An easy-to-use, efficient tool. is a project management tool that handles well, is highly efficient and also affordable, to boot. Its only downside is that task are tricky to break down, but otherwise there's a good chance this may be the program for you. Read our full review for all the details.

By James Konik21 Dec'182018-12-21 01:15:15

Starts from$ 2500per month
Visit Review

Wunderlist Review

An easy-to-use to-do list.

Wunderlist is a deceptively simple app that lets you keep track of what you need to do, subdivide tasks and more. We were impressed with what it can do, yet remain easy to use, as you can read in our full Wunderlist review.

By James Konik18 Jul'192019-08-18 22:54:10

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Trello Review

A flexible and mostly free tool.

Trello is a solid project management tool that is used by companies big and small the world over. We like it a lot, but, as you can read in this full Trello review, there are some serious limits to its usefulness.

By James Konik20 May'192019-05-20 03:45:51

Starts from$ 999per month
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Wrike Review

Probably the best project management software out there.

Wrike is a comprehensive and flexible project management solution that stands as one of the, if not the, best in its field. Check out our full Wrike review to find out about all the ins and outs of this program.

By James Konik29 Nov'182018-11-29 23:43:39

Starts from$ 980per month
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Asana Review

A user-friendly tool, great for beginners.

Asana is a solid, user-friendly project management tool that will meet most users' needs. While not quite as powerful as some competitors, its interface is a massive selling point for people new to using this type of software. Read our full Asana review to find out more.

By James Konik07 Dec'182018-12-07 04:32:06

Starts from$ 999per month
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Aha! Review

A good tool, but with poor pricing.

Aha is a flexible project management tool with a price to match. While the features make the price worth it, those who need to focus specifically on task management may not see the added value.

By James Konik09 Apr'192019-04-09 07:01:44

Starts from$ 492per month
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TeamGantt Review

A solid tool based around Gantt charts

TeamGantt is a project management tool based around Gantt charts (pause for surprise) that we like very much for its attention to the nitty gritty, but feel could improve a little on its overview capabilities. That said, it's a fine tool overall, as you can read in our full TeamGantt review.

By James Konik29 Jan'192019-01-29 22:30:34

Starts from$ 3950per month
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Freedcamp Review

A cheap and easy to use tool.

A very user-friendly, warm tool, Freedcamp offers low pricing and good functionality. It also has decent storage and good support, making it a top contender for the number one spot among project management software. Check out our full Freedcamp review for the details.

By James Konik18 Feb'192019-02-18 03:54:28

Starts from$ 149per month
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Todoist Review

Tick tasks, get rewards.

Todoist is a very popular task management app that lets you check your to-do list and also gives you rewards in the form of karma. Though it's not perfect, we can easily see why it has such loyal following, as you can read in this Todoist review.

By James Konik29 Jul'192019-08-18 22:55:26

Starts from$ 300per month
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TickTick Review

A simple, yet effective tool.

TickTick is a very simple task management tool which offers surprising flexibility and ease of use, placing it among our favorites. Though it's not as powerful as some competitors, it still helps you get a lot done, as you can read in this TickTick review.

By James Konik05 Aug'192019-08-18 22:53:27

Starts from$ 233per month
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Redmine Review

A powerful, open source tool.

Redmine is a surprisingly powerful project management tool, all the more so because it's open source. That is also its biggest caveat: getting it to work the way you want is a task that will require brain sweat. We therefore don't recommend Redmine to technophobes, as you can read in this review.

By James Konik14 Feb'192019-02-14 23:07:00

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Taskworld Review

A versatile, easy-to-use tool.

Taskworld is a pretty cool project management tool that's used by several big corporate names. We can see why: using it is smooth and it has tons of features, plus decent pricing. Read our full Taskworld review to see whether it is for you.

By James Konik28 Mar'192019-03-28 07:12:44

Starts from$ 1099per month
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Basecamp Review

A powerful, but unspectacular, tool.

Basecamp is a solid, powerful service that does what it has to, but lacks the pizzazz of its competitors. That said, its pricing is decent, so if getting the job done is what you need, it may be the project management tool for you. Check out our full Basecamp review for all the details.

By James Konik13 Dec'182018-12-13 00:54:34

$ 9900per month
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GanttProject Review

Easy to use, open source, but not cloud-based.

GanttProject is an easy-to-use, open source project management tool. If you like to take a centralized, gantt-based and non-cloud based approach, you may want to check out our full GanttProject review.

By James Konik13 Mar'192019-03-13 00:14:34

Visit GanttProject GanttProject Review

Airtable Review

An unusual, but highly effective tool.

Airtable is an interesting project management tool that seems to want to do everything a little differently than its competitors, and succeeds. There's a lot to like here, but its unorthodox approach makes it unsuitable for some. Check out our full Airtable review for the details.

By James Konik24 Jan'192019-01-24 21:43:15

Starts from$ 1200per month
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ClickUp Review

For people who want fine control.

ClickUp is a project management tool that surprised us by how finely we could tune tasks and manage workflow. It also has a great pricing scheme. Read our full ClickUp review for the details.

By James Konik31 Jan'192019-01-31 22:58:07

Starts from$ 500per month
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ProofHub Review

Powerful project management.

ProofHub comes withh an impressive list of clients: Disney, Nike and even NASA are among its users. We can see why, too: it's a powerful and flexible tool that gets a lot right. To see the few things it gets wrong, read our full ProofHub review.

By James Konik30 May'192019-05-30 22:49:16

Starts from$ 375per month
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ProWorkflow Review

An easy-to-use, solid tool.

ProWorkflow is an all-around solid project management tool with plenty of strengths and no real weaknesses. While it doesn't particularly stand out in any one way, we can imagine most companies will be more than happy with it, as you can read in this full review.

By James Konik08 Mar'192019-03-08 01:25:04

Starts from$ 900per month
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Podio Review

A great project management program.

Podio is a powerful, flexible tool that stands tall among the best project management software. It's easy to use, has an intuitive layout and makes planning large undertakings simple. As you can read in this Podio review, however, some very specific features are missing and support could be improved

By James Konik10 Jan'192019-01-10 23:01:20

Starts from$ 900per month
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Smartsheet Review

Looks aren't everything with this program.

Though at first glance you might confuse it for a spreadsheet, below Smartsheet's looks lurks a very powerful project management tool. Though nothing is perfect, we can imagine several classes of people that would be very pleased to use it, as you can read in our Smartsheet review.

By James Konik15 Jan'192019-01-22 22:41:18

Starts from$ 1400per month
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Projectplace Review

A decent, if fiddly tool.

Projectplace is a solid project management tool that gets the job done, but will require a bit more management than most people will like. Still, it's definitely worth checking our full review to see if it works for you.

By James Konik27 Mar'192019-03-27 01:39:21

Starts from$ 2900per month
Visit Projectplace Projectplace Review

Things Review

Things Review

Things is an easy to use project management app that would be happy to live on any macOS system. However, its lack of security features and high price tag may steer you away. Read all the details in this full Things review.

By James Konik22 Jul'192019-07-30 07:14:27

Starts from$ 999per month
Visit ThingsThings Review

Leankit Review

A powerful, kanban-based tool.

LeanKit is an interesting project management tool that uses a kanban board to get the most out of itself. At the same time, it also revolutionizes the use of this board, making for an intriguing program. Check out our full LeanKit review for the details.

By James Konik24 Jan'192019-01-24 21:36:55

Starts from$ 1900per month
Visit LeankitLeankit Review

Mavenlink Review

Versatile, functional, but very stark software.

A very businesslike piece of project management software, Mavenlink will likely find a very appreciative audience among the no-nonsense crowd thanks to its efficient task distribution and built-in accounting functions.

By James Konik09 Jan'192019-01-09 08:22:40

Starts from$ 1900per month
Visit Mavenlink Mavenlink Review

Easy Projects Review

A solid, but pricey tool.

Easy Projects is an easy-to-use project management tool that lets you organize large teams quickly. It would be perfect, even, were it not for the high-ish cost and terrible support. Read our full Easy Projects review for the details.

By James Konik07 Mar'192019-03-07 03:50:53

Starts from$ 2400per month
Visit Easy ProjectsEasy Projects Review

FunctionFox Review

FunctionFox Review

FunctionFox has great features and an easy to use interface, but it seems to be more form than function. The platform is attractive, but with a few issues in usability and a lack of support resources, it still leaves a lot to be desired.

By James Konik09 Apr'192019-04-09 07:02:58

Starts from$ 3500per month
Visit FunctionFox FunctionFox Review

Jira Software Review

A professional tool for professional teams.

Jira is an Agile-focused project management tool that is a real pleasure to use, provided you know what you're doing. To get to that point, you may have to put in more time and effort that a small business has to spare, but for larger firms it's an excellent solution, as you can read in our review.

By James Konik11 Feb'192019-02-12 00:45:38

Starts from$ 100per month
Visit Jira SoftwareJira Software Review

The days of organizing your project on a smudged whiteboard in the corner of the office are long behind some of us. Project management tools give you a way to keep your team aware of the latest information, wherever they happen to be. They enable new ways of collaboration and can make the drudge work of planning and assigning tasks easy and even fun.

There are many tools competing for your attention and choosing one can be difficult. Some of them we look at have a wide reach and are used by the world’s biggest companies. Making organization easy saves you time and can make your business more competitive.

It isn’t hard to get started with these tools. Almost everything we look at has a free trial, which you can usually take advantage of without the need for a credit card. They usually have plenty of guidance to help you out too, in the form of videos, guides and direct support.

Our ever expanding selection of project management reviews already contains over a dozen articles, with more on the way soon. Here’s a summary of what we’ve picked as the best and how we choose our favourites.

How We Rate

There is a huge amount of software in this category with new players cropping up all the time. It is a competitive area, with lots of effort going into these platforms. That’s great for you, as you have lots of quality services to choose from. It’s tougher for us as we have to look through them all and see which are better than others.

We use several criteria to rate project management software. Here’s a guide to how we separate the best from the rest. There are several different approaches taken by these tools and not every one will suit every user, so have a read through what’s available and give one a try if it seems like a good fit.


The range of features a platform offers is important and is a big factor in determining whether a platform is right for you. There are several features common to most project management software, but it is also nice to see original ideas that separate a tool from the others.

Storage space is considered, which will be more or less important to you depending on how you use a platform. If you want to store charts and images you need a decent amount of space. If you want to use large audio or video files then it will be a major consideration. There are tools that offer unlimited space but even then there may be limits on individual file size.

If you need to supplement your platform of choice with extra storage, our best cloud storage article has some options.

Customization options are good to see and can make your software feel like a home from home in your browser. The ability to add your own logo, set your color scheme, or even the whole background is nice to have.

Task management is at the core of all project management software. Most tools offer subtasks, though some consider their absence a feature in itself. Dependency management is also an excellent feature, letting you see how everything fits together and look for roadblocks in your plan.

Extensions and integrations are also good to have, bringing both added features and the chance to work with data from other platforms.

Most project management software allows you to share data from elsewhere, but whilst some only allow you to do so with a handful of tools, some give you access to hundreds. Zapier support is particularly useful, as it allows you to integrate with over 1000 apps.

Extensions can also offer cool features, such as different visualizations, as well as more unusual things like automatic translation or image recognition. Airtable’s “blocks” are a good example of this. Read more about them in our Airtable review.

Most project management software runs in the browser, but it is useful to have dedicated applications, both for desktop and mobile platforms. Mobile applications are especially useful if you want to keep tabs on things when on the move.

Extras, like wiki creation and note taking, are also a plus. If you need a dedicated note taking application, have a look at our best note taking apps article.

Financial Extras

The more business focused tools can be used to track time spent on projects. Some allow you to estimate project costs and then compare them with the reality, so you can refine your approach on a project to project basis.

Being able to generate invoices and bill your clients automatically is useful and can save you a ton of time.

Many tools offer a return on investment calculator, allowing you to see how much you can save by using them. These can be a good way to check if a product is right for you and can be critical for generating momentum when you want your business to invest in a new software platform.

Read our online accounting articles for more advice on how software can help you in this area.

User Friendliness

Good software should be easy to use and if it’s not, should give you the tools to learn how to use it. A readable user interface, clearly marked controls and navigation that lets you move around easily are all positives.

Naturally, if we find forms that don’t work as they should, things that we can’t understand or pages that take too long to load, we’ll factor that in too. A UI that leaves you wondering what to do, or worried about things going wrong if you click something can leave your team afraid to try new things and damage productivity.

We consider the help and support you get when starting out with a service and the quality of any introductory materials. We prefer interfaces that are self explanatory, but videos and walkthroughs are useful to have.

The best software makes using it a pleasure and allows everybody to take advantages of its powerful features. The essence of a tool is to give back more than you put in.

For an example of software that does well in this category, read our Podio review.


We all have to watch the pennies and we consider the price when deciding whether a service is worth using. It isn’t just cheapest is better — we also factor in value as well as having different tiers for different kinds of user.

Having a long free trial (preferably that doesn’t involve card details before deciding to sign up), will also score marks here, as will accepting more than just a credit card for payment.

Most businesses will think about the cost when signing up and some tools go out of their way to demonstrate their value, providing return on investment calculation tools to quantify the impact they have.

We also like to see clear pricing systems and are always on the lookout for hidden costs and sales teams that get too pushy.

Service and Support

Service and support are easily overlooked, but when you get stuck they can mean the difference between a minor hiccup or a major roadblock in your project plans. We consider the ways you can get in touch, the more the better. Response times are factored in, as are quality of the responses we get.

We also look at the available help material. A good, well written knowledgebase, that accurately reflects the current state of the platform is good to have. Video help is good and we like to see both text and video available as different people have different preferences.

A strong community can be a real asset to a platform allowing users to discuss their problems and help each other out.

Security and Privacy

We’re big on security and privacy here at Cloudwards and they are both major concerns when using online services. With business data particularly, you want to be sure it is kept out of the wrong hands. You also need to be sure your business is safe from cybercrime.

If planning your business online, you need to be sure confidential information stays that way. As well as government snooping, which you can read more about in our PRISM, Snowden and government surveillance article.

We look at several things to determine if a service is safe and secure. That includes the encryption used in transit and at rest. AES-128 or AES-256 encryption offer sufficient protection for data storage, but some services don’t encrypt uploaded attachments.

We also look at certifications, such as the SOC type II certificates, as well as compliance with the GDPR and both the EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. privacy shields.

The options it offers its users and whether they cost extra both matter. Two factor authentication is useful. Read our what is two factor authentication article if you want to learn more about it.

Many services offer various kinds of security monitoring and options to control how users logon, with custom password policies being a good example of this.

When testing each service we try to ensure the experience matches the rhetoric and are on the lookout for problems in these areas. If we spot any discrepancies we’ll let you know.

The Best Project Management Software

There is a lot of project management software out there and finding the best of the bunch is tough. We’ve looked at many different platforms and have a good idea of which ones go the extra mile. Let’s take a look at the best in class, beginning with our favourite, is one of the most intuitive platforms around and offers a fantastic combination of power and user friendliness. It isn’t quite as simple as Asana or Trello, but packs more of a punch in the way of features. We rate it highly here at Cloudwards and it came out top in our latest round up of the best project management software.

Project Management Software Reviews Monday

It lacks subtasks and dependency management so the actual structure of your projects will be relatively simple. It makes up for this with a range of templates and a highly customizable set of tools to tune your projects as you like.

It gives you 500GB of storage and integrates with a range of other platforms and you can use Zapier to share data with many other services.

As well as being good to use it has excellent security and fast support, responding to us in four minutes.

It is a great choice if you are on a budget too, with cheap entry level plans. Read our review for more details.


Wrike is an all around top quality piece of software. With features galore, excellent security features and top notch support it ticks all the boxes you want.

It gives you plenty of customization options, both in terms of how your project is organized and how it looks. It also has a large selection of templates allowing you to set things up exactly how you need them.

Its security features are top drawer, including two factor authentication and password management. Managers can also create custom network access policies, enabling them to fine tune who can access their projects. There are also detailed logs of actions users take on projects.

With excellent, fast support rounding off the package we highly recommend it. You can read more about it in our Wrike review.


Asana is one of those tools that genuinely make organizing your projects fun. It is very easy to use, has a breezy, pleasant UI and isn’t light on features. Of all the tools your present writer has looked at, it is the current choice for personal projects.

If you want something easy to learn that lets you create simple, task list based projects easily, Asana is a great choice. There’s more to it than that and it can also be used for more involved work.

You can read more about it in our Asana review. If you decide to check it out then our Asana beginner’s guide will help you get the most out of it.


As its name suggests, TeamGantt is based around its gantt view. This makes is great for managing project dependencies and seeing how everything fits together. If you want to rearrange tasks easily, or are running a project where bottlenecks are a major concern, TeamGantt can help you.

It is easy to use and has a free plan, as well as cheap paid plans. It comes with videos, tutorials and classes galore to help you get set up and includes time tracking features, as well as subtasks and dependency management.

It’s lack of integrations is the only real downpoint, though you can use it with Basecamp, Trello and Slack. It will suit users looking to keep most of their planning on one platform best though.

As well as its free plan, it offers a trial of its paid tiers too. Take a look at our TeamGantt review for more.


A newcomer to our favorite project management rankings, Freedcamp impressed us with its clever features and all around quality.

It has automatic invoice generation and allows you to create your own wikis, so you can build a knowledgebase of your own, full of essential project details. There is also unlimited storage.

True to its name, its basic package is completely free and its various paid tiers are excellent value. Despite being inexpensive it is an excellent platform. It is well-designed with a user centric approach. It also has fast support and responded quickly to our inquiries.

It uses 256-bit encryption and Enterprise users can take advantage of two factor authentication for added security.

Educators and nonprofits can get special deals, making it a good choice for them. Read our Freedcamp review to learn what else we liked about it.

Starts from $ 2500 per month

Final Thoughts

The ultimate aim for project management software is to help your projects run more smoothly and save you money. Many of them are business focused and allow you to manage the fine details of your project and get everything organized and quantified.

Even for smaller scale projects, the simple act of setting out what you need to do and creating a plan can be a powerful motivator and set you on the path to success.

The tools here all let you manage tasks and clarify what you need to be doing in order to move your project forward. They also allow people to come together and pool there thoughts on what needs to be done in an organized way.