Not everyone realizes it, but Netflix has a different library of movies and TV shows for every country that it is active in. It’s not alone in this: Hulu, Amazon as well as some Kodi repos have the same restriction. What makes the world’s number one streaming service different is the dreaded Netflix VPN ban. This article is about how to beat it.

In theory, any geoblock like Netflix’s should be easy to circumvent by simply employing a virtual private network, a way to pretend your connection is coming from somewhere else than your actual location. Netflix, however, has put one of the most sophisticated VPN detection systems in place to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Before we get on to the why of the ban, let’s take a look at the reasons behind having different versions of the service to begin with. We’ll then finish up by giving you a few VPNs that have somehow managed to stay one step ahead of Netflix and  will allow you to access different countries’ Netflix — well, most of the time, anyway.

If all these whys and whats are too much information for you and you just want to know the best VPNs to beat the Netflix VPN ban, we recommend you skip ahead to our best VPN for Netflix article. If you’d like to go even faster, signing up for ExpressVPN is the golden ticket of accessing any Netflix from anywhere. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the finer points of copyright law.

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Netflix and Distributors

It’s copyright law that’s mainly responsible for creating almost 200 Netflixes. Though the service is producing more and more of its own content now, the majority of what it has on offer is still made and distributed by others. This means that those companies, in turn, get a say in what gets shown where.

This is often because Netflix isn’t the only party showing TV shows and movies. Many distributors have deals in place with networks in countries that give away exclusive viewing rights. Distributors can hardly sell the same rights twice, meaning that Netflix may be allowed to show Burn Notice in the U.S., say, it can’t show it in the Netherlands, where a local TV network holds those rights.

This system of licensing creates a weird patchwork of what’s available and what is not in different countries. U.S. subscribers have by far the largest library available to them, while some markets were well and truly sewn up before Netflix even came on the scene.

It’s these distributors who determine what gets shown where, Netflix itself has precious little say in the matter and has admitted it would rather just show everything everywhere; as you can imagine, there are more than a few competitors who oppose this.

Netflix Blocking VPNs

As a customer you barely notice any of this: you simply visit and up pops the homepage you’ve grown to know and love. Behind the scenes, however, Netflix has redirected you to the site of the country you’re accessing it from.

Note that this has nothing to do with the country you created your account in, that only affects how much you pay each month (Asian subscribers generally pay a little less than American ones, while Europeans generally pay a buck or so more). The IP address you’re accessing the site from determines whether or not you can watch Black Panther.

Someone with a bit of internet savvy will have figured out by this description that all you need to do is enable a VPN and off you go. A VPN will fake an IP address, placing you wherever you need to be to watch a particular movie or TV show.

This is what a lot of people were doing until January 2016: all our best VPN providers would let you access Netflix without a hitch. What changed then was that the distributors Netflix had partnered with were starting to realize that they were losing money because people were using Netflix to watch shows.

Since losing money goes against the core principle of any business, Netflix found itself under a considerable amount of pressure to prevent people from using a VPN, without just seeming to do so. In reply, the service set up what’s possibly the best VPN detection system outside of the People’s Republic of China to catch perpetrators.

The result was mass consternation as subscribers everywhere were hit with proxy errors left, right and center, making it impossible for them to keep watching a show unless they switched off their VPN.

Of course, any time a large-scale solution is implemented there is going to be some collateral damage. In this case it made it so people that were using a VPN to protect their privacy were also unable to access Netflix, opening the company up to accusations that it was waging a war on privacy.

The main reason here at we advocate using a VPN is not to watch movies — that’s just a bonus. VPNs are the first line of defense against government surveillance as well as spying by governments’ corporate cronies. Not being able to use a VPN, even just while you’re bingeing away on a rainy Sunday afternoon, is a bad thing.

VPNs That Beat the Netflix Ban

Best for Netflix: ExpressVPN30-day money-back guarantee

Thankfully, several of the best ranked providers among our VPN reviews have managed to put together the needed security and protocols to avoid being detected by Netflix. However, none of these will work all of the time, you will every once in a while need to switch servers as Netflix catches on. This means that even after weeks of use, sometimes you’ll still get a proxy error.

However, a good service will have more than one server to access Netflix, so generally all you need to do is access the VPN”s menu and pick a new server from the list. Our best results have thus far always been with ExpressVPN, so we always recommend that service first and foremost. Besides being the best VPN for streaming, it’s also the fastest VPN out there. Read our ExpressVPN review for more details.

ExpressVPN is expensive, though, so for those who feel it’s too much of an investment, we used to recommend NordVPN. However, the last few months its speeds have proven unreliable and readers have needed to cycle through dozens of servers before finding one that works (read our NordVPN review for details). For a solid NordVPN alternative, you can always check out our CyberGhost review.

Two other VPN services that came onto our radar more recently and that do a decent job of getting into Netflix are Astrill and Windscribe. As you can read in our Astrill review, it offers good pricing and decent speeds, but has trouble getting into anything other than American Netflix. Windscribe is interesting as it’s the only service we recommend with a free plan, making it the best free VPN for Netflix by default. Read about the details of this in our Windscribe review.

For honorable mentions we’d like to point you to our VPNArea review and Ivacy review. These two services do occasionally beat the proxy error, but struggle to come up with the speed necessary to watch anything in HD quality.

Final Thoughts

Though it’s not an exact science by any means, using any of our favorite VPNs for Netflix should get you into most Netflixes, most of the time. Through trial and error, as well as keeping a close eye on, you should be able to watch whatever you want without too much trouble. Once you’re in, so to speak, check out our Netflix hacks for an improved viewer experience.

What are your experiences with the Netflix VPN ban? Do you have any thoughts on it? Please join the discussion in the comments below. As always, thank you for reading and good luck staying a step ahead of Netflix.

Netflix VPN Ban FAQs

Over the years, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about this subject. Below you’ll find the ones we’ve run into the most often.

  • Will Netflix Ban Me For Using a VPN?

    No, using a VPN and Netflix will not get you into real trouble. The worst thing that will happen is that you see the “you seem to be using an unblocker or proxy” message. In the several years we’ve been messing with Netflix VPNs we’ve never received a message from Netflix to knock it off.

  • What Do You Mean With “Switch Servers?”

    Rather than use the server your VPN assigned you, you need to go into the settings or servers menu and pick a different one. Connect to it, see if it works with Netflix, if not, rinse, wash, repeat.

  • Is It Legal to Watch Netflix with a VPN?

    Yes. No need to worry about getting into any trouble, everything you’re doing is above board.

  • How Do I Bypass the Netflix VPN Block?

    By using a VPN. ExpressVPN does the best job, but there are a few others, too, that do well.

  • What VPNs Are Blocked by Netflix?

    Technically, all of them, though some get past the block better than others. If a VPN service claims it isn’t blocked, that’s a lie.

  • Can Netflix Detect VPNs?

    Yes, and very well, too. In our experience, there isn’t a single VPN on the market now that always gets through to Netflix.

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136 thoughts on “How to Beat the Netflix VPN Ban”

  1. I’m just learning about vpns and the only reason I want one is for cheap cable, netflix, and amazon prime.

    If I’m a US subscriber to Netflix, they know my account login is a US subscriber and if I log on to my vpn using a US IP, why would they block me? I don’t really care about watching it in other countries.

    I feel stupid asking this, but it makes no sense to me. All they have to do is match your login with your IP location and leave you alone.

    1. - Chief Editor

      Hi Gianna,

      They won’t block you if you’re accessing U.S. Netflix from the U.S., so no worries there.

      1. I’m in the same situation as Gianna, but both Netflix and Amazon Prime block my access when I use my PIA VPN. I tried a trial version of NordVPN but it was blocked as well. At least some of the servers in SoCal.

          1. - Chief Editor

            I know it’s like the easiest way, but it’s a bitch to find good snacks.

          2. This is the smuggest reply I have ever seen , smarty pants. Good for you but I guess there are other ways of watching what you want.

      2. I get block from the US, but I am using a proxy that goes to another site in the US. So traffic doesn’t leave the US, yet I still get blocked.

        VyprVPN w/Chameleon worked
        Windscribe has not so far

        1. - Chief Editor

          That’s probably because you’re using an IP address through your proxy that is on Netflix’s blacklist.

          1. So why does Netflix think it has to police this issue anyway? Wouldn’t this be up to individual countries and their ISPs to enforce blocking technologies? I think Netflix can say it has done its due diligence so should not be a need for developing the “best VPN detection technology.”

          2. - Chief Editor

            Hi George, as I mention in the article, this is an issue between Netflix and distributors. ISPs and governments don’t factor into it at all.

      3. Except yes they do. If you are on a vpn connected to an area close to you, in this case the U.S. you can in fact still be blocked. Happens to me daily when I forget to turn mine off.

      4. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is true. I’m in Canada and I tried accessing Netflix while connected to a VPN server still in Montreal. Ideally, there should have been no problem…I’m a Canadian subscriber VPNing through a Canadian server to access Canadian content. I was still blocked.

        1. - Chief Editor

          That’s probably because you’re using a VPN IP address that Netflix knows about. Hence the blocking, doesn’t matter where you are accessing the VPN from.

        1. - Chief Editor

          Hi George, as I keep saying in all our Netflix-related articles as well as these comments, you need to try different servers. NY is indeed blocked currently (5/29/18), but I found two other East Coast servers that work just fine. So, once more, all together: try different servers.

          1. I use Nord VPN from the u.s. to access Netflix and Amazon in the UK on my computer no problems at all ever on my Android based smart TV problem always with Netflix and Amazon

        1. - Chief Editor

          Yeah, you’re going to either disengage the VPN or find a server that will work with Netflix.

      5. As of now, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video all block VPN access even for US subscribers using a VPN for privacy only. They will not budge.

        1. - Chief Editor

          Yes, they all block VPNs, it’s just that certain VPNs can get past the block…

      1. - Chief Editor

        Hi Rob, you probably need to switch servers. Netflix started blocking ExpressVPN’s DC server about two weeks ago, switch to a different U.S. server should fix any problem you’re having. I won’t tell you which one, cuz that’ll just make it easier for Netflix to find you 🙂

    2. What you don’t understand is when you use a VPN your IP is blocked so they don’t know if it is you operating your account or someone abroad.

    3. I’m in the same boat. I am military stationed in Japan, I have a US login for Netflix, but I’ve put a US vpn on my wifi router, also US, to be able to access amazon prime, Hulu, and netflix. I could access Netflix Japan, but I want to be able to stream all my other US shows, and I can’t do that without a vpn. Sometimes I can get Netflix to work and it will stream some videos, but not others.
      I currently use, but thinking about switching to expressvpn to get it to work for everything.

    4. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is true. I’m in Canada and I tried accessing Netflix while connected to a VPN server still in Montreal. Ideally, there should have been no problem…I’m a Canadian subscriber VPNing through a Canadian server to access Canadian content. I was still blocked.

      1. - Chief Editor

        That’s because you’re still using a VPN that Netflix knows about and has flagged. Look around till you find a server that works.

        1. @Fergus Do you ever feel that people don’t read the article properly?
          I have seen you have to answer the same complaint over a dozen times. 🙂

          1. - Chief Editor

            Yeah, I do, but at the same time I kinda get it, this stuff gets complicated quickly and people skip stuff if they think they won’t understand it. Thanks for the sympathy and the smiley, tho 😉

      2. I can confirm this retarded mechanism is still in effect. I am in a remote area and my available ISP uses some form of tunneling for load balancing etc which is outside of my control. It’s still all within the same country though. There’s also no whitelist so their tech support pretty much says “You’re an isolated case, so thanks for your money but if you don’t like not being able to use our service, tough luck.” Whoever designed their region locking system is clearly a shoulder biter.

  2. Agree that you should just use the chat support for Express VPN and they’ll tell you exactly which server to use (I even told them what show I was trying to watch because it doesn’t stream on Netflix in the US or UK).

  3. When you think about it, it’s funny that we are willing to pay for netflix and to pay for a vpn, when we could just download everything

  4. People, wake up, just pay for the VPN and download the shows on piratebay or other torrent sites. Also you can use Kodi if you are lazy.

    1. That’s definitely a solution, Barry! I think that more and more people are getting sick of the draconian Netflix ban, but can’t bring themselves to download the shows on torrent sites.

    2. I agree, I had been paying for netflix for years but when a they started trying to tell me I can’t use my vpn, which I pay for, to access a streaming service I pay for, I started pirating my shows. I guess netflix doesn’t want my money.

    1. - Chief Editor

      Netflix seems to go pretty hard for PIA IPs, they seem to get blocked every few days. If you’re a PIA customer, the best advice seems to be “keep trying.”

  5. Both Netflix and Amazon Video are now blocking U.S.-only content through VPN.Asia as well.

  6. I have a dedicated server which acts as my personal VPN for streaming.

    My Netflix stop working with this server recently after some proxy detection service like IP2Proxy listed my IP address as proxy.

    How can I whitelist it to enjoy my Netflix US?

  7. I live in Vanuatu where we don’t have a decent tv station. I very much doubt there is any distributor that has locked in any program rights here. That being said Netflix should be able to stream its whole content here without a problem but we get very limited selections. I use Vypr VPN to access overseas selections but still get proxy issues. I think it is a case of Vanuatu being such a small market that Netflix couldn’t be bothered to give us decent look.

    1. - Chief Editor


      Well, that sucks. However, rather than Vanuatu is overlooked, my guess is that Netflix can’t/won’t pay for licenses to show certain shows there, thinking that the market is too small too support it. Again, that’s just a thought. Good luck with Vypr, if you’re having trouble with them, maybe gove ExpressVPN a shot, never had a problem with them.


  8. Trying to understand what the Netflix ban means . I have a subscription for Netflix and want to use a vpn to access the us content. If Netflix find me will they ban my vpn ip or my home ip? Will my home subscription still work if Netflix bans me?

    1. - Chief Editor

      You won’t be banned, the ban applies to VPN services. You can mess around with VPNs and Netflix free of all consequences..

  9. I’m in the US, just trying to watch my normal US content without my landlord spying on me, which I caught the company doing just last month. So I’m not about to turn off my VPN just to access Netflix. This is stupid. I’m just going to cancel my Netflix account.

  10. Does anyone know of a VPN service that supports Netflix Mexico or any of the other Netflix Latin America?

    1. - Chief Editor

      Hi Veena, we checked quickly (very quickly) and found that ExpressVPN’s Argentina server works, but not the one in Mexico. NordVPN’s Mexico server works as well, though we didn’t check any of the other LatAAm ones. Hope this helps!

  11. Well am using Express VPN but it doesnt allow me to watch US gives me that Error screen So how you saying that Express VPN is better for Netflix

    1. - Chief Editor

      Hi Stalin, as we keep saying time and again in these articles as well as in the comments below them, you need to periodically switch servers to keep watching Netflix content. If one server doesn’t work, try the next, if that one doesn’t work, switch to your first one. Rinse, wash, repeat. Good luck.

        1. - Chief Editor

          Because changing servers isn’t quite as easy as it sounds: there would be a disconnect every five minutes and in the end Netflix could still track IPs. In the end, though, it’s not that big a deal to manually find a server that works, if we’re honest. Good idea, though 🙂

  12. I used Cyberghost to access Netflix Germany from the US. It worked for a few days, but then I started getting the denial message.

  13. You keep talking about switching VPNs back and forth but what’s the cost? I just wanted to go the VPN route for security but losing Netflix would be a blow and all the VPN services I’ve looked at have monthly fees.

    1. - Chief Editor

      Hi Tina, we’re not talking about switching VPN services, but servers. No need to get more than one subscription.

  14. I’ve tried ExpressVPN’s and none of its US or Canada servers work with amazon prime. Windscribe was working until last week. Is there any fix besides switching servers? it just doesn’t work anymore..all VPN servers are blocked

  15. It is not working anymore! I am from Europe and I use ExpressVPN but that doesn’t work anymore. I also bought a dedicated VPN IP @ Pure VPN but this also isn’t working. I am so f*cking frustrated. There must be another way?!
    if someone else from europe found it out comment below please!

    1. - Chief Editor

      Hi, I just tried several ExpressVPN US servers and found three that worked, so I suggest you try again.

  16. Hey Fergus! First thanks for all the advice and feedback. Crystal ball a little clearer. Im Intl teacher and this is 9th country. Here in ME netflix choice is limited and I used PIA but they are having issues. Thinking of Cyberghost for price/speed and access. your thoughts buddy???

    1. - Chief Editor

      Sure, no problem. By ME I’m thinking Middle East, right? Yeah CyberGhost is probably a good bet, especially if you want to access European Netflix. The nice thing about most VPNs is that if you don’t like one, you can get your money back if you cancel on time, so feel free to shop around.

  17. netflix started sending out notification emails telling me which country i logged in from, …this kind of concerns me with vpn’s now because they’re obviously keeping a log now

    1. - Chief Editor

      Hi AJ, I’m pretty sure you’re the victim of some kind of scam: I just messed around and visited several countries’ Netflix using ExpressVPN and no emails yet. Maybe switch servers or check if you’re on a spam list?

  18. I have been using NordVPN to access Netflix for over a year. Suddenly (July 1?), even though I have a French IP address, i can only get the US version. I’ve tried at least a dozen servers, but no joy. Does anyone know what happened? French Netflix is awesome.

    1. - Chief Editor

      Did you try different servers? We’ll get one of our editors to mess about a bit as well and post back to you.

      1. I have the same issue. Since I only recently subscribed to a VPN, I didn’t get to enjoy France Netflix much. Now whenever I log into a French server and go on Netflix, I have access to their shows, but not the right language for them!

        1. - Chief Editor

          Well, that’s just weird. Maybe the tunnel is routed through a third country or something?

  19. NordVPN does not work. Tried multiple servers, in multiple countries. Every time is blocked

    1. - Chief Editor

      Keep trying, it works for me (though I admit it does get annoying).

  20. This is so stupid.

    I’m from South africa and can’t watch dr zhivago which was produced in 1965 because Dstv (the only cable here) has rights to it but never shows it, but can go to a video store in town and rent it …….

    Way to go copyright law makes so much sense lol

    1. - Chief Editor

      Yet we’re asked why we torrent… I feel ya, man. Also, Dr. Zhivago fist bump, I love that film 🙂

    1. - Chief Editor

      Try different servers. If you look around long enough, you’ll eventually find one that lets you stream Netflix.

  21. ExpressVPN does NOT work. I’m living in Japan and want to watch Japanese anime and movies. The problem is without a VPN, English subtitles aren’t available. I tried using ExpressVPN to appear in the US so I can have English subtitles but it doesn’t work. 100 bucks down the toilet.

    1. - Chief Editor

      Hi Byron,

      Every time we get a comment like this I log into ExpressVPN, check a few servers and find that there’s always one or two that work. Keep looking, is all I can say. A server that worked fine yesterday won’t work tomorrow, a server that doesn’t work today will be okay next week. Don’t quite give up on your $100 investment yet. Good luck!

      Fergus O’Sullivan, chief editor

  22. NordVPN DOES NOT bypass the Netflix VPN ban…

    I use NordVPN and was using it to watch movies not available to the US..and it no longer works.,.as Netflix detects im using a VPN and will not let me watch it.

    1. - Chief Editor

      Did you try different servers? Because I tried about ten just now and four worked….

  23. I can’t get Nord VPN to work for the US netflix either (just signed up). Just says Netflix is unavailable right now, which I guess means it has blocked me?

    Fergus, when you say to try different servers, do you mean different servers in different countries? Cause from what I can tell they only have one in each country. Is that right?

    1. - Chief Editor

      Weird. It could have been that Netflix was out for a bit, because you usually (usually) get a black screen after the show has loaded saying that you’re using a proxyor VPN and you should switch it off. Alternatively, it could be that the server you were using was so slow that Netflix wouldn’t load: there’s a threshold there (I think it’s around 1MB/s, but I’ll take the next best guess, too). As for server amounts, NordVPN has at least 100 in the States, just click on the top left button in the client and you get a full list. Most countries Nord serves have more than one server there.

      LMK if there’s anything else 🙂

  24. Right now im using ExpressVPN (the last version) and i get the error message from netflix everytime . No matter wich server HK, any places in US, Express vpn doesnt work anymore to let you watch netflix in China .

    1. - Chief Editor

      Thanks for your input Jeremy, but I’d like to just point out that this comment is absolute nonsense: I just checked US servers as well as three in HK and found several in each country that worked just fine.

  25. Hey Fergus!
    I’m based in Germany and use NordVPN to access Netflix for other countries successfully – mainly UK and US Netflix.
    For the past week I’ve also been trying to access Australian Netflix (it has the new season of Brooklyn 99!) but every time I set up my NordVPN for Australia, Netflix takes me to the US site.
    It’s not providing any errors, and it lets me watch US Netflix without a worry. I know it’s US Netflix because of the content on there.
    When I check the ISP (with any of NordVPN’s Australian servers) it seems to be working fine, and says that I’m successfully in Australia.
    And yet Netflix refuses to show me Aussie Netflix and keeps taking me to US Netflix.
    Any ideas what’s happening here? :/

    1. - Chief Editor

      Hi Ellen,

      Yeah, that sounds weird. Oddly enough, I had something similar happen a few weeks ago with another server. What I think is happening is that you’re going through a virtual server, so the IP is in Australia but the server is in the States. Somehow Netflix picks up on that. It’s the only thing I can think of, but I’d be ,more than happy to have someone else chime in here because this stuff gets tricky.

  26. OK I’m an idiot! How do you change/try different servers? What does that mean?In US using Bitdefender Premium VPN and no Netflix for me!

    1. - Chief Editor

      Hey Bill, you’re far from an idiot, new software is always tricky to figure out. Most VPNs, I don’t know about Bitdefender’s, allow you to switch between servers to optimize speed. Usually it’s a button in the main interface or under settings that says something like “servers.” Good luck!

  27. Fergus, I have been running Netlix, Prime Video, and Hulu through the NordVPN app on my Fire Stick, which worked well until today. I have tried connected to 20+ US servers tonight and keep getting two errors–invalid_geo_IP for Prime, and “proxy error” on Netflix. I’m located in Germany and running a Deutsch Telekom (TKS) internet connection. Can you help me?

    1. - Chief Editor

      Hi Rye, the only thing I can advise is to either keep trying, or give up for a bit and try again. Likely not as helpful as you like, but that’s the best I can do. I had much the same experience a few weeks ago when in one weekend all my usual ExpressVPN servers stopped bypassing the ban and I just gave up for a bit. By Monday, two were back to being able to crack Netflix again. Good luck!

  28. Hi Fergus,
    I’m a little confused. I got NordVPN for security, not to “beat” anything (at least at this point ;)).
    However, I now cannot access Netflix (in the US!).
    It says “Your connection was interrupted” then “A network change was detected.”
    Do I need to do something to make Netflix work over VPN??

    1. - Chief Editor

      Hi Menashe, Netflix has a VPN blocker in place, so generally speaking if you connect to Netflix using a VPN, it won’t work. However, if you keep trying different servers in NordVPN, eventually you’ll find one that isn’t on Netflix’s radar and you should be able to stay secure and watch Netflix at the same time. It’s BS, but there you go; Netflix doesn’t differentiate between people that want to beat the ban, like me, and people who just want to be secure, like you.

  29. Thanks for the article. Maybe amend the body to include the tip about switching servers. I just ran into the netflix proxy block for the first time last night after we implemented express VPN on our router. We are in the US, but live in a rural area and are left with cellular as our only viable internet option. Unfortunately, those clowns traffic shape/filter and a vpn puts a stop to that nonsense. I was on the verge of provisioning my own VPN though a cloud provider when I tripped on this. I’ll just change the server. Thanks!

  30. Hey all – good infos here. Just remember a few things about VPNS. First, unless you have a ton of available bandwidth bouncing all over the world in attempts to get to streaming nirvana may leave you high and dry with choppy video or nothing at all. Most folks have a ton of extra BW that they never use but in case you don’t you might want to rethink paying a bunch of cash for a VPN that won’t let you get where you where you want to go. Second, Amazon (prime video) has had a VPN ban on their streaming services way longer than netflix. They are unflinching in their resolve to plug every “hole” they find regarding server locations that will allow the streams to pass. I have wondered exactly what their true problem is with respect to VPN’s. With the privacy situation so stacked in the favor of big monied corporations being able to see and record everything we do on the net, I think it just frustrates the heck out them that there are some things that they simply can’t control.
    When it comes right down to it, my personal preference is the hard copy anyway. If they won’t stream it there are other options that won’t leave your privacy dangling in the wind. Keep your VPN’s up, your powder dry, and rock on peeps!

    1. - Chief Editor

      Just try some different servers, that should work.

  31. Info appreciated – thanks.
    I know your focus here is on how/why VPNs do/don’t work with Netflix. Yet it should be mentioned that Netflix is blatantly misrepresenting their product, which we have contracted and paid for, in good faith, to consume. I get the region copyright issue too.
    But it’s right there on their home page – WATCH ANYWHERE, which in light of their VPN ban, is a lie – a blatant lie, and a refusal to deliver a product which has been paid for without having agreed to be restricted in where it can be watched from. ANYWHERE means anywhere.
    Is anyone considering suing Netflix?

  32. Im stuck in China and all of the HK and Tokyo VPN’s from expressvpn are blocked. So sucks, it’s fine for google/Facebook etc but deffinately don’t pretend ExpressVPN works with Netflix.

    1. - Chief Editor

      When comments like this come in I always go ahead and check whether or not I can find ExpressVPN servers that work with Netflix and I always find ones that do. This time is no different: one in HK, one in Japan and one also in Taiwan. Please try out a few different servers before hurling accusations at us, thank you.

  33. It didnt help me! Just explained what is happening with VPN, same here, but didnt say how to solve this stupid this from netflix, I am paying then I should shoose the region I want to watch!

  34. If I live in the US and travel outside the country for work, etc… Can I use a RAT like Teamviewer, Chrome Remote Desktop, etc…to stream remotely on the system located in the US to view Netflix content?

    1. - Chief Editor

      Probably, but it seems like an insane amount of trouble and probably wouldn’t work that well. RATs eat up a lot of bandwidth.

  35. As of 03/16/2019, I’m watching Netflix through PIA-Silicon Valley server. See how long it lasts on this one, lol.

  36. The ExpressVPN offer for $100 for 15 months is valid for the first term only. Afterwards it runs in 12 months increments, meaning $8.33/month instead of $6.67/months. Is there any way to go on with the smaller price?

    1. I am in Canada and use work wifi to stream Netflix. However ip for work is US based so I have been using expressvpn for over a year to get around this. Today (19/04/19) , all 4 servers in Canada for expressvpn are failing for me. Hopefully they fix it soon. Still works for bell fibe so will watch crappy TV for now 🙂

      1. - Chief Editor

        Yeah, that sucks. One or two should work again soon, though, these outages usually only last a few days.

  37. I just tried to access my Prime video today while using ExpressVPN, and its blocked. I literally just tried EVERY single US server they have, all blocked.

    1. - Chief Editor

      Give it a few days and you’ll get one that works again, though keep in mind that this article is about Netflix, not Prime.

  38. My daughter wanted to watch netflix using the ExpressVPN and check movie available in different countries, so she changed the countries a few Times in half an hour. Then netflix started showing the proxy error. Will we be able to connect using the ExpressVPN again?

    1. - Chief Editor

      Yeah, no worries, just cycle through servers till you get one that works.

  39. I think it has to do with Neflix and Amazon being able to detect that you are connected to a VPN. It doesn’t make any difference which server you are using. I am using ExpressVPN and have tried all of the servers with no success.

    1. - Chief Editor

      Hi Charles, I suggest you try again, because several servers worked for me yesterday and today.

  40. Streaming apps on games console, with router level ovpn, is a total no go. Even with domestic servers and accounts.

    Streaming *sites* on PC with Windows native VPN client (ipSec config) seems to work a lot better. But it’s crappy way to watch.

    It looks like Netflix and Prime have poisoned their native apps – they’re no good now for VPN. It’s not even IP blacklisting, it’s some new detection baked into the apps.

    It’s scandalous. Probably just a matter of time before they build it into their web clients too.

    Full disclosure: I’m not even trying to get around region restrictions, just trying to stay safe on non-private WiFi. Can’t believe they’ve blanket banned the tech like that.

    It’s like a mail order company demanding that you post your credit card to them on the outside of envelope, as proof of purchase, to get something you’ve already paid for. Idiots.

  41. It’s about Cyberghost and big problem with their Netflix server in USA and even more problem with Netflix France. I have spoken with the Cyberghost customer service by e-mail and explain the proxy error always with Netflix France and now unable to connect with USA Netflix. I have tried many others servers with USA Netflix servers , the developpers suggest an IP test and also to go in Private mode with my Firefox Browser instead to use the normal Netflix login. I try this and immediately I got the thing : you do not have the most updated version of Firefox.. It is just crazy because I got the most updated version of Firefox… Cyberghost is very good for Torrenting but for streaming it is another thing…For me the only Netflix connection available is from UK Netflix..
    but the funny thing Cyberghost use a virtual server in UK and their real server is in…Romania, It use a tunneling way…I have an USA account, normally with Cyberghost ,without an UK account it is no possible to get UK Netflix…I am a Canadian and like the Netflix library in France but now it is not possible to be there May be it is a question of resources and market. Hoping that Cyberghost will take partnership with Express Vpn and Nord Vpn to beat the terrible ban restriction. I think the best VPN company must unify their ressources to bypass the geolocalization by Netflix. Thank you, Fergus you done a real good job to help users

    1. - Chief Editor

      You’re very welcome, and thanks for doing the legwork there.

      1. Update: Now Cyberghost run well For Netflix. Very happy to retrieve it, hoping it is not on a temporary basis…….

  42. I just need a VPN to sign-up on Netflix Turkey to pay less for the service and then access it normally on my Country.

    Which one should I pay for?

    1. - Chief Editor

      If it’s just a quick thing like that, any, really. Just get your money back after you’re done.

  43. Can confirm, as many others have, Express VPN does not work. And yes, I have tried every server in the states.

    1. - Chief Editor

      Well, try again because I just checked two East Coast servers (Washington DC and NYC) and they worked just fine.

  44. New Update: after 3 days….. Netflix is again blocked with CyberGhost….on all servers and dedicated Netflix server too, Code N8106-154-5059 appear all the time, Fergus may be it’s the time to lower our confidence with this VPN provider

  45. The problem is with the Netflix app on Amazon’s FireTV.
    ExpressVPN and NordVPN do not work anymore. I get the ‘you’re using a proxy’ message every time. On my laptop everything is fine. The problem is the TV. Any solutions for this?

    1. - Chief Editor

      Not right now, no. I’m guessing that there some kind of tell tale sign that’s hitching a ride when you connect from a smart TV.

  46. What about the new rules in EU that say you should be able to see your countries content even if you are somewhere else (i EU)?

  47. I have NordVPN, but recently with Netflix, nothing changes when I log in, I’m still on my regular Netlfix with the regular shows and all in my native language! I don’t get a proxy error, so I don’t think it’s a problem with being detected. What’s wrong, and how do I fix it? Thanks in advance!

    1. I’m concerned this is due to the new EU regulations that ensure that you have access to your home countries library while travelling. Good thing for many people, but a bad thing for us who are using VPN for accessing other libraries.

      I’m using ExpressVPN, am located in Norway (not member of the EU, but the rules apply to us through the EEA). The servers that worked for me before still don’t get an error, but I’m able to access the norwegian library only.

      1. Found any fix for this yet? I’m also in Norway and want to access UK Netflix, but having no luck with my VPN service.

  48. Thank you for your suggestions in the article. I use PIA and went through each of their servers for a netflix show I wanted to watch only available in Europe. I finally found a Netherlands server that gave me the ability to slip through the proxy detection.

  49. As of 10-13-2019, I get blocked by Netflix and Hulu on the Fire Stick, the Roku, the tablet, and my desktop computer (which is connected to the router by an ethernet cable). I an in US, trying to watch US content, and am not using ANY proxies, VPNs, or unblockers. Everything worked fine on 10-11-2019. It appears that my ISP (Frontier) is being blocked by Netflix and Hulu. Frontier said that it is a “known issue”.

    1. - Chief Editor

      Sounds like you may want to switch ISPs. That sucks!

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