Storage Made Easy Review

A cool service that lets you pick where to store files.

Storage Made Easy let's you choose how to store files and with whom, an interesting new take on cloud storage. Though it's not without its faults, storage nerds (we don't judge) will probably love SME, even just to make life a little easier for themselves. Read our full Storage Made Easy review for

By Joseph Gildred18 Apr'182019-02-28 05:37:10

Starts from$ 500per month
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MultCloud Review

A decent tool that gets the job done.

Though not as versatile as some of its competitors, MultCloud is a great set-it-and-forget-it multi-cloud management tool that combines a decent price with a friendly interface. Read our full MultCloud review for the details.

By Joseph Gildred31 May'182018-06-15 03:30:31

Starts from$ 583per month
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CloudHQ Review

It's no MultCloud, but it gets the job done.

A cloud-to-cloud management service that gets a lot right, we hesitate to truly recommend CloudHQ due to its high price tag. That said, it's still one of the better services among a generally sad lot, as you can read in our CloudHQ review.

By Joseph Gildred13 Jun'182018-06-15 03:27:11

Starts from$ 983per month
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odrive Review

The multi-cloud management tool that does sync the best.

Though officially still a work in progress, odrive is a remarkable powerful multi-cloud management tool that offers the best sync of its kind. It falls short in a few other areas, but for the full picture you're best off reading our detailed odrive review.

By Joseph Gildred31 May'182018-06-15 03:28:59

Starts from$ 825per month
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Otixo Review

A strong contender in the multi-cloud management race.

When it comes to multi-cloud management, Otixo is probably the market leader thanks to its ease of use as well as its many features. However, automation is a glaring omission, meaning the field is still wide open. Read our full Otixo review for all the details.

By Joseph Gildred31 May'182018-06-15 03:28:24

Starts from$ 667per month
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CloudSync Review

Noe the best cloud managment tool out there.

The CloudSync's heart is in the right place, the service falls short on many fronts, making putting it directly into the "pass" column. Check out our full CloudSync review for the details on how we came to this decision.

By Joseph Gildred26 Jun'182018-07-05 01:14:31

Starts from$ 104per month
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