How to Unblock Netflix at School in 2020

Ready to binge-watch your favorite Netflix shows? This guide will show you how to unblock Netflix at school or work, and which VPN is the best for the job.

By Sandra PattisonAssistant Editor
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Netflix isn’t just one of the hugest streaming services on the planet, it’s also the platform that teens watch the most, with YouTube being a close second. However, although Netflix is available in 190 countries, if you try to watch Netflix while you’re at school or work, you might be blocked. In this guide, we’ll tell you why, but we’ll also tell you how to unblock Netflix at school easily.

Lots of schools and workplaces block Netflix and other services on their WiFi networks for a few reasons, though it’s mainly to curb distraction. We’ll talk about all of those reasons later, but the best way to bypass the blocks is to use a VPN. It’ll need to be one that is good at unblocking Netflix, though, such as the options in our best VPN for Netflix roundup.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to watch Netflix with a VPN. Plus, we’ve listed five of our best VPN providers that’ll get you into Netflix. However, if you need a quick answer to watch movies at school unblocked, you should go right ahead and install CyberGhost.

Step-by-Step: How to Access Netflix at School 

1. Sign Up With CyberGhost 

First, you need to sign up with CyberGhost by choosing one of its plans. Remember, choosing a longer plan will save you money in the end, but you can check out our guide on how to use the CyberGhost free trial if you want to try it first. Once you’ve picked a plan, you need to choose your payment method and enter your details.

how to unblock netflix at school cyberghost plans
CyberGhost’s plans.

2. Download the CyberGhost App

Now you need to download the CyberGhost app for your device. Then open the app and log in.

how to unblock netflix at school devices
Choose your device.

3. Connect to a Netflix Optimized Server

Once you’re in the app, you need to connect to a suitable server. To do that, click the yellow arrow in the bottom corner to show the whole list of servers. Now click the “for streaming” tab and connect to a Netflix server in the country you want.

how to unblock netflix at school devices
Connect to a Server

4. Watch Netflix

Now that you are connected to a VPN server, see if you can access Netflix. If you can, great. If for some reason that server doesn’t work or you encounter the Netflix error code, you can try one of CyberGhost’s standard servers instead, as they often work just fine.

how to unblock netflix at school
Now you can watch Netflix.

Netflix on School Premises

Blocking Netflix isn’t done out of spite. Think about it: if you’re sitting watching Stranger Things all day, how are you possibly going to concentrate or get any work done? Schools, colleges, workplaces and so on block popular apps, games, social media and websites simply to make sure that students and employees are concentrating on their work.

On top of that, there’s the issue of Netflix being bandwidth hungry. Netflix itself says that watching a TV show or movie uses around 1GB of data per hour in standard definition or 3GB per hour in HD. That may not sound like a lot, but consider how many students or employees there are doing the same as you. Do the math, and you’ll understand why it’s an issue.

Still, although getting distracted from your studies or work is bad, there’s no harm in watching something like Netflix during your lunch break. The problem is, the restrictions aren’t run on a timer, so you’re still going to need a VPN service to access Netflix at work or school.

How Does a VPN Help You Access Netflix?

A virtual private network basically encrypts your connection and hides your IP address. That means whatever you’re doing online is hidden. No matter what you’re doing — so long as you are connected through the VPN — your school or workplace won’t know what you’re up to; and if they don’t know, there’s no reason to stop you.

Plus, by using a VPN, you will connect to one of its many servers. That means you won’t be connected to the network that has all of the blocks in place, and you can access everything as usual. A VPN is like a site unblocker for school and work.

We should point out, though, that if you’re in a country that blocks Netflix anyway — such as China — then you should be extra careful. Make sure you choose a VPN with top security to ensure you stay hidden and protected at all times. If that’s what you need, we strongly recommend watching Netflix with ExpressVPN. It’s more expensive, but it offers better protection.

Choosing the Best VPN to Unblock Netflix for School

VPN services include lots of features, but some are more important when it comes to getting into Netflix. For starters, the VPN needs to be able to access Netflix. Not all VPN services can unblock Netflix, so we’ve only listed those that can. It’s also beneficial to have fast speeds so that content loads quickly and at a decent resolution, as well as unlimited bandwidth so you’re not cut short.

Other than that, it’s best to include a good server network with servers in the country of the Netflix library that you want (because they’re not all the same, as you can read in our piece on the Netflix ban). You’ll also want the VPN to be easy to use and come at a decent price, especially if you’re depending on your part-time job or the bank of mum and dad.

1. CyberGhost



  • Inexpensive
  • Dedicated streaming servers
  • Free trial


  • Inconsistent speeds

CyberGhost is an excellent choice for watching Netflix at school or work. It has optimized streaming servers that are clearly labeled, meaning you just need to click one that’s Netflix-ready and away you go (you can read more about those in our CyberGhost review). Its speeds are inconsistent, but they’re fast for the most part, and you also get unlimited bandwidth.

It has a huge network of standard servers in lots of countries, and most of those work with Netflix, too, which is great for accessing other countries’ Netflix libraries. It also has strong security to protect you, and it can be installed on most devices. The interface is easy to use, and you can have up to seven simultaneous connections.

CyberGhost is an inexpensive option, provided you opt for a long-term plan. There’s even a free seven-day trial for mobile (but 24 hours for desktop), so you can take it for a spin. A lengthy money-back guarantee is in place, too.

2. Windscribe



  • Free plan & cheap build-a-plan options
  • Windflix streaming servers
  • Unlimited connections


  • Can be slow
  • Windflix servers are not free & are only for the U.S., Canada, the UK & Japan
  • Free servers aren’t the best for accessing Netflix

Windscribe is a great VPN option if you’re totally broke or can only afford around a couple of bucks per month. That’s because it has both a free plan and a cheap no-frills plan available, although its paid plan costs around the same as its competitors.

However, there are a few things you need to know before you dive in. If you opt for the free plan, there’s a data cap and you only use a handful of servers. Those servers aren’t reliable when it comes to unblocking Netflix, as you can read in our Windscribe review.

Now that’s out of the way, we come to the build-a-plan option. With that, you can choose a specific server and unlimited bandwidth for just $2 per month.

On top of that, Windscribe has dedicated streaming servers, called Windflix servers. They are great for getting into Netflix, and you can choose one of those for your plan. Keep in mind that Windflix servers are only for the U.S., Canada, the UK and Japan, though.

Windscribe speeds are good, but they can be slow. Its security is strong, too, and the VPN can be installed on most devices with an easy-to-use interface. You also get unlimited connections. Getting unlimited data and being able to watch Netflix for $2 per month is fabulous, especially for a student. Plus, if you decide you don’t like it, you have three days to ask for a refund.

3. ExpressVPN



  • Excellent security
  • Netflix unblocked on most servers
  • Ultra-fast speeds


  • Expensive

ExpressVPN is our favorite VPN, and it would be at the top of this list if it wasn’t so pricey. It doesn’t have dedicated streaming servers like some VPN providers, but ExpressVPN consistently breaks through Netflix’s walls on its regular servers, which are in 94 countries. It does the same with other streaming services, too, which is why it’s our overall best VPN for streaming.

It has the fastest VPN speeds we’ve seen, which you can read about in our ExpressVPN review, and there are no data caps to worry about. It also has excellent security and privacy, so it’s the best option if you’re in a country with strict censorship (read our piece on the Great Firewall for an example of that).

ExpressVPN is easy to use, even for beginners, and it can be used on most devices. You can also connect up to five devices at a time. Although ExpressVPN is a more expensive choice, it’s worth it, and there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t agree.

4. NordVPN



  • Top-notch security
  • Gets into Netflix easily
  • Affordable long term plans


  • Inconsistent speeds

NordVPN is another top player in the VPN game. Like ExpressVPN, it doesn’t have dedicated streaming servers, but it can easily get into Netflix with most of its servers. That said, the reason NordVPN is in fourth place is because of its inconsistent speeds. They’re mostly fast, but with our top picks either being faster or cheaper, it has to take a lower place.

Other than that, it comes with unlimited data and a massive server network. Having such a large server network not only means you can access different Netflix libraries, but it also means that if you do connect with a slow server, you can quickly switch to one that’s faster. That’s easy to do, and the whole interface is user friendly. You can also connect up to six devices simultaneously.

More details are in our NordVPN review, but NordVPN is an affordable VPN, though you’ll find its cheapest prices on the longer plans. There’s also a 30-day refund window, in case you find it’s not for you.

5. Private Internet Access



  • Cheap
  • Mostly fast speeds
  • Gets into Netflix


  • Can be slow
  • No good if you want to watch other streaming platforms

Our last pick is Private Internet Access. It is on our list of the best Netflix VPNs, but it’s not the greatest. That’s because although most of its servers are fast, some are too slow and our other VPN picks are, well, better. Plus, if you want to watch other streaming platforms, then PIA won’t be a good fit because it has trouble accessing them (read our PIA review).

Aside from that, you get unlimited bandwidth and it has good security, though you’ll need to tweak it for the best security. Its servers network isn’t as large as our other picks, but it’s good enough. PIA is also easy to use, and you can connect up to 10 devices at a time.

A plus side to PIA, though, is that it’s one of the cheapest VPNs you can get while still maintaining quality. To see the most savings, you need to opt for the annual plan. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, though, in case you don’t like it.

Can I Unblock Netflix for Free?

We know most students can’t afford a paid VPN, and we can understand the appeal of a free VPN for anyone, but you need to be careful with such services. We can’t tar every VPN with the same brush, but we can tell you that the majority of free VPNs are going to cause more harm than good.

The primary purpose of a VPN is to protect you; accessing streaming services is a bonus to using one. The problem is that many of the free VPNs do the complete opposite. They can contain malware that’s waiting to infect your device. They can collect and sell your data to third parties. Plus, they might not include any protection and just feed off ad revenue.

The list is endless, but that’s the worst case. Another problem with free VPNs is that they often have slow speeds because so many users are connected to the same free server, or they have data caps. Plus, considering this article is all about unblocking Netflix at school or work, we can tell you now that you probably won’t find a free VPN that can even unblock Netflix.

Even our second pick, Windscribe, has trouble accessing Netflix on its free servers, and that’s a reputable service.

Using a VPN in school is not approved of, but it’s certainly not illegal. If you’re caught using one, you’ll most likely have your device confiscated or get detention, especially if you’re accessing blocked content and services.

That said, if you’re in a country with a VPN ban or what you’re accessing is restricted, you should be careful because there can be more severe punishment involved. If that’s the case, you need to make sure you’re using a secure VPN service to stay safe.

Final Thoughts

Now you know why schools and workplaces block services like Netflix, and you also know how you can unblock school WiFi. All you need is a VPN that is both capable of getting into Netflix and has fast speeds and unlimited data.

CyberGhost is your best bet for accessing Netflix on a restricted internet connection. It has dedicated streaming servers, decent speeds and no data caps. Plus, it has a ton of other servers and good security, and it’s easy to use. Why not give it a try with its free trial, or make use of the long money-back guarantee? There’s nothing to lose.

Have you used a VPN to get Netflix access or unblock websites at school or work? Do you agree with our VPN selection? Or did you use a different VPN service? Let us know in the comment section and, as always, thank you for reading.