How to Backup Your Outlook 2013 Emails

By Mauricio PrinzlauCEO & Co-Founder
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Because computer and hard drive failure can occur at any time, it is important to regularly backup important files and emails that you may need to review at a later time. If you typically used Outlook 2013 for all of your emailing needs, it is fairly simple to backup all of your received and sent emails, tasks, notes and address book contacts with very little trouble.

After learning how to complete the process, you may choose to backup your Outlook emails daily to ensure that none are lost in the event of computer failure.

Manually Backing Up Outlook Emails

One of the easiest ways to backup your Outlook 2013 emails is by doing it manually. Once you get the hang of backing up your files this way, it will come naturally and can be done in just a few minutes time.

Step 1

First, you will want to open up the Outlook program and click on File from the drop down menu found at the top of the screen.

Then, click on the button that says Import and Export and continue to click on the Outlook button. Next, click on Export to a File and continue to click next to move through the process.

 Step 2

You will want to choose to save your Outlook emails as a Personal Folder File or .pst and continue to click next.

Step 3

 You will now have the option to choose the folders that you would like to backup from your Outlook account. First, choose your main folder for backup and then click on the Include Subfolders button.

You may also choose to include personal folders and others that you have created. This will backup all emails and files on Outlook that you have specified.

Step 4

Browse for a location to save your .pst file to that will contain your Outlook emails. You can also choose to name your folder as you see fit.

Select specific drives such as your Flash Drive or External Hard Drive to save to an additional location so that you have access to them off of this particular computer.

Step 5

Choose to replace duplicate items so that you can overwrite your backups on a daily basis with ease.


Another excellent way to backup your Outlook emails is by taking advantage of cloud storage. Cloud storage gives you the ability to save all of your emails, files and much more to your very own account over the Internet. Your account and files are kept safe and private unless you choose to share them with friends and family.

Before using cloud storage, you will need to create a backup copy of your Outlook emails as seen above. Simply save your .pst file to your desktop or desired folder where it will be easy to find for uploading.

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Sign up at a well-known, reliable cloud storage website such as Backblaze where you will receive unlimited storage space at an affordable rate. With an easy to use interface and no file size limit, simply select your Outlook email folder to upload and keep your personal and business emails safe online.

Your uploads can then be accessed at any time from any where and any computer with the correct log in information.

We have another guide that covers how to backup email with Gmail and Outlook, too.