t have any scheduling options and doesn’t support continuous backup. On top of that, it doesn’t process files efficiently, compared to more advanced services. Plus, security is okay but not great, and customer service is as thin as it gets.

If you’re serious about protecting a hard drive and don’t mind spending $5 a month, you can do much better, start off by seeing our 2017 Best Cloud Backup roundup, for some ideas. All that said, we pride ourselves on finding the utility out of any tool, and we’re happy to report, Degoo does have a bright side.

It’s one of the few multi-platform cloud backup tools with mobile backup available. If you’re looking for a cheap way to backup mobile multimedia content, 100GB should do the trick just fine. Plus, the service’s mobile app sports their best interface, by far.  

Read on for the dirty details.

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • 100GB free backup
  • Android & iOS backup
  • Swedish-based privacy
  • Good referral program
  • Connects multiple devices


  • A bit expensive
  • No backup scheduler
  • No block-level transfers
  • Unresponsive support

Alternatives for Degoo

  1. 1
    • Continuous Backup
    • Incremental Backup
    • External Drive Backup
    • NAS Backup
    • Unlimited Backup
    • Versioning
    • Private Encryption
    100-2000 GB
    $ 093
  2. 2
    • Continuous Backup
    • Incremental Backup
    • External Drive Backup
    • NAS Backup
    • Unlimited Backup
    • Versioning
    • Private Encryption
  3. 3
    • Continuous Backup
    • Incremental Backup
    • External Drive Backup
    • NAS Backup
    • Unlimited Backup
    • Versioning
    • Private Encryption
    5 GB - 12.5 TB
    $ 579
  4. 4
    • Continuous Backup
    • Incremental Backup
    • External Drive Backup
    • NAS Backup
    • Unlimited Backup
    • Versioning
    • Private Encryption
    1-1000 GB
    $ 299
  5. 5
    • Continuous Backup
    • Incremental Backup
    • External Drive Backup
    • NAS Backup
    • Unlimited Backup
    • Versioning
    • Private Encryption
    5-Unlimited GB
    $ 660
    Save 17 %


60 % – Fair

Degoo comes with just enough features to backup people’s devices.

Beyond the above stated perks, we found quite a bit missing in our analysis. For example, Degoo doesn’t let users schedule backups or switch-on continuous backup, like other services.

While you can initiate a backup at anytime, Degoo runs backups automatically every 24-hours. We prefer more control over what days and what time our backups run.

Also, while Degoo uses incremental file transfers, it doesn’t use a block-level system. With block-level architecture, only the parts of files that have changed get backed up. Everything else stays the same.

This system helps speed up the backup process and keeps it from sapping a system’s resources. The other main issue with Degoo is that users can’t initiate file uploads, or access their content directly via a browser.

Which raises some flexibility and security concerns for us, since it means you’ll need to install the desktop app to retrieve content, if you’re on someone else’s computer.


60 % – Fair

Most of Degoo’s users probably signed up for the free 100GB of backup space,  on top of that, users can get additional storage by referring a friend. You get 3GB per friend, capped at the 500GB limit.

There’s also an option to “loan” Degoo unused processor resources, for an additional 10GB of free space. Degoo uses this extra CPU power to:

  • Mine digital currencies
  • Predict weather patterns
  • Aid in scientific computations

It’s how they make money off of free users. Once those free users eventually start running out of space, Degoo Premium will bump them up to 2TB of backup space.

You can sign up monthly for $9.99 or get a 20% discount by paying a year in advance. Or, you can sign up for five years in advance for a 60% discount. Or, if you want to get crazy, get a 90% discount by signing up for a mere 100 years!

We’d recommend sticking with the monthly or annual options, given the rate at which technology changes and companies disappear.

Honestly though, once you’ve started thinking about paying for online backup, you’re better off looking beyond Degoo. Other companies offer more cost value and better services. One advantage Degoo does have over virtually any other backup service (other than IDrive and SpiderOak) is the ability to backup multiple devices with a single subscription.

So if you’ve less than 2TB to backup, and 3-4 computers, Degoo might make more sense than other options. However, before making that decision, we highly recommend you understand the significant limitations of this service, when it comes to features and user experience.   

Desktop Experience

50 % – Poor

Most basic backup operations on Degoo will be run from its desktop app. After installation, the wizard will walk you through the early steps, starting with a selection of folders to store online.

You can add multiple folders to the backup process by control-clicking on them. A check box beside filenames would have made the process easier, but it’s not a big deal

Once files have gotten selected, Degoo will run an initial backup. The program keeps you informed of how far along things are, with a status bar and countdown clock.

If you find Degoo is running too slowly, clicking “help” near the bottom of the interface will provide some extra options.

These include the “turbo ” and “power-saving” modes. The placement and toggling of these options are a bit confusing.  We’d have preferred to see them located in a “settings” menu, which would be more intuitive. To turn turbo on, then off again, you have to open, close and reopen the “help” pane — convenient, right?

There’s no simple way to toggle it on/off.  This shortsightedness is especially concerning since, with turbo mode off (which it is by default), Degoo runs far too slowly to be a viable backup tool.

Be sure to read the “Performance” section for more details on this issue. The clumsy design also plagues Degoo in other areas, for example, the service doesn’t have a backup scheduler, unlike most other online backup tools.

With Degoo, backups simply run every 24 hours.

If you don’t want to wait, click the arrow at the bottom to run a backup immediately. We sometimes had to click on it two or three times to get it working, which is confusing, because it’s not made clear that clicking the arrow initiates an immediate backup in the first place.   

To recover files, click on the interface’s middle tab, called, “download your files.” Then, click the “start new recovery” button.

A browser window will open that lets you look through stored folders on Degoo. Find what you want (based on your file structure) and before hitting “start recovery,” check the download location listed at the bottom of the window.

Click “change” if you want to designate a different location.

The final tab in Degoo’s desktop app is “Preferences.”

Where, you’ll find an indicator showing how much storage got used, plus options to:

  • Get more space by sharing unused processor power
  • Keep files in Degoo after you’ve deleted them from a hard drive

There’s also an option to unlink computers from Degoo, which will delete all the content you’ve backed up on the now unlinked PC(s).  

Browser Experience

40 % – Terrible

The Degoo browser experience doesn’t measure up to other backup services because there’s no way to access stored content. With services like IDrive and CrashPlan, if a computer’s hard drive fails and you need a file fast, just go online on another computer and get it.

With Degoo, you have to download the desktop client first. An act that presents a security risk, if you’re using somebody else’s device to get at your content, plus, it takes time.

Degoo’s online abilities are limited to activities like checking how much storage you’ve used, inviting friends to sign up, changing a password and upgrading accounts. There is also an option to send files to others, who aren’t directly tied to backed up files. It works more like a file-transfer service, similar to WeTransfer.

Mobile experience

80 % – Good

Degoo has mobile apps for:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Amazon Kindle

Here’s one thing that was clear, as soon as we started testing the mobile experience on our (non-combustible) Samsung Galaxy Note 5: the mobile experience is by far the most compelling reason to use Degoo.

Most major backup solutions provide access to stored content from a mobile app, but not many let users backup mobile data itself.  With Degoo, you can automatically backup photos, documents, videos, and music, plus choose any other file to backup.

There’s also a photo “optimizer” option, in which all of your pictures are automatically uploaded to Degoo, and shrunk to fit a phone screen.

You can still access the full-size photos on Degoo, as images stored on the phone are just smaller versions. Thumbing the “menu” button on the top-left side of the app will let you check your backup status, access files, make backup changes and perform other tasks

There’s also a button at the app’s top, designated “send files.”

As with the browser app’s “send files” capability, you can send any file via your phone. You’re not limited to what’s stored in a backup. You can also access and send files backed up on a computer.

When selecting a file to send, Degoo creates a URL link and copies it to your clipboard. You can copy that link into a text or add it via social media. Degoo will let the user pick which apps to send files with automatically, which can pretty much be anything: WhatsApp, Gmail, Slack, etc.  Still, the mobile app doesn’t justify $9.99 for 2TB of space, but overall, the experience is pretty fluid.

The 100GB of free space (plus bonus space options) you get, makes Degoo a nice, cheap way to backup and share mobile content, if the free space that comes with Google Drive or iCloud is no longer enough.

Speed Performance (Turbo Mode: ON)

80 % – Good

Like most people, we get impatient when waiting for computer tasks to complete. So, whenever tests a cloud storage or backup solution, we perform a few speed tests.

In this case, we transferred a 250MB compressed test folder, comprised of multiple different file types. This folder is the same one we’ve used for similar experiments with other cloud services.

We performed the test over a Wi-Fi connection in a location just outside of Boston, MA. Download and upload speeds at the time of the test were 40Mbps and 12Mbps, respectively.

If you do decide to try Degoo, make a mental note of this next bit.

By default, Degoo has “turbo” mode turned off. If kept off, files will upload at a snail’s pace of 300 Kbit/s. Under that speed, it took 1.5 hours to upload our test folder! Turn on “turbo” mode, and it takes four minutes to upload a 250MB file or folder.

The difference in speed is so staggering that it doesn’t make sense to even have turbo as a feature that can be switched off in the first place! Degoo claims keeping turbo off helps free up system resources, but we didn’t notice any issues with it turned on either.

The only reason we can think turbo is off by default is the fact that Degoo would rather minimize the resources a CPU devotes to backups, so that they can use your processor for mining digital currency, instead (assuming you’ve opted into that option for another ten free gigabytes of storage).

With turbo on, Degoo outperforms most cloud backup services we’ve looked at, at least when it comes to initial upload speeds.

However, when it comes to updating files you’ve already uploaded, those same services blow past Degoo, regarding speed. Why? Well, it’s because Degoo doesn’t use block-level data processing in their architecture. Block-level processing means only the parts of a file that have changed get backed up again, rather than recopying the entire file.

So, it’s much faster. We tried to confirm the absence of block-level transfers with Degoo but couldn’t get a response (more on that issue further below).

That’s too bad because adding block-level processing would save system resources, while keep data transfers moving along — which Degoo could then turn towards their mining activities (if that’s something you’re amenable to).


70 % – Decent

Many people overlook security when choosing a cloud backup service. However, at, we stick privacy at the top of our checklist. Degoo is headquartered in privacy-friendly Sweden, putting your data outside the U.S. government’s official reach.

Note: Of course, if you’re in the U.S., your data activities could still be monitored, including now by ISPs. Now’s the time to consider VPN services seriously.

Degoo incorporates multiple data centers to ensure content is always available. These data centers are “hardened,” meaning they’re secured against

  • Hard-drive failure
  • Natural disasters
  • Burglary attempts
  • Digital data thieves

The service encrypts data while in-transit between device and data center, with SSL/TLS tunnels. Once information arrives at the data center, it’s encrypted server-side with 256-bit AES encryption.

This level of encryption is the most standard for cloud services and has never been broken (yet). Degoo also secures passwords in their system with PBKDF2, a key-stretching algorithm, and HMAC512, a keyed-hash message authentication code.  

That’s all well and good, but we wish Degoo also offered private end-to-end encryption, too. Also known as zero-knowledge encryption, this approach to security means that a service doesn’t store your password and encryption key at all.

Granted, zero-knowledge also means that forgetting the key password is the same as kissing your data goodbye forever. But, that’s nothing a good password manager can’t solve. For users who prefer a higher level of encryption, IDrive, CrashPlan, and Backblaze all offer zero-knowledge encryption.

On a final security-related note, Degoo doesn’t offer two-factor authentication; a means of protecting an account with an additional verification requirement when inputting user credentials (usually in the form of a text message or email code).

This oversight makes Degoo more susceptible to brute-force attacks. 

Customer Support

20 % – Terrible

Good support is critical when storing time-sensitive content and it’s also the one place where many cloud tools fall short, well, Degoo falls right into the abyss with that trend. Their support portal offers a handful of helpful articles that are searchable, though most of the content is pretty thin on details, we’ve certainly seen worse.

Here’s the main problem: If you can’t find what you’re looking for, Degoo only has one contact option: email. No telephone support or live chat options are available.

To make matters much worse, Degoo doesn’t answer emails. We posed a few test questions, to test their response time and information accuracy. We then waited patiently, then less patiently.

We’ve waited for a week already, and there’s still no reply!

At the time of this publication we still haven’t received any answers to our initial and follow-up emails, but if that ever changes, we’ll let you know.

Granted, you might be hearing from our great grandchildren on this matter (maybe that 100-year plan makes sense after all).

Final Thoughts

It’s fine to give Degoo a fair shake on a smartphone, because not only is a 100GB (or more) of free backup space very welcome on the phone, Degoo’s mobile experience seems to be the only worthwhile thing they offer. Since its browser, and desktop experiences are less than stellar.

Also, Degoo isn’t as cost effective as more modern cloud backup options. On top of that, its sparse desktop app, complex design, nearly non-existent browser experience and unresponsive support left us shaking our heads. It’s hard not to wonder if Degoo is so keen on using your unused processor power to make money, that they’ve taken their eye off of developing a good backup product.

That said, a few of our favorite backup services don’t offer any mobile data backups. So if you’re a customer of those services and need smartphone backup that won’t break the bank, Degoo is worth a look.

100GB will be plenty for most and not cost you a dime. So, that’s our take on Degoo. We’d love to hear yours in the comments section below and thanks for reading!  

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72 thoughts on “Degoo”

  1. I’ve installed Degoo free 100GB account today and it seems it’s has a bit different specs that what is mentioned here :
    1. it has up to 14 days file-restore option
    2. You can link 2 devices in the free account (I linked my pc and android phone).

  2. I can only warn people to use this service. I have a paid option with 2TB storage. However, i backed up a lot of private and business data on Degoo (Thanks god i have also a harddrive backup).

    The upload to Degoo works pretty fine, so thumbs up on this, but when it comes to restore the files, its a disaster! I am not able to download some of my files. It downloads 30-40% and then starts from 0% again. I tried it a few hours to download a 2GB file, i tried it on different days and even on different devices (computers) its just dont downloading it.

    So, i can not recommend this service at all. The support also do not reply to my mails, i am currently waiting more than a month on a reply.

    1. i paid for the lifetime 2TB service. My experience so far has been extremely negative. the uploads are extremelly slow, so much that i cant use this service as a share. shows my connection speeds are as i pay for, but degoo constantly hovers around 11kbit/s. I have zoolz, onedrive and onebox large storage facility which works much better than this, i was going to link a NAS to degoo as a backup for that data, but really this is unusable. I did get a reply from email support after a month and me posting my experience on their app review, they said they are having a ‘speed’ issue. Avoid this cloud service is my advice.

  3. I have purchased their 2TB storage plan. Have not tested yet if the restore works, but their app is using 5-20% of my CPU at all times even when it is not uploading anything to Degoo! There is an app option to get extra space by letting Degoo use unused processor time, but I have this option turned off. Unless Degoo fixes this issue, it is a company that should not be trusted.

  4. Just something to consider, the TOS still states P2P storage §9.1 & §92. The client installer brings 3rd party software adcrap… and the client has an (at least opt-in) option for mining cryptocurrencies on your machine….

  5. I have 2 tb backup plan. No problems until now. I bought it as an additional backup measure for my writing files. I wanted a backup only solution because cloud storage some times destroys files by wrong synching.

    Their synch app need more features. On I know that is a backup service but it needs their the web to have the option to recover a file.

    The best of all is that with one account you can backup unlimited pcs and smartphones.

  6. I set up Degoo and backed up around 200GB of files.

    A couple of months later I happened to bring up the desk top client and discovered that I no longer had the vast majority of the files backed up.

    The client started backing them up again, but that would have been of no use whatsoever had I needed to access the files.

    I have emailed Degoo, but with no response.

    I would strongly advise against using this service for important files.

  7. I think you should mention about “free” is not so free! As soon as you register, appear a message: “You have to invite at least 10 friends to access the free version of Degoo for Windows and Mac OS.”

    Hmmm. I think this fact is worth to mention at least in the article.

    1. Hi Mila,

      This is entirely new information for us. Thanks for letting us know, we’ll look into it immediately.

      Kind regards,
      Fergus O’Sullivan (chief editor)

    2. is free access a lifetime access or just like what the login page says “two weeks free” ?

      1. Degoo is free for life (or until it vanishes into the night). You don’t have to sign up 10 friends for free access, either. Rather, inviting friends gets you more free storage. However, recommending this service to anyone isn’t what friends do to friends.

  8. I tried to do free 100gb space signup but it is asking me to refer 10 friends. Even I did referral still not able to download free version. Don’t know how to overcome this issue.

  9. [Mr. Gildred, This is an updated version of the comment I tried to post yesterday. Please ignore the older version.]

    After using the free version of Degoo for a few months, I was about to sign up for a lifetime plan when I discovered that there were at least 2 deal breakers.

    Deal Breaker 1: Suppose you have uploaded 1 TB of data to Degoo from your current Windows PC and you are replacing this old PC by a new PC. Degoo is incapable of simply reassigning your data set on Degoo to your new PC.

    According to Degoo, you need to do the following 3 steps yourself (correct as of 2018-01-30):
    “Configuring Degoo on a new or reformatted phone, tab or PC”

    Step 1: Download all the 1TB of data from Degoo first if you don’t have a copy of your data locally. Assuming that you can download 20 GB of data a day, this is going to take 50 days.

    Step 2: Unlink the old PC. In Degoo’s own words: Unlinking a computer will make Degoo “forget” about that computer and permanently delete all files that have been backed up on that computer.

    Step 3: Start backing up your files again from your new PC. Again, assuming that you can upload 20 GB of data a day, this is going to take another 50 days.

    This is crazy! It is going to take you more than 3 months to do the 3 steps. Why is it that Degoo is incapable of simply updating some configuration files to point to this new PC?

    Deal Breaker 2: Assuming that you are using the Windows version, once you have uploaded files to Degoo, there is no way of deleting any of them. Their mobile version allows deletion but you cannot do so for the Windows version. You also cannot use the mobile version to delete files uploaded from the Windows PC or even files uploaded from another mobile device.

  10. Avoid this software like the plague. It does not consistently work as a backup tool at all.

    The problems begin as soon as you try backing up more than one device. It gets confused as to which Backup belongs to which device.

    Even with one device it takes about a week to complete a backup, but if ever you needed to actually restore any files you may find some of them have been corrupted on Degoo’s servers.

    I spent over 2 months trying to get it to work as a reliable backup system, on two devices, one laptop and 1 desktop pc. It really is very nasty glitchy software. The developers kept saying that their updates would resolve all the glitches and problems, but they never did. Trying to get them to respond to requests for support was a complete nightmare, as is the software itself.

    Seriously, don’t buy it or try using it, you won’t even be able to get a refund.

  11. I’d be very careful trusting Degoo with your files. 70 % of my files were lost on their servers from one moment to the next and customer service has not answered my emails for 3 months. If you actually care about your files (like I did), I would highly recommend looking into another service. At first I was really happy with Degoo, as 100GB for free beats other services by far. The software is extremely bare bone but that was alright with me as long as it worked. Then, after all my folders were already backed up at 100 %, that quota suddenly dropped to anything between 0-100 % for the respective folders. My first email was answered right away and an update recommended by Degoo, but when that didn’t help, I never heard back. By now I have sent 8 emails in 3 months without answer, so I still don’t know what happened to my files. And due to the bare bone software, there is just no way of checking online, which files are there and which aren’t. It’s a complete disaster!

  12. Very slow … maybe they used a 56ko modem …
    I tried the support but nobody reply …
    Impossible do see your files on desktop interface.

    Quantities seem not same on desktop version and the mobile version … why ? some files was deleted ? I can not know … It’s make me unsecure …

  13. Since recent update If your folder for backup is located in “x:\Program files” the app is unable to upload it and stays as “Excluded”. Please fix it as I already have several folders backup-ed and now they cannot sunc.

  14. There are many points here and mostly bad. And I have to agree. I am a paid user 3TB. I thought I was safe and secure then a few days ago I needed a file I know was uploaded to Degoo. When I checked, most of my uploaded data was just GONE. No more files and folders, about 85% missing. From a total of about 20 folders from my principal Lenovo machine there were just 2 left. And from the 150GB that took DAYS to upload I was left with less than 10GB still there. And of course the files I needed were missing too.
    And as for their customer service, FORGET IT. They have no concept of any kind of service. All emails go ignored. I am almost 70 years old and have been computing since computers were available, starting with a Sinclair then a Commodore 64. In all these many years I have NEVER come across a company so poor or oblivious to customer problems. USELESS, no other word. I can live with the bugs and problems but I cannot live with this terrible service. Be warned. If you purchase from this company and run into any problems at all, you are on your own.

  15. All my data has disappeared, 280GB worth all gone, meant to be secure with Degoo but they can’t tell me where it all is!!
    I do not recommend these clowns at all!

    1. Degoo is unsafe. They access all your files. They are breaking the law somewhere.

  16. They delete 1 TB of data grom my paid 3 TB account.
    on the question they said that I or someone else deleted the data and that the Privacy Act does not keep the backup deleted. Really musky I’m stupid.
    Do not use this service. It’s a fraud.

  17. I was about to buy a lifetime plan for $65US, but ultimately decided not to after reading the comments here. I may even ditch the 100GB free plan I currently have since it appears to be so unreliable.

    Dealbreaker 1: No Linux version of the client. Inexcusable since it’s Java-based.
    Dealbreaker 2: the crappy client is actually made in Java! Trying to find a more ressource-hungry, buggy and inefficient software would be a challenge. Come on Degoo, is it still 2001 that Java is so fashionable?
    Dealbreaker 3: No Synology client.

    Degoo, please leave the cloud storage business to professionals.

  18. Mario:The question I have is “was the someone else a person you authorized? Or was it some other random user on the internet? ”
    One question: when is your data not your own? When you upload it to the cloud!

  19. Unreliable, doesn’t download my files to my mobile device, not worth the money I spent

  20. I purchased a 10TB lifetime subscription for $99,-. 4 days ago. Not a bad deal to try. It makes it easier to accept some of the shortcomings. Degoo is not my primary backup facility. I’ve connected 1 phone and 2 desktops, included Dropbox, Onedrive and a 1TB picture folder. Already uploaded 600GB in around 75 hours, which is on average 8GB per hour. I haven’t checked data consistency yet and no experience with customer service. I haven’t had the best experience with Google and Bosch. I am still waiting for their replies, bad customer service is everywhere. Upload speeds are between 10Mbit/s and 350Mbit/s. Desktop app could be better, the mobile app is quite okay. It can show you a feed with pics from all folders that include pics. Degoo claims on their website that the service is zero knowledge and the sharing unused processor time isn’t in the menu anymore. Up to now I can’t complain with the deal and the service provided. I’ll be patient and wait for improvement on the interfaces.

  21. I stupidly purchased the 2-year 10TB plan for $99. Sounded like too good a deal to pass up. However, the service is dreadfully slow and not intuitive. I have a 200Gbps upload internet connection. However, even when using “turbo mode”, my uploads are about 12 KILOBYTES per second. It took 72 hours to upload 120GB. So, basically 600MB per hour. That is unacceptable. I was horrified when I attempted to download some of my data. After 5 minutes the download had not even begun! I deleted everything and requested a refund 3 separate times and received no response. I feel like a sucker.

  22. Degoo Review: My experience.
    I keep getting emails saying I have not logged into my account – I have sent them screenshots of my account (proof) but they keep ignoring my emails.
    Very ignorant company – avoid

  23. I am another sucker who bought the $60 2TB lifetime plan. I regret it. I’m not going to use it, I just wasted $60, which I cannot reclaim, because “sales are final”. Scam scam scam.

  24. Almost every day, after using Degoo (phone, browser, pc program), I get an email from Degoo owner (if that’s true), telling me that he’ sorry for me uninstalling the app! What? I was just downloading and uploading some data and after that closed the application on devices!

    It is slow like a snail! I can’t wait for it to upload or download anything!

    This is a mess!

  25. It works fine for me. 10 TB, lifetime. Inactivity for 50 Days deletes files; a new backup deletes an old backup, even if the new one is empty; unlinking a device deletes also files of this device. If You keep this in mind and avoid these steps = no worries at all. Nearly 70-100 GB/day upload. If this offer is really for lifetime or for like 7 years – it cannot get better for the price (90 usd).

  26. fact is if a cloud service has poor to zero communication via its help desk services
    what i mean by nothing is free is that your privacy is in there hands your security your files !!!
    would you give your car keys to a stranger in the street if he said to you he will provide free parking
    of course not so why would you risk your private files with these people .
    they may well have good intentions but good intentions are not enough into days world were information is money.
    the first step in trusting any company online isp cloud storage any of them is to judge them by there level of communication there help desk .
    if a service is not responding to you within a reasonable time ( within the same hour in my book)
    then stay away these people do not reply to customers and that is there standard practise ,yet they are willing to take peoples money for larger storage accounts to me that is a form of theft.
    you charge for a service and that service fails and on top of it you refuse to communicate then you are a thief a fraudster .
    i would not risk the well being of my files with any company who refuses to speak with me that makes free very costly,your time your files security safety .
    i hope you see my point , its to higher risk when there is plenty out there that will provide great service at a low cost ,always research a company’s reputation .
    i wish this company all the best and hope they read this and understand my views maybe they will see the value in a high standards of communication and reliability.

  27. Don’t do Degoo. Just don’t. Not only are there problems with the backups but Degoo degrades the performance of your computer. After trying ways to improve performance and keep a backup set from being lost, your 14 day money-back time period will be over and you’re not able to get a refund. You uninstall degoo to get control again of your computer resources and count yourself lucky it wasn’t a worse experience. Then you wonder if this all is their business plan after all. JUST. DON’T. DO. DEGOO.
    This comment area is asking for a Rating about Degoo. On a scale of 5 stars, Degoo is a minus 5. Do not do it.

  28. Most horrible experience for 3 people I got the service was thinking about buying it but I decided on a hundred GB free service they suggested that I invite other people so I thought it was pretty good deal for a hundred gigabytes for phone use I invited my son and my father your same name degoo summarily deleted all of our accounts with no notice including the files that were contained within those accounts no customer service answer horrible company devastating thing that happened to other people that I love

  29. I have only positive ratings to give Degoo. I have a 10 tb storage – the price is very good, both up and download work damn well. Perhaps the layout of the page may be fine-tuned a bit, but otherwise I am very satisfied overall. I see some complaints but so far I have not encountered any problems. I would actually recommend degoo.

  30. When something sounds too good to be true, it is in Degoo’s case.

    Bought their 10TB lifetime package, backed up 800gb, only to find that there is only 50gb of that left on their portal for no apparent reason, of which I hardly can download anything (too slow, stops downloading, etc).

    They had only 1 job..

    Customer Support just got back to me after 3 weeks with a generic reply.

    Won’t recommend, at all

  31. Bought their 10TB Lifetime plan for $89USD. Initially didn’t know to download the mac desktop version. Started a download of my documents folder on the web, then stopped that and downloaded the application using google search, then the app updated itself a few times, with the newer version offering encryption capabilities. Tried re-uploading the folder but could not select “Top secret upload”. Which is fine. Have about 100GB of files in my desktop and documents folder, its been 2 days and its 61% uploaded. I have a hackintosh i7 with 16GB ram and it does not use anything for resources, it just slowly trickles in the files. My files don’t change that often, but I selected to keep files in Degoo after I’ve deleted them. I have a 4TB external drive I’d like to backup and after its done, I don’t want it connected to my computer. I hope they don’t delete the files after 50 days as I plan on keeping the Degoo app running in my preference pane, as it does not seem to effect my computer performance, it seems to work well on a mac. 99 years is what I am looking for storage and that is what they have given me for my art files and scriptures. I went to view the files uploaded in their web interface and they seem to be there, I haven’t tried downloading them yet, I will once the transfer is completed. There seems to be a download button on the “My Files pane” which is greyed out right now probably because I’m currently still uploading my large folders. I have a faster internet connection, but this app uses like 3 Mbits/sec and sometimes 31 Mbits/sec or more. I’m not worried about speed, I have fast access to my files on my computer, I need a backup in case of a flood or fire or theft (TOTAL LOSS EVENT). I plan on buying a 4TB drive and backing up my data and giving it to my parents to store after reading these comments, just in case I cannot get them. Degoo seems to work, its slow, but lifetime backup and 10TB is a good plan to get your files back. The web app seems to find files well and you can just download a file at a time, which seems good. I have read comments on other boards saying you can’t do this, but you can now, so they have been improving their platform with time. Which is good. They have been around since 2012, so 7 years is coming close to a decade of storage. Pretty good! If I get 7 years, my cost for the software and storage plan would be cheap, if I get 99 years even better!

  32. Uploading your files is slow, but downloading your backup files is fast. It is not “cold storage” your files are available anytime, from what I can see. The web Degoo application also has a fast search I am well pleased. I can download just a file or a whole folder of files. It will take a very long time to backup TB of data or more, just have to be patient and let Degoo run in the background, doing its job. On failure, backing up will be quite fast! Perfect Cloud Storage, thanks Degoo!

  33. Finished backing up over 100GB for my work files on my computer using Degoo. It now says 100% with another backup cycle done in 2 days. Rather then wait 2 days for it to check the backup Degoo has done, I’ll be adding more files I want stored. Now I’m backing up my Time Machine, so that I can restore my apps on my mac in case of a hard failure or loss due to theft or fire. I finally have a solid backup plan thanks to Degoo. Most other services you cannot afford a 10TB lifetime plan. I have room to grow slowly adding folders of files collected from my lifetime of storing work, thousands of dollars of applications and home use (cherished photos etc). The system works if you have the patience to let it slowly trickle in a backup. Just install the Degoo software and forget about it and let Degoo do its job. Just leave your computer running and turn off sleep mode, to make it happen.

  34. I tried backing up my Time Machine backup stored on an external USB drive, but Degoo keeps crashing out. Its a 1.4TB file. So it looks like the app is difficult to add terabytes of backup all at once. Not sure if there is a way to add it to degoo. Been trying for days. I might be able to add the files slowly, selecting them one by one, but I was hoping to just add the folder and let Degoo slowly trickle in the files. Will keep trying.

  35. Beware of this app. It’s a scam. They will delete your important files deliberately. They will ignore you even if you contact them everyday. Don’t risk your precious files with these clowns. Don’t waste your money we with these heartless people.

  36. Terrible company.. STAY AWAY!!! It is impossible to delete folders.. you have to delete each and every file. The app is unresponsive and also their customer service is TERRIBLE!!!

  37. This company cannot be trusted. Their facebook page is unresponsive and you’ll wait weeks for any reply.

  38. I purchased an account and I have a mostly bad experience. The client doesn’t work as it should, so I don’t trust it. I’ve reached out to Degoo for support, but they just ignore me. It’s simple stuff like deleting a file locally isn’t deleted on Degoo, and upload never finishes. I’d say they have a long way to go before being professional. Avoid it.

  39. Quite possibly the most atrocious service I’ve ever used. When I first bought it, there was a desktop application which allows you to sync directories on a PC or Mac. This application vanished and was replaced by a barely usable ‘web app’ which meant I couldn’t sync files from a new PC. Support was useless. The mobile apps are horrendous, and the web app always shows out of date information and is impossible to search content. Just seems to show a massive stream of photos. I’ve given up on it.

  40. Degoo service was promoted by StackSocial (owners of several sites). I was intrigued, bit the bullet — 90.00 for a lifetime of 10TB, who could beat that? Well, I was very mistaken. Granted, they do store data but GOOD LUCK GETTING YOUR DATA to their site from a PC/Mac. They rely on old HTTP transports which are slow; generally causes the browser to stall and consume resources, only to need to abort. Worse, their support SUCKS. It’s beyond terrible — they go silent on you when you ask about improving their processes. Literally, they simply don’t respond. Further, they hide their location/identity and other data behind CloudFlare anonymous WHOIS, so you can’t easily get to them otherwise.

    Save your money, use another service — it would be well worth the extra cost than this nightmare.

  41. Without any announcement to their users, Degoo changed the rules! Effective sometime in February, 2020, only people with paid accounts can use the desktop app to automatically backup files. If you have a free account, you must now manually upload files using their new web interface. I accidentally discovered this while trying to find out why I was getting strange error messages in the Windows desktop app about being out of disk space, reaching the maximum number of devices, and other bizarre messages. I requested help from their non-existent support team and even tweeted to the CEO, but got nothing at all from support and only a weird reply about how their backup system creates temporary files on the user’s computer, and I must be out of space. I had well over 175 GB of free space, so, yeah.

    The one good thing about manually uploading files is that it is much faster. But it’s only free storage now.

  42. THI COMPANY IS SCAM!!!! I bought a 1O TB lifetime cloud and I can’t even upload raw files into it. even normal files cant be uploaded multiple files at once. it will get stuck and don’t upload. I use a MacBook Pro with quad-core i7 with 16gb ram and use. SSD and the internet with 1Gb/sec speed. so obviously the issue is not on my side. THEY SHOULD BE REPORTED AND REMOVED FROM THE WEB!!!!

    I want to rate them ZERO

    1. I bought the same… and earned free space as well. I have about 13-15 TB had so many issues and now I received this in email today…

      I’m the Degoo Bot. I do automated work to ensure that Degoo remains safe and that everyone abides by the terms and conditions. Unfortunately I’ve detected that you’ve uploaded content which violates someone else’s copyright. This violates our terms and conditions. Therefore your account will be terminated in 2 weeks.

      If you feel I’ve done a mistake you’re welcome to submit an appeal by clicking the button below. The appeal will be reviewed by a human. Be sure to submit as much detailed information as possible, to help verify that no copyright was violated.

      (I ripped all of my dvd’s and back them up to degoo to watch on my phone and if I ever had a fire etc and lost all my digital content…. at least I would still have these.
      Some of the files I detected were:
      Boston Legal – 108 – Loose Lips.avi
      Boston Legal – 406 – The Object Of My Affection.avi
      Edwardian Farm – S01 – E02 – October.avi
      The Victorian Kitchen Garden – S01 – E01 – The Beginning.avi
      Victorian Farm – S01 – E09 – Christmas – Part 03.avi
      Victorian Pharmacy – S01 – E08.avi
      Victorian Pharmacy – S01 – E07.avi
      Bally kiss angel Series 3 Episode 1 (S03E01) – As Happy As Turkey On Boxing Day.mp4
      I mean… seriously… what is an online backup for? I mean who even has dvds anymore? More and more people are digitizing their libraries and dumping the dvds… I have half of those left. I still have them on external drives now I need to find another online back up? I think they need to refund our money. Starting to seem like a scam to me.

  43. joke… 3 wasted days ..Windows app i can upload secret files but then they r gone . No browsing no download ever again. Web app cannot see secret folder. Android app can but its one loooong list.. no structure. Sharing… I just get a spinning icon. ( where is this magical experience unlimited sharing ‘addon on’ ? ) a waste of my 3 days isolation time ‘working’ from home. PoS! Sweden should be ashamed if this is the best clod their programmers can make.

  44. Degoo sucks terrible and I would give it zero stars if possible. And do you think you can get help? Nope, if the staff gets tired of you they just stop answering.

  45. I just received a message “Daily limit reached, upgrade to increase this limit or wait until tomorrow”. I am already on the largest 10TB Ultimate Degoo lifetime account; no response to emails from Degoo Support. Also no feature available to sync a desktop PC; web application is all that works for upload/download. lack of functionality so avoid.

  46. Terrible service and terrible (buggy) function. Not recommendet at all. They do everything to get your data, but if you want to download, be prepared for various and serious problems. No Windows App for sync right no

  47. This is completely useless as backup cloud – upload is acceptable but download is ridiculous – since 3 months I try to download my 78GB backup to my PC and I’m not able to do it.

  48. Don’t take it even for free.
    The worst storage cloud I have ever experiences. I already had zoolz but I thought it’s worthy to have 10tb for 100 box but it was a big mistake because I just give up to use it.
    Customer services never respond.
    You can not upload big files or videos and by big I mean even more than 500mb.
    The speed in desktop application stays in 11kb to 20kb(yes KB).
    Seems they just collect the money and they don’t care about customers. In real life this a froud and you can bring people to the court but on internet everything happens and you can’t do anything about it. just don’t take it.

  49. As of today, 8/8/2020 (probably earlier than this date), they have stopped offering the Desktop Sync client as an option. You can only use the web interface to upload/download files.

  50. Your content is not safe. I got an erogenous email in regards to possibly copyright infringing content. This indicates that this is NOT a “zero knowledge” platform, and they’re actively scanning your content. What if you performed a digital backup of a DVD you owned? What if you had some videos you much prefer to keep private? It looks like the Degoo people can just browse through your content however the feel like, watch your content, scan your content, copy your content. 10 TB lifetime subscription, some deviant violating my most personal of spaces for a life time? No thank you.

    1. We actively recommend against people using Degoo, it’s a terrible service. That said, thanks for confirming that it’s not zero-knowledge (we mention in the review that it isn’t) as well as being horrible in every other regard.

  51. I am thinking they are closing the large lifetime accounts to pave the way and save money for the yearly renewal accounts.

  52. Received this email from Degoo today:

    Detected copyright infringement
    Detected copyright infringement


    I’m the Degoo Bot. I do automated work to ensure that Degoo remains safe and that everyone abides by the terms and conditions. Unfortunately I’ve detected that you’ve uploaded content which violates someone else’s copyright. This violates our terms and conditions. Therefore your account will be terminated in 2 weeks.

    If you feel I’ve done a mistake you’re welcome to submit an appeal by clicking the button below. The appeal will be reviewed by a human. Be sure to submit as much detailed information as possible, to help verify that no copyright was violated.

    Some of the files I detected were:

    My Comment- “10 file names were listed here…they were old files and only 2-3 were still on my hard drive. I deleted them from my hard drive and from Degoo.”

    All the best The Degoo Bot


    Best Regards,

    The Degoo Team


    Today 26th August 2020, I’ve got an email

    Detected copyright infringement

    I’m the Degoo Bot. I do automated work to ensure that Degoo remains safe and that everyone abides by the terms and conditions. Unfortunately I’ve detected that you’ve uploaded content which violates someone else’s copyright. This violates our terms and conditions. Therefore your account will be terminated in 2 weeks.

    If you feel I’ve done a mistake you’re welcome to submit an appeal by clicking the button below. The appeal will be reviewed by a human. Be sure to submit as much detailed information as possible, to help verify that no copyright was violated.

    Some of the files I detected were:
    2 files

    The part in our terms that I’m referring to are:
    7.4 The User specifically agrees not to upload, communicate or publish information that infringes or violates someone else’s right(copyright,
    trademark or other intellectual property right), that may violate the integrity of, intimidate or offend another person, that may challenge criminal actions or contain material not permitted by any applicable law
    or regulation(for example discrimination, racial agitation and child pornography).

    All the best
    The Degoo Bot


    1. Same here. They just seem to get rid of all premium account with large storage space and resell it again. Their customer support response was 2 to 3 weeks normally. Transfer speeds is alright with me, but by no means this is secure and reliable storage.

      1. They do also with free accounts.
        My account was free, I earned 400GB by watching videos since mid-October 2019, but the day later (27th August), I had to remove 100GB and buy an ultimate plan to download the remaining GBs (450GB).
        Today, 2nd September, I’ve done downloading all my files on Degoo and I deleted my account, because it’s pointless to have it if they usually respond my appeal in 2 weeks and my account will be terminated in 2 weeks.
        At this rate, they gonna lose more customers, they gonna think about using other cloud storage and they gonna go bankrupt.
        Now I’m thinking about using HDD and

  54. This is the Degoo Botty. FYI I scanned 23mn Degoo users private files and I am happy to say to all you losers I found zillions of copyright mp3s and movies so I will close all of them pirate accounts lol … mega bucks for Swedish boss dudes. We will retire now thanks for your $$$$ millions.

  55. **Comically** Bad, Possibly Even Criminal
    This service is **comically** bad. Wow, just wow. Like an idiot I paid $99 for a “lifetime subscription” and 10 TB storage. I figured, well, even if they go under after 2 or 3 years, it won’t be such a bad value.

    SERIOUS PROBLEM #1: They have no mechanism for downloading entire folders!!

    You have to download *one* *file* *at* *a* *time*. So the promise of 10 TB is deceptive. It is a marketing bait-and-switch, because what sort of customer cares about 10TB of storage? Answer: a customer who wants to back up an entire system with an option to restore the data in case of system failure. That’s not an option when you can only download one file at a time!

    SERIOUS PROBLEM #2: Unbelievably AWFUL Customer Support.

    On finding out about the severe limits to the download functionality, I immediately requested a refund. Degoo Customer Support refused to even answer my inquiry. The only communication I’ve received from them was a short 5 word sentence that left me with the impression that Degoo Customer Support speaks English as a second language.

    SERIOUS PROBLEM #3: Intrusive Nannying.

    When it became clear that I was stuck with the service, I decided to make the most of the large amount of memory on offer (10 TB) and upload some things of secondary importance that I can’t fit on my 2TB of Google storage, so I started uploading things like multimedia files that I have ripped from DVDs. All of a sudden, after uploading a terabyte of data, I get a message saying my account would be cancelled because I had violated “community standards” by uploading copyrighted material. No offer of a refund, just a notice that my account would be “deleted”. The real reason for the cancellation may be that they only want people who use a tiny fraction of the 10 TB they promise, so if you start uploading anything other than family pictures, anything in other words that takes up a significant amount of disc space they don’t really want your business. But the reason may even be worse, which brings me to

    SERIOUS PROBLEM #4. Signs of a Criminal Scam.

    After reading the experiences of other users, I am now a bit worried, because many others are reporting the same experience I had suggesting that Degoo is simply stealing data and then deleting accounts once they’ve harvested the data. If so, these people are criminals. AVOID DEGOO LIKE THE BUBONIC PLAGUE.

  56. I purchased a lifetime promo for Degoo 10TB from StackSocial. The service is terrible, for one; it’s designed for uploading, not really downloading. There is no API access or CLI tool, though they do use Google as the backend (puzzling). Their support is non-existent, don’t expect anything. Degoo’s base operations are not within the United States, but they won’t tell you that. Furthermore, StackSocial (at least) has been a party to allowing Degoo to remove negative reviews (mine isn’t the only one). I was using Degoo to back up a lot of my old data that I didn’t need around, some of which included my personal music collection. Imagine my surprise, when months later I get an automated message from a “Degoo bot” informing me of copyright infringement, where they threatened to terminate my account — I appealed and won, but it was a waste of my time. BEWARE: they are employing data analytics against your private content and not disclosing what they are doing with these analytics. Of course, we know most services like this do it regardless (especially Google), but come on! Looking back, I would have fared better paying for a competent/reliable service — I removed all my content from Degoo and will not use it anymore and I recommend you avoid it completely.

  57. I had issues with my phone for some time and I got another. Now after reinstalling the app, I can’t find all the files I backed up earlier. These are very important files. Please, how do I retrieve my files and other documents now?

  58. Brought life time account and lost my personal data because of copy right. Not able to contact anyone for appeal. Why would you allow uploading, if you think of copy right issue. Why not block copy-right violation files. This sucks, there are a million way to enforce copy right but you choose to suck up our hard earned money.

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