So, there you are: you’ve finally figured out how to get past the Netflix VPN ban and are ready to watch your favorite TV show, you get into the Netflix of the region you want, you click the thumbnail and … a black screen? You’ve just walked into the dreaded Netflix proxy error. In this article, we’ll show you how to unblock Netflix using some of the best VPNs on the market.

We’ll cover the basics why Netflix blocks VPNs in the first place but if you don’t have time these are the top services that will fix the proxy error:

  1. ExpressVPN — This is our favorite VPN that consistently gets you into Netflix from abroad. 30-day money-back guarantee
  2. NordVPN — Cheaper alternative to ExpressVPN though not as fast. Huge server network. 
  3. Cyberghost — Great choice if you’re based in Europe. Good value for money especially for multi-year plans.

Oops, something went wrong… Streaming Error. You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.

This screen is what you get when Netflix has detected you’re using a virtual private network while accessing the service. No matter if you just had it on because you’re nervous about your ISP selling your data on to marketers or because you’d like to stay of the NSA’s radar: if Netflix detects a VPN, you’re getting blocked.

Though annoying, it is kind of understandable that Netflix has a geoblock in place: the company has made deals with distributors all around the globe, agreeing to a different package with each one. Even if it wanted to, Netflix can’t simply show all its content everywhere, it’d get sued faster than you can say “breach of contract.”

What is odd, however, is that Netflix doesn’t leave it at that: many companies would be tempted to turn a blind eye toward VPN use, claiming it’s simply out of their hands what their customers do once they have subscribed. Not Netflix: it has developed probably the world’s best VPN detection system, almost rivaling that of the People’s Republic of China

VPNs and Proxy Errors

But first let’s talk about that proxy error. Using any service randomly chosen from our VPN reviews will likely net you just that single black screen as a result, not to mention the fly-by-nights we discuss in our worst free VPN article — let alone the disguised botnet that calls itself Hola VPN. The same goes for using any of the best free proxy picks we’ve put together; you’ll get goose egg.

Not that any of the best free VPN services do any better. In fact, only a handful of our best VPN providers can consistently unblock Netflix and even they not always. Netflix’s detection software is just that good at sniffing out even the best VPNs, meaning that in most cases you’ll find yourself needing to switch servers every once so often just to make sure you can keep watching your favorite, region-locked show.

Of course, wouldn’t be doing its job if we didn’t put our considerable knowhow to work in putting together a list of the best VPN for Netflix. All the providers in that article are guaranteed to work, assuming you’re willing to switch servers. Though annoying, it’s the only way to beat Netflix at the VPN game.

A good example is ExpressVPN (read our ExpressVPN review), which consistently gets you through whichever Netflix site you need (as well as being the best VPN for BBC iPlayer). To watch U.S. Netflix from abroad, you’re going to want to use one of their servers. As most of our writers and editor are based in Europe currently, we’ve found that using an east coast location works best for our needs.

Messing with Servers: A Story

Over the summer of 2017, the U.S. – Washington DC (1) server did a great job bringing exclusive American content to our Europe-based laptop, until one evening, in the middle of the conclusion of a Burn Notice episode, the screen went to black and we got the proxy error, the wonderful black screen with the message “you seem to be using an unblocker or proxy.”

Well, nuts to that. The IP address of the DC server was obviously known, so off to find another. The second DC server gave much the same result, as did the one in New York. The state of New Jersey, however, proved useful for once and its lone server let us back into Netflix, no problem.

This worked fine for a week or two, when once again the screen went black. A switch back to DC 1, though, showed that one worked fine for unblocking Netflix until a few weeks later, when … eh, you get the picture. This anecdote just goes to show that even the best VPN isn’t perfect, meaning you always spend a few annoying minutes cycling through servers to find one that works.

VPNs that Work with Netflix

Note, though, that a few VPNs make this process easier than others. We’ve already mentioned ExpressVPN — which we rank number one because it’s the fastest VPN around, handy when you’re making transatlantic connections — but you can read about other strong contenders in our NordVPN review and CyberGhost review.

All three make switching between servers really easy, with the wait in each case being just a few seconds. All three also offer a large network of servers all over the world, meaning that you can (hopefully) access the Netflix of a large amount of countries. Though giving a full list here would be tedious, all three of these services will let you into Netflix in the U.S., UK and Canada.

The U.S. offers the largest selection of TV shows, while Canada is great for movies. The UK is useful because many shows that run exclusively on U.S. networks are easily available on British networks, so unless you’re tastes run out of the mainstream, having access to these three countries should be enough.

If, however, you’re getting proxy errors with your current VPN provider when trying to access Netflix locations that are a bit rarer — often because you speak more languages than just English, or are trying to learn a new language, or simply even because you have a yen for the cinema of a particular country — ExpressVPN is again your best allround bet.

Playing around with the software a little, ExpressVPN got us into the Netflix of the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Australia and Mexico.

NordVPN has a massive array of French servers, so if you’re francophone that service might hit your sweet spot a little better. It also did well on some random tests we did, especially in European countries and Canada.

CyberGhost did okay, but since mainly in the U.S. and Europe, where most of its network is. We had less success accessing Canadian servers.

Final Thoughts

Using any of the best VPNs when unblocking Netflix — either ExpressVPN, NordVPN or CyberGhost — as well as employing some perseverance when selecting servers, you should get past the Netflix proxy error for most countries, meaning you get to watch a whole lot of shows and movies for the price of just one subscription (to further improve your viewing pleasure, check out our best Netflix hacks).

If this whole process seems like too much work, you can also check out our article on best alternative torrent sites as well as our Kodi guide, two other ways in which you can watch entertainment to your heart’s content.

Do you have any other ways to watch Netflix from abroad? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

Netflix Proxy Error FAQs

Over the years that this article has been up we’ve been hit with quite a few questions about the specifics of it. We’ll take a look at the most common ones here.

  • What Does Netflix Mean by Unblocker or Proxy?

    For some reason the word “VPN” isn’t in the Netflix lexicon, but simply put the service is talking about any app you use to get around the Netflix block to see other countries’ libraries.

  • How Do I Disable a Proxy or Unblocker?

    Go into your proxy or VPN and simply switch it off. You can usually do this by quitting the browser window (when using a proxy) or by killing the VPN app outright.

  • What Proxy Works with Netflix?

    No proxy works with Netflix, you’re going to have to use a VPN. ExpressVPN and NordVPN are the very best, though CyberGhost and Windscribe hold their own, too.

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76 thoughts on “How to Get Around A Netflix Proxy Error”

  1. I have successfully used express vpn to access netflix. However, devices linked to a wifi extender are identified by netflix as overseas. Is there a way to mask the wifi extender?

    1. No, but thanks for pointing that out. It was driving me nuts that the VPN would work sometimes and not others.

  2. Netflix probably signs up for those VPN services, get the IP addresses from the ssrvsrs and blocks them, one by one. Probably the easiest way to detect them.

    1. - Chief Editor

      Maybe. Could also be that Netflix tries to detect multiple access attempts from a single IP. Either is possible.

    2. Netflix doesn’t need to do that themselves. There are companies out there that offer this service, i.e. check if an IP is a VPN or not.

  3. why the sudden change? so i now have to buy a new program to be able to watch a service i pay for? or am i confused? this change is causing a a lot of headache

    1. - Chief Editor

      You’re confused: you only need a VPN if you want to watch Netflix programs that are offered in other countries, but not your own.

      1. I am in the US, I live here and have had Netflix for years. Now all of a sudden I am getting that message.

        What gives?

        1. - Chief Editor

          If you’re not using a VPN, I have no idea. Send Netflix or your ISP a message and see what’s up, I’d say. Let us know what they said, too, thanks.

  4. So I’ve had Netflix forever, and I am suddenly getting the proxy server error messages. I have done everything my limited knowledge will allow, and still nothing. HELP!!

    1. - Chief Editor

      Have you also been using a VPN all this time, or only just started?

  5. This just happened to me
    I get the VPN/PROXY warning. I have never tried to watch Netflix shows in other countries. No VPN or proxy set up on my phone settings. Any suggestions?

    1. - Chief Editor

      That’s extremely weird, almost like the VPN detection is going berserk…. Anybody else have any ideas? Let us know.

  6. I haven’t tried to access to other countries’ Netflix. I am paying for my service in my country and all of a sudden I get this error message. This is driving me mad because I’m at work and I have a lot of free time in my hands to watch something and now I just can’t.. Netflix needs to fix this.

  7. I don’t use a VPN and today I’m getting this error message.
    Tried my tablet and two TVs that are normally used to access Netflix and they’re all having the same problem.

    No idea what to do as I’m searching around Google and every website so far seems to be assuming that it’s only those with a VPN that are getting this message.

    1. - Chief Editor

      If you’re not using a VPN, I have no idea what’s causing this. Send Netflix or your ISP a message and see what’s up, I’d say. Let us know what they said, too, thanks.

  8. I contacted Netflix. They said contact your ISP (B.S.). My ISP said: I’m afraid that Netflix is the one that has to remove the IP address ( off their block list. We cannot force a change on the IP or assign a static, the vendor has control and doesn’t allow this. There is no channel for Netflix where an ISP can request the IP be unblocked. I’m afraid our NOC (Network Operations Centre) has advised you’ll need to request this from Netflix.

    Called Netflix back.

    In Canada (maybe elsewhere): Thanks for contacting Netflix!
    To resolve your issue, follow the steps in our Help Center article below:

    1. - Chief Editor

      Well, isn’t that a lovely bit of circular logic? I guess you’ll have to get a VPN to be allowed to watch Netflix; the world upside down. Sorry for your trouble.

  9. Also have the same unblocker error – and I am not using a VPN.
    Netflix is hopeless – they claim I *must* use IPv6…..
    Told me to contact ISP (BS). What is my ISP going to do?
    Netflix needs to sort out their untrained support “engineers”.

    1. - Chief Editor

      Oh my gosh, that sucks. So basically they’re making you use a VPN so you can access ? Ridiculous.

    2. The same thing happened to our customers.. I really began to think that there are no network engineers working on Netflix or they are really dumb 🙁

    1. - Chief Editor

      I think they fixed it, because both Sydney servers just worked for me, though Melbourne didn’t. I didn’t check any others.

  10. As of yesterday – October 9, 2018, I’m getting proxy errors when trying to access USA netflix through all servers that I’ve tried on ExpressVPN from Asia. Previously no problems.

    1. - Chief Editor

      I think this may have been a temporary problem as all the usual suspects are working again.

      1. I have northvpn and it doesn’t work and the only reason why I bought this product today was to take advantage of view American content but I get that poxy error….ERRR and it would seem you have the ability to choose which American server to use but noooo….I don’t have the option of picking, it automatically connects to whatever server is available???

        1. - Chief Editor

          Hi Marc,

          You can pick individual servers through the menu in the top left of the NordVPN client. The U.S. has like a few hundred, so one is bound to work with Netflix.

          Good luck!

  11. StrongVPN not working. Not on any servers and hasn’t for more than a month. Miami use to work but that’s blocked now.

  12. I’m having trouble finding VPN app that is free and still works with Netflix. Any suggestions?

    1. - Chief Editor

      Free VPNs usually don’t do a very good job, I’m afraid.

  13. Apart from your vpn advertise, I have a server for my websites. I connected by open vpn and now I can use my server as a vpn. But netflix notices my vpn usage. This is not about special IP address, it’s about proxy mask. Is the any solve?

    1. - Chief Editor

      Not really. Personal VPN users like yourself have little recourse but shutting off the VPN for Netflix.

  14. No VPN here. Aussie user and Aussie NetFlix. Was working an hour ago. Now one laptop shows the proxy error and my desktop shows the M7304 error. Netflix support chat seems frozen too. No response from it either.

    1. - Chief Editor

      Could just be a temporary thing where your IP got flagged for some reason. Seriously weird, tho. Hope it works out for you soon.

  15. I am living in Johannesburg, RSA and are experiencing the same problem of unblocking or proxy to be removed, since yesterday 12 Dec 2018. If I can’t use Netflix anymore I will have to cancel my monthly subscription, what a pity!

  16. I just bought the elite version of hotspot shield but getting the netflix’s proxy error.

      1. If switching servers doesn’t help ( I just subscribed to express VPN) What can I do next?

        1. - Chief Editor

          Keep trying. Not sure which country’s Netflix you want to access, but I just found two in the States and several in Europe that worked.

  17. I need help. I live in America. (I don’t know if that helps) I try to watch Nextflix on my phone and it shows up with a proxy or unblocker. My mom has the Qustodio app that’s that makes it so I have limited time on my phone. My brother has the same app and his Netflix works just fine. We have the same phone and same vpn. I don’t know what else is effecting my Netflix.

    1. - Chief Editor

      Hi Kyle, you probably just want to switch to a different server. Just go into the Netflix app and pick a different location to connect to in the menu.

    1. - Chief Editor

      Have you tried several different servers? Because generally trying out three or four will get you into Netflix.

  18. I purchased a VPN-service partly to view Netflix content not available in my (european) country. Finding out that it was actively blocked I cancelled my Netflix subscription, the only hitback available to me. I believe we will see many efforts to crack down on VPN usage in general as both big tech and big governments have a shared interest in monitoring and recording our activities without us having the choice to opt-out.

  19. I don’t have a VPN but keep getting the black screen proxy blocker sign. I’m in Australia. I would resent having to pay extra now to watch Netflix. I have tried different servers with no luck.

    1. - Chief Editor

      Oh, that sucks. A few other readers have commented on this same problem. Is there a chance that your router came with a VPN installed, or a family member put one on? The only other thing you can do is contact Netflix and see what they say.

  20. What if you want to watch netflix on your phone ot tablet but it is blocked in the middle east, what vpn apps can I use?

  21. Hi, I want to watch somerhing in Switzerland but using ExpressVPN with Serbia. Now Netflix is not working for me because of the proxy issue. How can I login to another server? Thank you

    1. - Chief Editor

      A quick check shows ExpressVPN has two servers in Switzerland, so just go into the menu, unfold the Switzerland heading and then pick the other one. If that doesn’t get through to Netflix, just give it a week or two.

  22. Weird thing. ExpressVPN is working on my laptops to access Netflix US shows from Europe. Installed the ExpressVPN app on my android tv (Sony Bravia) and i’m getting the proxy error on Netflix, even when using the same server that works on the laptop. Any idea?

    1. - Chief Editor

      That’s beyond weird, did you contact ExpressVPN support? I’d love to hear what they have to say about it.

      1. Same thing happening here on our Firestick. Hulu and Netflix both denying because of proxy however they work fine on laptops and cell phones. Europe and using PIA VPN.

  23. Netflix on Sony tv seems to find a way to block using VPN, used to have ExpressVPN works fine and its no longer working and tried Nord as well, anyone help?

  24. I just got ExpressVPN but Netflix is blocking me. I having been traveling in South America for I wrote a year and am in Chile. I just updated everyone on my phone (Huawei purchased in Bolivia, possible black market?). Is there any way to get around it? Netflix content is terrible here and their raising the prices so it will goodbye Netflix if I can’t get around it.

    1. - Chief Editor

      Hi Kristin, I just checked several US servers and found two that worked, both on the East Coast. Didn’t try any West Coast servers, though.

  25. Downloaded the express VPN app on my iPad however when going on Netflix I see the new shows and movies but when I clicked on something to watch I get the error msg “you’ll need to turn theses services off and try again to download content. For more info, visit I’m only trying to stream it and not download it. Can you please help 🙂

    1. - Chief Editor

      Try a different server. At least three on the East Coast of the U.S. worked for me today.

    1. - Chief Editor

      Go into the ExpressVPN menu, then select “change server.” You’ll get a massive list to choose from and you can go from there.

  26. Awesome thank you so much Fergus! I sincerely appreciate your help! Have a great weekend!

  27. HI we are a large Healthcare organisation and staff and patients use Netflix and we cannot remove the proxy we have configured so i am wanting to whitelist it, it seems there are many domains\IP used so i was wondering if anyone knows of the comprehensive list of what is needed so we can white-list\pac file exclusion.

    1. - Chief Editor

      I doubt you’ll be able to, Netflix is really hard on any kind of proxy. Have you tried contracting the support department?

  28. Somewhat unrelated I need to get around a corporate VPN block. I’ve tried IPvanish, Express VPN with the Swan client and still cant get past it. We have tried udp tcp pptp and all of the various steps to get around any ideas?

  29. After a circular conversation with a customer service monkey who gave me the standard script about regional licenses, etc., I canceled Netflix. They made $1.2 billion in 2018 and paid no income tax on it–if they’re not willing to figure out a solution, they can stuff it. I’m not paying for a service that’s just going to tell me I need to pay for anything I search for because Netflix doesn’t have it. It’s not the service I signed up for anymore. Between Mobdro and Terrarium TV, I’m pretty happy. They’re both free and VPN-friendly. Now I’ve got to read up on how VPN’s are detected and why they don’t show up as just another regular ol’ innocent IP address. Kind of defeats the purpose if someone knows I’m using a VPN to begin with.

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